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Sdriver is a pattented device, which substitutes all the present led drivers, improving their fiability and reliability, and adaptable to all power ranges: .-One single driver design covers all led lamp models. Sdriver is able to grant energy supply to led luminaries from 6 to 80 watts. .- Improves energy savings as much as for indoor as outdoor requirements, up to 50% over current LED lighting efficiency. .- Driver ensures the same lifetime that LED bulbs offer, thanks to its digital power management. LED Manufacturers benefits: Covers all led luminaries power requirements Simplifies the production chain. A single driver covering a range of luminaires, reducing the costs by 90% Can match the durability of the LED Improved product margins. Sdriver improves up to 50% savings on the current provided by the LEDs. Flexibility reducing the stock drivers can be reconfigured to supply any model of luminaire
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