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LORIOT IO icon is a Swiss based startup providing software and services in the field of Low Power Networks and Internet of Things. Its software and services enable scalable, distributed operation of LoRaWAN networks and applications. Our cloud based services offer a fast and easy on-boarding to the LoRa ecosystem and technology. is both a network operator (Network as a Service, NaaS) and software provider (SaaS / Software Licensing). Unlike other companies providing only LoRaWAN software, we have a unique positioning in the market - we are serving the role of market makers connecting hardware producers, network operators and application developers. We are enabling real-world IoT applications through partnerships in the LoRa ecosystem and through a marketplace of sensor devices, network gateways and applications. Our unique business model coined under the term of Viral Network is allowing us to spawn community based network in multiple countries, spanning all continents.
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