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A game store for mobile games and mobile gaming Read more
The Hosting Platform - Go Online With Hostinger Read more
Education platform which revolutionize global education and tech recruiting Read more
We are a company, providing practical skills training in the field of emergency medicine. Crisis Research Center offers the most popular courses that are recognized around the world. Read more
Dappradar tracks dapps, uses analytics Read more
Zyro is a powerful website builder that’s extremely simple to use. We harness the power of AI to do all the hard work for our client, from generating copy to predict the behavior of their site’s visitors. Read more
Smart-ID is the easiest, fastest and safest way to authenticate yourself online! Forget complicated user names and passwords – this is a safer and easier way to check your online bank account, access e-services and sign documents. Read more
TASKER is a flexible and effective tool for managing tasks, processes and employees. Read more
Intelligent Car Diagnostics. The easiest way to know Your Car Read more
Parcel Forwarding Platform safe and easy to use, giving you the opportunity to order exclusive good Read more
SpectroCoin is an all-in-one solution for Bitcoin. Services offered include a wide range of Bitcoin solutions, from exchanges to Bitcoin e-wallets. SpectroCoin builds its business policy on Bitcoin's philosophy of making financing quicker, frictionless, and flexible. Our service provides a solution for each client's needs instead of asking them to adapt to us. That includes every aspect of service, starting from the number of payout methods to the range of support languages available. SpectroCoin has successfully combined technological reliability, infrastructural comprehensiveness, relevant experience, and academically based financial knowledge. By balancing these key strengths, SpectroCoin is able to be flexible and provide the highest-quality service for clients Read more
Billo is the Number1 platform for custom-made eCom Video Ads.Create videos for the brands you love – get free products and cash rewards. Read more
Online catalogue for ranking schools, kindergarten and kid's activity providerrs Read more
Our goal at AmeraLabs is to engineer 3D printing materials that inspire. We create resins for 3D printers with a purpose: to empower and enable the creativity of 3D printing community worldwide. We are striving to produce resins with exceptional physical properties affordable and available to hobbyists and professionals alike. Read more
The unique tool that automates 3D terrain based solar engineering, so you not only save time, but also get much better precision Read more
Software for online identity verification. iDenfy is an online identity verification company, which helps to reduce frauds, makes your business smoother and more profitable. Turn your customer’s smartphone (iOS and Android) or computer into an 24/7 ID scanning terminal and facial recognition system that makes it fast and easy to capture and verify their identity to meet KYC (Know Your Customer) and other regulation requirements. Read more
The representatives of our company are sure that this production can overcome not only the symptomsof diseases but also to forestall it by default, by using the gifts of nature! Innovative solutions that will radically change customers perception to their health care. Read more
Contribee is a solution for content creators who want to get paid for their content easily, whether it‘s videos, works of art, non-profit activities, etc. We provide platform with personal e-shop integration, multiple payment options and content discovery tools for fans. Read more
A perspective company specializes in antispyware and antivirus solutions. Read more - monthly educational material subscription for primary education Read more
PassCamp is a password manager for teams that protects the privacy and safety of your company's data. Read more
Our technology is entirely modular. You can choose the bits you need, and if you need more (or less) then you can change them. It means that we can maintain our tech one chunk at a time. Less downtime, shorter dev queues and more frequent updates mean we’re constantly improving and always delivering. Read more
AdsTargets is a hassle-free online advertising and monetising solution for both advertisers and publishers. The Ad Network serve as a bridge for online advertisers and publishers across the globe. The team currently have Offices in Kaunas, Lithuania and Makurdi, Nigeria were the experts work round the clock creating more innovative and effective advertising tools while at the same time they ensure our publishers maximise their revenue publishing Ads in their App, websites and Blogs. The platform have advertisers and publishers across 56 countries and still counting. Since AdsTargets was founded in 2016, the team has managed to increase their online presence through strategic search engine and social media marketing with the goal to attract and keep online advertisers and publishers of all sizes under one fair and favourable roof. Read more
Softneta is an award winning Lithuanian IT company providing software-based specialized health care solutions to improve the quality of patient care. Read more
optimization of the work of organizers of events, seminars, trainings and other activities Read more
“Xirgo Global” is a telematics solution manufacturer and service provider Read more
Cloud based law practice management software for growing law firms Read more
Kasvalgyt is a company of enthusiast working on solving daily problem - what your will eat. It's AI based solution to find best deal for you Read more
One stop source for your beverage development project Read more
include heat, water and wastewater monitoring devices, energy management devices an systems. Read more
Software add-ons powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV | Soft4 Read more
The company consists of young and ambitious team that can help businesses to become a bridge between their services and direct customer. The company faces the challenges of interactive marketing, administers the social networks of clients‘ companies, works with SEO issues and develops websites. The team of the company fulfils the most ambitious goals of the clients. Read more
online store that started with the name brand and has been steadily expanding the supply of goods Read more
A service for money transferring Read more
Smartivus specialises in consulting, designing of the innovative architecture for TV/Media systems and Smart TV/OTT development (Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV and others). Our experts have over 16 years of experience in telecommunication, broadcasting, Over the Top (OTT) and TV/Media content management solutions. Read more
SailRacer provides smart and innovative solution for sail boat racing (software and hardware). Products/services App and high contrast display. Read more
Brite is based on the nootropic synergy of caffeine and L-theanine from superfoods to provide a long lasting productivity boost. Based on research by leading neuroscientists, made of functional superfoods. Read more
IT academy is innovative information technology training and consulting company. Read more
We are Lithuanian based company MB Colifa. Our main activity is chatbot development services! Read more
Aciety is your Google for outsourcing. It's a network\platform of professional IT companies, helping each other to get more clients and developers, by swapping them among themselves. The platform changes the way specialists or contractors are found. It substitutes "bidding" process used by conventional freelancing platforms with algorythmic quantified TPQ search engine, shifting the proactive search role from specialists to clients. Opposed to freelancing platforms (Elance, Odesk) Aciety is b2b focused and offers employed highly experienced professionals available for a required period. Compared to conventional IT\HR agencies or outsourcing companies Aciety is a platform, allowing search, direct contact to a supplier and information about availability. Aciety is developing quantified metrics to assess contractors' performance based on tangible parameters. The business is crowd-funding based for the moment, yet series A venture funding will be sought after in 2014. Read more
We design and sell solar power plants, but we are developing software inside the company that will make solar energy easier and ultimately cheaper. Read more
The passionate team behind Étiquette brings different field experts together to create value for businesses while providing the most compelling packaging. We combine customer experience, fresh global trends and solid scientific knowledge to make it all work. Being believers in a diverse approach, we always appreciate the courage to change. Our experience has shown that collaboration with an active, open and demanding client can turn products into absolute trendsetters. We work on a dream team basis, hosting challenge-hungry explorers who aren't afraid to say "I don't have the answer yet" and are ready to learn as well as experiment. Our overall mission is a continuous improvement every day. This "race" against yesterday means constant development while creating pleasant and productive environment for everyone at the same time. We say yes to our colleagues’ professional and social initiatives, because we simply take pride in each other’s work. Read more
ITPC, UAB scope of operations, the products and services for businesses and organizations of information technology systems for the maintenance and management, development, customization and deployment. Read more
Scientists in academia and industry who perform R&D in nature, life sciences, agro, biotech and material science disciplines are facing problems related with novel commercially availability of synthetic novel compounds. The companies SynHet novel “RoboSynFarm” approach addresses the disruptive and innovative solution for broader sustainable synthetic compounds accessibility targeted customer demand with significant impact not only on the final, more affordable synthetic product price facilitating discovery of novel molecules but also on minimal energy consumption and greener environmental impact. Read more
Vilim is a medical device innovation focused on the treatment of blood circulatory disorders. Read more
We are a fast-growing innovative technologies company. On a mission to create a vehicle assistant for daily drivers, we strive to become a global leader in intelligent automotive diagnostics. Read more brings together celebrities and their fans, allowing them to make personal long-term relationships through inspiring and motivating personal video messages. Read more
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