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Shift Health develops a healthcare revenue cycle technology designed with transparency. Read more
Ovation is live chat for physical businesses. It collects customer data in real time, retains the happy, and wins back the unhappy. Read more
Joy School provides digital education program intended to empower kids to be architects of their own future. Read more
Reveal Why uses AI, advanced natural language processing, and advanced analytics to address the threats to brands and reputation. Read more
SaaS platform that helps product teams organize and connect all of their customer feedback so that it can be used in their workflow tools. Read more
Hallo is the future of language learning Read more
Productivity-focused virtual office application. Read more
Trace delivers better family research by pairing the best genealogists on earth with your specific research objectives. Read more
Chatbooks offers photo books which automatically pull photos from Instagram, Facebook, and Camera Roll. Read more
Chanalytics is the future of digital omnichannel helping people understand their retailer business in real-time. Read more
Keurig built a marketplace for coffee brands, Pura is doing that, but in home fragrance with the biggest brands people know and love. Read more
Intermountain Nutrition is a premier nutrition and dietary supplement manufacturing company. Read more
The only intuitive solution that aligns all three critical elements of success. Read more is an innovative retail search experience that serves up a massive, web-wide inventory. Read more
T2 Modus operates as a data intelligence company in the retail automotive vertical. Read more
Savology is helping households improve their financial well-being and reach their financial goals by providing access to fast and free financial planning. In just five minutes, Savology users get access to a free financial plan, report card, modules, and personalized action items Read more
PhoneSoap is the first and only phone charger that uses UV light to disinfect your phone, while also charging your phone. Read more
Tax & Accounting platform for crypto Investors Read more
Market Campus is a premier digital marketing course and certification program that can help anyone upgrade their digital marketing skills. Whether you are looking to start a career in digital marketing or find new creative ways to market your business online, Market Campus provides you with the tools and resources to do that. The subscription includes access to various key digital marketing topics in the form of short reading, interactive whiteboard videos, practice quizzes and downloadable templates you can use for your own projects. Our platform is perfect for entrepreneurs and startups without big budgets looking for ways to quickly market their business online without breaking the bank. For those who need additional help, Market Campus provides 1-on-1 mentorships where you work personally with a professional digital marketer every week. Read more
Portfolio website builder with built-in online invoicing. Perfect for freelance photographers and web designers. Read more
VidAngel is a browser plugin that filters profanity, sex, and violence in streaming online video. You get to view the parts you want to watch and VidAngel filters out the specific words and scenes you don't want. It works for both YouTube videos and Hollywood movies. It takes 2 minutes to install, your viewing experience is seamless, and it is as easy to use as flipping a switch.  Read more
There simply is not a group chat App available that is as appealing, easy-to-use or creates an intense desire to use it again. And again. And again. Introducing Swarmie. The most intuitive and exhilarating communication experience ever designed within a Mobile App platform. Swarmie is: • Designed to attract an early-adopter demographic (14 yrs - 24 yrs) that will love, adore and become freakishly loyal to a communication tool that will embody their desire to be constantly connected. • Fun. Seriously fun. It's the first group chat App that is actually a riot to use. • Designed as a brand - with a Moblile App as the product - to exploit both popularity and communication. Intense marketing strategies have been built to capture and create a wildly-infatuated user base. • The first completely intuitive group communication experience. • Positioned to become a major brand. • Initial launch will be for iOS, followed by Android and Windows Phone.  Read more
At Wallaroo Media, we combine the latest strategies in PR, SEO, social media, and content marketing to produce the best possible results for our clients. Read more
Klickn builds products that help you meet the person next door you should have met already. Plus Klickn will match you with local interest-based happenings, businesses and offers synced to your likes, and cool people--like you--you'll actually wanna hang-out with. For free. In less than 3 minutes. Local to you wherever you are. What Facebook did for macro-social, Klickn will do to Geo-Local Social. We believe in a social world that expands past the virtual; where everyone can live a life worth posting by bringing social back to life. So lets get...Klickn! began beta testing April 15, 2014. The iOS and Android Apps will begin beta testing early summer. Targeted launch for apps and site is September 2014. Read more
DevMountain is a coding bootcamp that focuses on after-hours classes, meaning we can reach a larger market of the population who have a great interest/motivation to learn to code but lack the availability to quit jobs/school to join a code bootcamp. Since we're a part-time bootcamp, we employ contract teachers so our costs are significantly lower than other bootcamps around the country. The resulting lower price makes us one of the most affordable bootcamps in the country. We have three primary markets: consumers with career ambitions, entrepreneurs seeking skills, and employed professionals who want to "sharpen the saw." Read more
PricingTrends is revolutionizing the way businesses make product pricing decisions. Our goal is to allow e-commerce, manufacturing, and distribution businesses to sign up, connect our system to theirs, and receive immediate, automated feedback on how the prices of their products compare to the prices of their competitors' products, then modify their pricing exactly how they want and update the pricing changes automatically in their system. Read more
Covu is the first patent pending, easiest, quickest, FREE way to have one or many people connected to you on the phone "Go to the website" you are currently browsing on any device with a browser. This unique app will change the way a teacher will present to his class, a presenter communicates to a group of techies, bloggers, stumbleuponers, facebook friends, co-shoppers, photo groups, etc. Try it. There is nothing "like" it. Hopefully that is a good thing... Read more
We get people talking about you.  Read more
iManga Reader For more information, see iManga Reader عربي For more information, see Duel Master - Yu-Gi-Oh Edition For more information, see Find Me Food! For more information, see See It - Video Magnifier For more information, see Read more
AirVend 7 is a wirelessly connected, interactive touchscreen device for vending machines that provides nutritional information, credit card payment, and sends line-item inventory and sales details to the cloud for vending Operators to better manage their business/machines. We will help vending operators increase sales by 20% and decrease costs by 30%. We currently have a 7" Retrofit device that installs to existing machines. We're developing a 5" Retrofit and a 7" integrated OEM version. Read more
Tute Genomics is a cloud-based clinical genome interpretation platform that enables researchers and clinicians to utilize human genome data for scientific discovery and individualized treatment.  Read more
We have partnered directly with research scientists to build the premier distribution channel for breakthrough wellness products. Our products are distributed internationally leverlaging personal circles of influence via word-of-mouth marketing. Our products are all proven preventative solutions that address today's top health concerns without side affects.  Read more
PinAlerts provides free email alerts anytime someone adds an image from your website to Pinterest. In the next version PinAlerts will provide analytics and more alerts centered around Pinterest.  Read more
Jolly Fish Press (JFP) is a young traditional publishing house based in Provo, Utah. As we’ve grown, we have emerged as a reputable gatekeeper of exceptional books. Each of our titles is handpicked from thousands of manuscripts sent to our doors. When a title is chosen, it undergoes extensive editorial, design, and promotional efforts. We provide our customers with books that are appealing, immaculate, entertaining, educational, and most of all, provide substantial literary value. We publish our books in both printed and electronic formats. Our revolutionary and cost-effective practices, plus our dedication to innovation, make us stand out among our many competitors. As we continue to expand, we hope to emerge as a leader in the publishing industry and become an example that publishers can make a profit while still taking care of their authors. Read more
What is Controlpad? Well, in basic terms, Controlpad is the next generation of non profit business software. Controlpad technology replaces outdated and expensive systems with an arsenal of beautifully crafted web and mobile applications that will streamline the donation process. By ditching the old ways, you’ll have everything you need to acquire more constituents, process mobile payments and nurture donor relationships.  Read more
See it live at The embeddable HITLIST application combines gamification techniques with advanced user feedback technology to create a highly addicted site visitor that willingly provides real-time feedback. No more pop-ups. No more annoyance. Beta tested over 18 months by some of the most powerful brands in America. The end result is a dramatic increases site duration, social engagement, and visitor feedback. Read more
One Spot Shoppe has combined the inventories of retailers such as Nordstrom and developed proprietary "smart identification" algorithms. Now, OSS is poised to offer the first truly powerful retail search to the multi-billion dollar, high-pain markets of online swimwear, footwear, bridal, and more. Read more
The Owlet Baby Monitor is a sock, that measures heart rate and oxygen levels and alerts parent's if their child stops breathing during the night. The Owlet Baby Monitor addresses this concern by combining hospital-proven pulse oximetry (vital-sign-reading equipment) with modern communication in a personalized system that grows with your child. By monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen levels (how well an infant is breathing), life-saving data is available at the click of a button, right where parents want it. The Owlet Baby Monitor is up all night so parents don’t have to be, providing peace of mind and allowing them the rest they need with the assurance that their baby is getting the rest he or she needs. Even in its early stages, this product has received impressive pull from the market, being featured on or in ABC, The Huffington Post, Mashable, Gizmodo, and 40 other U.S. and foreign news outlets.  Read more allows business users to create workflows, rules, dashboards and forms - all without writing code and all hosted in the cloud. By rapidly adjusting and testing rule and process changes, businesses can rapidly evolve their operations and rules to meet changing demands and tune operations. was founded by a team that founded 2 previous startups, the last one (TransparentLogic) was sold to Symantec in 2009. We are established and close to being cash positive - and have only taken investment from founders to date. Decisions has had a focus on partnerships and has currently 7 partnerships with partners shipping products to customers (either royalty or equity relationships) in markets including medical billing, medical patient flow, financial services and insurance support. Read more
78% of consumers say that the posts made by companies on social media influence their purchases but more than 65% of businesses struggle to produce enough engaging content to build their social following. TinyTorch is a platform that helps businesses, discover, create and share social content. In less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee, businesses can find and schedule a month's worth of relevant and engaging content to post on their social pages. Businesses and brands can also create their own custom content, and then save it to their profile for their own use or for other businesses and brands to share. Read more
SkyCraft’s first product, the SD-1 Minisport, is a Czech-designed single-seat aircraft that cruises at 118 mph, climbs at 1,400 fpm, and burns 1.8 gph of fuel. Its operational costs are $12 an hour. It currently has the lowest price tag of any Light Sport Aircraft at $54,850. In addition to the price and the operational cost, the plane has removable wings for trailer transportation/storage and free propeller and engine overhauls. The SD-1 Minisport is by no means a “bare bones” airplane, like many other airplane companies shooting for affordability have made. The SD-1 Minisport is equipped with Dynon Glass Avionics (GPS, collision avoidance, synthetic flight), all-digital gauges with audio/visual warning systems, a GPS-based radio that automatically tunes into local air traffic frequencies, navigation and anti-collision lights, and a luxurious leather interior - all standard. Read more
Online Student Housing Property Management Software handling room assignments, roommates, applications, lease, contracts and more all with the industries first self-selection technology. Students are now able to pick their room and roommate as easily as selecting a seat on an airline. Our Software empowers the owners, the owners management team and the owners clients (the current and future residents) with amazing tools. Toss out your old (unprotected) spreadsheets, reduce paperwork, create online contracts and speed up that leasing curve! Best of all enjoy up to the minute details and reports (we're like combined with online leasing and analytics for your student housing complexes). Take a tour at!  Read more
Provo Buzz started up in late 2012, and it has been a fun ride ever since. Starting from only a few people who read our content to tens of thousands of readers every month, we’ve tried our best to stay true to our core beliefs: to create an open online community where locals can connect and express their opinion. We can’t thank our community enough for all of their contributions in helping Provo Buzz become one of Utah’s most read websites. We are not a media outlet with a secret agenda to either promote or criticize the local area. We are simply an online platform for Utah County locals to voice their opinion. What you read on Provo Buzz isn’t our opinion, but rather the people’s opinion. This is what makes Provo Buzz so unique. Read more
You’ve automated your marketing, now automate your product demos! Automated video product demos that deliver personalization to each prospect. Anybody that has worked in software or tech sales knows that product demos are a huge time sink. In fact, the average closed sale requires 3-6 product demos in order to engage the entire buying panel. At 45-60 minutes a demo, this severely limits your sales team's ability to handle more leads and scale the business. DemoChimp is software that automates the product demo and provides visibility into the entire buying panel. With DemoChimp, prospective customers can get a personalized product demo and share it with other stakeholders in the organization. Because closed sales now only require 1-2 live product demos, sale teams can handle a 3x increase in leads, in addition to being provided with the analytics necessary to engage the entire buying panel in more a meaningful way, begin closing conversations sooner, and shorten the sales cycle.  Read more
MoneyDesktop is the largest and fastest growing Personal Financial Management (PFM) software for Financial Institutions (FIs) with over 400 FIs signed up including some of the largest in the US. We pride ourselves on a easy to use, fun and engaging interface that can both stand alone or fully integrate with a FI's Online Banking Provider (OLBP). Since we already have approximately 6 times the number of FIs of our two largest competitors, with EoS we are able to have a much lower price. Read more
XOLogic connects niche-market retailers to their suppliers. The company creates internet-based software (SaaS that is sold under a monthly subscription basis) that is specific to the niche market retailer. We then open a two-way information channel to suppliers that is accessed through the software. This channel keeps pricing, product, and purchasing information updated automatically. Our first product - XOLights - services the lighting industry and has gained terrific traction in the industry. Read more
The Crux360 turns your iPad into a Laptop. The Crux360™ is the world’s first keyboard case that allows you to use the iPad® in a multitude of positions. It features a full bluetooth® keyboard. Great for entering large amounts of text for emails and word processing. Read more
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