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There is an epidemic failure within the industry to understand what is really happening. Game companies are spending large budgets and still misjudge their products and mismanage their companies. People who run video games companies think in terms of making games: Their goal should not be to make games. Their goal should be to find hits, and in order to find hits you need to make cheap pilots. Millions of developers look at “World of Tanks” and they see a star. When we see WOT we see an imperfect understanding of where hits come from and what makes a game successful. And we know where hits come from Goal: Compress idea search stage into a very short period. Build a methodical prototyping factory with lowest cost possible using MVP model combined with intense customer development. Our current cost is 2400 USD per developer per month. Naval Action - open world pvp game Ultimate General - strategy franchise Snowstorm 1 mln players with no PR
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