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Tesseract is a robotics company that specializes in the fields of robotics, AI, invention, UIX, and XR. Read more
Lelex Prime is a designing growth at the intersection of A.I. and Social Science. Read more
Griffin is a customer intelligence platform that connects banks to their customers in the moments that matter. Read more
The only collaborative project management platform for legal transcript professionals. Read more
CYDERES is a human-led, machine driven security operations automation security-as-a-service solution for Managed Detection & Response. Read more
Daupler is a first response platform for public works and water utilities. Read more
Bellwethr uses artificial intelligence to increase retention and revenue throughout the customer journey. Read more
Your solution for smart apartment management and residence experience. Read more
Hanzo enables businesses to launch and operate blockchain networks, develop decentralized applications and deliver compelling experiences.  Read more
Video Fizz is a Missouri-based startup Read more
Cloud-based platform for connecting building, property, and tenant management. Read more
Bungii is the "Uber for pickup trucks" to help move, haul, and deliver your stuff around town.  Read more
Scollar is a full stack open platform, equipped to manage every aspect of animal care for every breed of animal, from cats to cattle. Read more
DisruptOps is building a platform to bring unprecedented insight, control, and expertise into cloud environments. Read more
PlanIT Impact is a cloud-based web application that allows architects, designers, engineers, developers. Read more
Creelio helps top executives tell their story online with a technology platform Read more
Rack Performance is a Weight Room software. Read more
LaborChart is a provider of integrated workforce management cloud platforms for the global construction industry. Read more
An area startup is using a recent injection of funds to better provide hospitals with valuable feedback from patients Read more
Unight is the future of nightlife social media. Read more
FitBark provides dog parents and pet care brands with deep, actionable insights into dog health and behavior. Read more
Venture360 offers powerful capital management tools that power the venture industry from application to exit. Read more
ReviewMyContract provides legal services to individuals and small businesses. Read more
PayIt simplifies doing business with state, local, and federal government through its mobile transaction and payment platform. Read more
SaaS Automotive eCommerce. Shop | Finance | Trade | Drive Read more
blooom is a online investment advisor that manages employer sponsored retirement accounts (401k, 403b, TSP) for individual clients. Read more
CryptoTrader.Tax automates the cryptocurrency tax reporting process. We even partnered with TurboTax to make filing as easy as possible! Read more
AmmbrTech is building a series of multi-radio mesh routers aimed at solving last-mile broadband and IoT connectivity issues. Read more
Ninja Reports offers automated email reports of your favorite apps like Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook Ads and more. Stop wasting valuable time checking traffic and ad stats... Get automated emails to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. Read more
TrekFriend is a singular place that you can leverage your friends through social networks to help plan a trip or give suggestions. If you are traveling with others, it makes it an effortless way to communicate the preparation of your trip, trip details while traveling and any post trip memories you want to share. Read more
TapTeach is an engagement platform for the classroom that uses Bluetooth technology to deliver the connected digital experience that classrooms have been missing. By giving districts and educators the tools they need to manage and deploy mobile devices in their classroom, TapTeach provides the means to fully realize the potential of digital devices in the classroom. Using TapTeach, educators create engagement zones in the classroom, assign content to those zones, and engage their students in powerful and indelible ways. Read more
RAZ Mobile is a powerful platform SaaS built for any cause engaged in fundraising. In a matter of minutes, any cause can create a content-rich mobile presence, share it through text messages, social media, QR codes, advertising and more and best of all-quickly and securely process donations from motivated supporters in seconds on any screen with a minimum of friction. Read more
Gillham Studios is a new startup from Hallmark that licenses our exceptional-quality digital imagery to creative professionals working in any environment. Our passion is bringing an artful, curated, original approach that enables emotional and impactful connections. Our early users have been using our imagery to create everything from digital ad-campaigns to goods like fabric, apparel, wall-art and more. Check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration - Read more
Stackify offer software developers the only developers-friendly solution that fully integrates error and log management with application performance monitoring. Allowing them to easily isolate issues, identify what needs to be fixed quicker and even before customers complain about it. Allowing developers to support less and code more. Stackify offers two products: 1. Monitoring - application performance and server monitoring 2. Smart Error & Log management - integrated log management with smart error tracking Stackify is the only product in the market that unified all these capabilities into one product relieving the need to maintain 5 different products and offering additional efficiency Read more
Allows user to plan, know and see their results before they start. Weight Loss Female Body Design Calculator: After entering current body measures, user selects goal waist measurement and time to meet goal. Calculator reports weight loss and calorie intake level needed to meet goal within selected time. dietCompare Calculator: After entering body measures, user selects one of 13 different diet plans varying in macronutrient content (from Atkin phase I {5% carbs} to Ornish {74% carbs}) and selects a calorie intake level. Calculator reports change in weight, fat mass and lean body mass. Users see effect of diet composition on body composition changes. Output can be linked to 3-D. Strength & Fitness Muscle Strength Gain Rate Calculator: Calculates a muscle group’s strength gain rate for any desired workout regimen. Cardiovascular Fitness Calculator: Rates results for any of three fitness tests and reports change in fitness level (increase in VO2max) for any exercise regimen. More  Read more
Oohly will make the products placed or embedded in video entertainment media immediately and directly available to the viewer via the smart, or internet enabled television interface that is now increasingly coming into use. Vendor links will be accessible simultaneously during the program, in pause mode or while the program continues, directly from their web pages. Vendors will pay for the service by a simple, ordinary pay per click mechanism, with pricing established by competitive bidding for prioritization in the search results, also known as premium ranking. The content producer will share in the revenue from the pay per clicks, and will also be the sole beneficiary of dramatically enhanced leverage in their product placement and paid advertising profit centers.  Read more
Have you ever been to a sporting event and felt cold? So have we, so we created ToastyTote to wrap around you 360 degrees to keep you warm. It is multi-functional and easily transforms into a poncho, picnic blanket, chair cushion. And at the end of the game instead of trying to put your folding chair into that little bag, simply wrap ToastyTote around the chair and get out of there quickly. Patent pending, compact, and convenient. ToastyTote keeps you Warm & Dry, on the fly! Read more
Video Password: spark2014 UChic has sold over 100,000 books to help support young women in their academic and career pursuits while in high school and college. Written for and by her, everything we do features the voice of our target consumer - young women ages 15-22. Now UChic is pursuing an even larger mission -- to help these young women live their dreams. Through our recently launched Foundation, we provide micro-grants to young women who need a little extra cash to pursue their dreams of graduate school, study abroad, professional development and more. A portion of our product sales support the Foundation and the dreams of young women across the United States. To date we’ve already funded 10 young women and we have a goal to fuel 1000 Dreams as quickly as possible! To accelerate our mission we’re launching our first product line -- bags for the classroom & beyond -- this summer in advance of the back-to-school season and already have more products in development! Read more
RFP365 is a full-cycle Request for Proposal platform. It is intelligent RFP software for the connected economy. RFP365 facilitates the entire RFP process, from creation to scoring, in a single, collaborative environment. Procurement organizations and vendors share information seamlessly, reducing wasted time, money, and resources from the purchasing process. Read more
We create strategies & branding as well as offer graphic design, photography, video production, animation, web design & development to companies all around the world that are willing to do whatever it takes to be remembered.  Read more
To job seekers, EEP offers interview and resume writing tips, and works with the job seeker to find a job that best fits their needs and abilities. To local businesses, EEP offers employment services and Human Resources solutions to help meet the employer's needs and production goals. Read more
Local Ruckus is a local events discovery platform powered by ( Looking for awesome events near you? Local Ruckus is the easiest, most enjoyable way to share and discover local events. Read more
Savvr monitors how local businesses operates online, everything from daily deals to Facebook to social reviews. Companies who sell to SMBs can analyze performance and identify trends across markets, service categories, and individual merchants. Salespeople describe the ideal customers and import directly into their CRM. As events occur or new merchants match the criteria, leads are updated in real-time. APIs help build the perfect deal, pricing for services or real-time activity updates. Read more
FINDit is a digital media company centered around video and online presence. We use video to give clients a social leg up, keeping them Top of Mind with consumers and clients. Video can help you engage new customers, then secure and retain the existing ones. Using our video centered approach to ‘stay in touch’ keeps you top of mind. We use social, email, search engine, print and other various online channels to help distribute your video. No blackhat, no bull. Our most unique competitive advantage is, where you can find videos on places to eat, shop, play, and live in and around KC. We have also begun to create a tremendous social reach. So join with the rest of those in Kansas City who use us to find it, watch it, then try it. Read more
Captain Dan Stratman is the founder of Airport Life and an active airline pilot. We make air travel easier (sorely needed) by solving real problems passengers face every day. We provide the hard to find information they need through a superior air travel app for smart phones and tablets. Airport Life is the only multi-function app designed around the needs of the passenger. It has shown great early traction. Having a trusted industry expert on their side is really resonating with travelers.  Read more
CentraMart is a new business strategy for creating profitable Community Marketplaces. Our TrulyLocal approach aggregates loyal community audiences, using converged media channels for profitable distribution of commerce, news and information. We currently operate a profitable NewzMedia Beta in the KC Metro. We picked this marketplace nearly 2 years ahead of Google, who selected the identical footprint as their first giga-fiber community in the US from 1,100 applicants. Read more
It allows for true multi-industry commerce by linking upstream customers, with their logistics firm, downstream customers for real time communication on their existing systems so there is nothing new to learn. It connects everyone into 1 ecosystem including the parcel shippers, LTL and 3PL providers for the trillion dollar logistics industry. It's the missing link for "LinkedIn" because we can tap into any ERP system in seconds. It's the "orbitz" of business shipping via leveraging our customers Read more
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