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Insightiv was founded with a mission to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and connectivity to assist medical imaging specialists to analyze patient data and to deliver results more efficiently and effectively Read more
BeneFactors Ltd. is a Rwandan factoring company, providing tailored working capital solutions to firms. Read more
Hence was founded to empower organizations to get more value from their relationships with external providers such as consultants and lawyers Read more
Affordable cyber security monitoring for underserved markets Read more
Babyl believes it is possible to put an accessible and affordable health care service in the hands of every person on earth Read more
Kasha is a mobile store built specifically for women in Africa, offering health and personal care products such as facial creams, sanitary pads and contraceptives. Read more
Charis UAS is the leading drone company in Rwanda, providing cutting-edge drone data collection and aerial photography services Read more
SPENN is an advanced financial platform built into a user friendly mobile banking app. Create your FREE account in seconds, and wave goodbye to transaction fees forever. Read more
Aquasafi is a startup company that monitors water quality. Read more
Ampersand makes better, cheaper, more powerful motorcycles for the millions of motorcycle taxis in East Africa. And they're electric. Read more
BAG Innovation helps university students and graduates learn the skills and gain the experience to match market needs. BAG provides a virtual internship system that bridges the gap between academic and business environments. Read more
Exuus's platform currently offers two products – Cartix and Save. Save is a digital platform that financially empowers savings groups through ledger handling. Cartix is a decentralized credit scoring algorithm for both saving groups and individuals. Read more
Leaf provides digital financial services to refugees and limits the need to carry cash across borders. By using blockchain technology without the need of a smart phone, Leaf offers a secure way to store and transport assets across borders. Read more
BeneFactors Ltd. is a Rwandan factoring company, providing tailored working capital solutions to firms. Factoring is a financial service, where future payments from your buyers are sold to a third party, the factor for cash. We can work with pending invoices or purchase orders for delivery. This means that you can continue working even if your buyers take a long time to pay or take on more clients at the same time - allowing you peace of mind as you grow your business. Read more
Hepta Analytics was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Kigali, Rwanda with an office in Nairobi, Kenya. We specialize in various practice areas under data science and analytics to transform raw data into information and insights that empower businesses to make informed decisions. Regardless of data volume, variety or velocity, we help our customers discover hidden patterns in their data. Hepta Analytics is home to Africa’s best data engineers skills in data analytics, data visualization, machine learning & infrastructure and security. Read more
Yego Innovision’s Yegomoto project aims to make Rwanda’s motos more efficient while bringing transparency and fairness to the fares, for both, the driver and passenger. Yegomoto equips the motos with a Yegomoto Meter, which calculates the fare (based on distance travelled and time taken) and helps drivers navigate in real-time. Yego is also set to introduce prepaid “Tap & Pay” contactless cards, which means that passengers no longer have to worry about carrying exact change to pay their fare. Yego’s Tap & Pay cards work over USSD and utilize NFC technology, allowing passengers to pay fares from their linked mobile wallet by simply tapping their cards onto the Yegomoto Meter. Read more
Founded in 2013, ARED is a Platform as a Service company based in Rwanda with operation in Uganda. We developed a Smart Business in a Box solar kiosk, app and software platform that empowers mostly women and people with disabilities using a micro franchise business model. We offer key services on the kiosk such as internet WIFI, intranet solutions for offline users, and phone charging services to be the first one stop shop platform on the African continent. With our app, we offer additional services such as airtime, mobile money, prepaid electricity, and tax payment services to create a one-stop shop center for our customers. On our intranet network, we offer branding capabilities for companies, data collection, and user analytics. We are the only one stop shop solar kiosk on the African market. Read more
For households: GET IT delivers fresh Farm Boxes to your door. Choose from Mixed Veggie, Fruit, Greens and/or Eggs. Send us a message to get signed up. For businesses: GET IT offers a full range of ISO 22000 certified produce, as well as dry goods. Read more
AC Group Ltd is a Rwandan tech company providing smart transport solutions. Since 2015, we've changed payments on all public buses in Kigali to smart payments known as Tap&Go and introduced WiFi on all buses. Read more
Building a startup in Rwanda? Get weekly business insights, latest news, opportunities and events in Rwanda straight to your inbox! Read more
CarIsoko is the leading car classifieds network in Rwanda. It is a digital platform which connects local car buyers with local car sellers. Read more
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