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NiceHash is a crypto-mining marketplace where you can mine altcoins and get paid in bitcoins. Read more
InstaText is a high-tech company specialized in the development of automated text enhancement services in various languages. Read more
Twire is an esports company focused on statistics, analytics and broadcasting solutions. Read more
Sinergise is a GIS company building large turn-key geospatial systems in the fields of cloud GIS, agriculture and real-estate administration Read more
Fotona is a manufacturer of high performance lasers for medical, dental, and aesthetic applications. Read more
30% of high school students in Slovenia use OpenProf. Why? Math is a big PROBLEM: if we get stuck on a step, we need extra help, which is provided at the moment by expensive private teachers. We solve problems, STEP-BY-STEP: we offer online practice problems with detailed step-by-step solutions, organised by topic and level: this way students can find problems that exactly match their needs. We crowdsource, we distribute: we have a COMMUNITY OF TEACHERS creating high quality content. They are not crazy: we sell our step-by-step solutions and teachers get 50% of the income. We are PARENTS and TEACHERS friendly: we are targeting concerned parents who want to help their children to succeed. On the other hand teachers love our platform as they can create custom list of exercises for their students. Read more
OriginTrail is a food traceability system that unveils the entire supply chain to shoppers before they make their purchase. It is a unique solution that turns every single product into an interaction point between food producers and their customers. We are solving the issue of existing gap between shoppers and producers. Shoppers wish to have more information about the origin of their food while producers would like to know more about what customers think about their products. This gap influences shoppers that have high awareness about the importance of the origin of their food and producers that wish to show their customers that products they are selling are traceable. With OriginTrail system shoppers get deep insight into the origin trail of their food products and producers acquire an effective CRM platform where every product becomes a unique interaction point with their customers. Read more
Koofr was awarded the "Best Slovenian start-up 2013" award, ranking 1st among 102 other companies evaluated by 13-strong jury. The company has addressed and evaluated some of the biggest problems related to public and private cloud storage. Koofr was built from the ground up to effectively solve them. Among these issues are data privacy and data security, which have been one of the biggest inhibitors of cloud computing. Koofr allows companies to use their own, existing commodity hardware and build on-premise private storage clouds. Koofr can connect to OpenStack Swift, SwiftStack, Ceph, Amazon S3, RackSpace Cloud files, Linux servers, Windows workstations and Mac OSX laptops, at the same time. It enables users to access and share all their files via cloud-like web and mobile interface. Moreover, it exposes its own file-sharing API, allowing applications, back-end services and backup operations to access and use the same hybrid storage as users do. Read more
GoOpti is a platform through which you can order transportation from the airport to your house for a feasible price. Read more
Iconomi is a blockchain company that has a platform for managing those assets Read more is the most advanced full scale semantic web of drug information. It's useful tool for medical profesionals as well as for concerned patients. It offers the most precise advertising for drugs and supplements. Read more
Pinegrow is an online tool for creating custom designed dynamic websites without any coding. It is like Photoshop for creating websites with built-in CMS. It is completely browser based. Pinegrow creates responsive websites that look good on desktop and mobile devices. Its flexible data model is great for supporting specific vertical markets. Read more
CargoX supplies blockchain-based Smart Bill of Lading solutions that provide an fast, safe, reliable, and cost-effective way to process Bills of Lading anywhere in the world. Read more
Viberate analyzes billions of datapoints from streaming sites, social media, ticket vendors, and other important sources to map and standardize the global music ecosystem. Users can find comprehensive profiles of their favourite artists from basic information to photos, videos, track previews, and ticket links. Read more
Our goal is to increase the number of team sport activities. We created a booking system that helps sport facilities move their courts online in a mater of minutes and leave behind their pen&paper solutions widely used today (5Bn market). Instantly the players can book available courts. We have a double sided market which we tackled with single-player mode for each side - sport facilities and players. Sport centers - booking. Players - gaming. Sport centers act as our evangelists and that help us gather players. We currently have 21 sport centers and they brought us more than 4000 players. Lots of apps try to tackle the problem of finding a co-player. None of them successfully. It's super local, you have chicken and egg problem - it's damn hard to do it. But not for us. We match the players sport centers gathered and thus maximize their capacities by increasing the number of games played (rev share). That's why we can even afford to give them our booking system for free. Win win.  Read more
First purpose-built protocol for supply chain based on blockchain Read more
CarLock is easiest way to monitor your car on your mobile phone, so you can sleep without worries. Learn more at Read more
Koofr is a software company, trying to bring better tools to users everywhere. Our dedicated team of developers, designers and others strives to bring you the secure, simple and efficient tools for accessing, storing, organizing and managing your files. Read more
CodeBrainer is a platform with intelligent online courses where one can learn how to code.  Read more
Flexkeeping is a hotel operations management and staff communication app that allows clients to manage hotel tasks remotely. Read more
Local mobile and web service for searching open hours. OpenHours tells you where is the neares open store, pharmacy, gas station... Currently we are present in seven countries,: Slovenia -, Dennmark -, Sweden -, United Kingdom -, Germany, Switzerland, Austria -  Read more
TAIA is a modern web platform, using the latest translation technology, that helps companies translate their content more efficiently. Read more
Hanging out with people that matter to us is important and we should do it more often. There are so many cool things happening around you that you just don't know about. What better way to experience them than with your friends? Olaii is a mobile app that searches for concerts, openings, film festivals and even lego exhibitions or puppet shows - all according to your likes. Promoting an event? Olaii is event promotion platform that enables you to easily promote and track your campaign success. Engage your customers before, at and even after the event with Olaii by sending them special offers such as meet&greets, free tickets, official photo albums and more.  Read more
Mesi develops devices that empower first-contact care to diagnose diseases early and therefore provide on-time and successful treatment, preventing serious consequences Read more
Elaphe Propulsion Technologies is a developer and producer of high-tech propulsion technology Read more
Over Klevio APP you are able to open your private and communal doors, from anywhere in the world, only what you need to have is Klevio APP, a smartphone and Internet connection. Read more
Cosylab provides system integration and customer adapted products and solutions. Read more
PredictLeads uses machine learning on big data to predict which potential companies are most likely to need the SaaS tools you're selling Read more
Semaforum is a social network that connects people for activities. Read more
Borza terjatev is the operator of a P2P financing market for businesses. Read more
Fieldoo marketplace for sports professionals. Fieldo will revolutionise sports industry recruitment and bring sport transfers online. Read more
Fieldoo is a marketplace for football players, agents, scouts and others. It makes it easy for players and agents to network, find the right people and seek opportunities. Not every footballer can be Messi or CR7, but they all dream to be. Fieldoo allows footballers and agents everywhere showcase their own unique skills and helps to boost their career. An easy, fun and simple way for users to take charge of and track their career and promote it around the globe. Twitter: Videos: What is Fieldoo?: Hire an Agent: Fieldoo Challenge with Josep Maria Minguella: Read more
Parsek is a company specializing in professional information technology solutions and digital communication services. Read more
CGS plus is a provider of solutions in the field of computer-aided design for architecture, construction, and mechanical engineering. Read more
GenePlanet is a biotechnology company specializing in genetics and research. They provide innovative lifestyle and healthcare solutions based on preventive genetic testing to improve personalized health and nutrition. Read more
Xenya is the IT company behind SFOOT that develops a single fibre data transport system. Read more
Blocksquare offers a blockchain-based tokenization system for commercial real estate properties. Read more
Resalta offers innovative, technologically advanced and reliable solutions in the field of energy services, that strongly improve their business competitiveness, energy efficiency and environmental footprint Read more
Dream of Pixels, a beautiful falling blocks puzzle game, in reverse. Read more
Tolar is a community governed crypto-currency featuring scalable, fast, secure, and fair transactions. Read more
D.Labs helped clients grow their business by building them successful internet products. Read more
Harmonia is an online platform that offers beauty and wellness treatments. Read more
Plenum is a web design and optimization platform. Read more
ID.Conference is event managing application for organizers to simplify event organization including tracking tools with IoT UHF RFID tower. Read more
SaaS procurement platform that connects buyers with suppliers within the relevant industry. Read more
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