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Liftago is a community-based distribution platform designed to conquer the issues of double-sided market. We use it for our Liftago Taxi. Current taxi apps (e.g. MyTaxi, Hailo, Uber) spent 2+ years and $$$ to get 0.6% share of the taxi-app market. Liftago earns revenue from the fees that driver prepay to get another Liftago taxi order. We use that revenue to kickstart a distribution platform for partners who ALREADY have great access to our customers: 1.000s of taxi passengers (hotels, restaurants, clubs, agents, transport operators,...) or 100s of drivers (taxi operators, servicing stations, hotels...). These natural partners become Liftago marketers (affiliates) and monetize their access to our users to get their share on every future Liftago ride. Passengers get a valuable free app and drivers get more jobs (and usually become marketers!). WE SPEND ZERO ACQUISITION COST, WE ONLY SHARE OUR REVENUE AND KEEP 50% MARGIN. Ready to roll with 50.000 Liftago marketers in 150 countries!
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