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MathsGee Answers is a global, STEM-focused Q&A platform where you can ask people from all over the world educational questions for improved outcomes. Read more
SmartWage is a smart solution that gives employees instant access to their earnings. Read more
Kweza is a service that enables informal retailers to order products at the best price and receive deliveries directly to their stores Read more
Manage digi docs is a Content Management & Electronic Signature solution Read more
DentX is a data driven source of competitive vehicle body damage repair pricing. Read more
Brave provides employers with the ability to better manage key health risks that may affect their employees’ productivity. Read more
Tapsnapp is an on-demand payments platform designed to help photographers manage clients and get paid online. Read more
Merge is an app that helps connect entrepreneurs with investors. Read more
Truzo is a web and app-based escrow platform enabling buyers and sellers anywhere to transact in a safe and secure way. Read more
Pragmatic Master combines drones, artificial intelligence and remote sensing tools improve daily business decisions. Read more
Connecting commuters to private shuttles on their commute to work - freeing up time and saving money Read more
On demand transport service that makes it easier and safer to transport household goods and furniture Read more
Instill Education is a a start-up education organisation with a vision to transform teaching and school leadership across the Africa. Read more
WizzPass is the Ultimate Visitor Management System. Read more
RIOT Network develop consumer edge-computing equipment to enable the next generation of internet services. Read more
HD Agency is specializes in advertising, media, mobile communication and sales & marketing. Read more
CrashDetech is an award-winning app which auto-detects a serious car crash. Read more
Kalido helps you find the right Talented Professionals and Terrific Clients, no matter where you are or who you are. You should meet. Read more
I-Pay is an instant EFT payment service in South Africa that allows your customer to make secure online payments directly into your bank. Read more
InfoByte Technologies is a software development company, that focuses on building payments, e-commerce and artificial intelligence products. Read more
Where truly knowing each other in a company is difficult, fikaTime is a bot that helps employees feel socially connected through being paired up for small weekly interactions. Read more
Centbee is the easiest way to store, spend and send Bitcoin (BSV) safely on you mobile phone. Read more
Envisionit Deep AI is an innovative medical technology company that utilizes AI to streamline and improve medical imaging diagnosis for radiologists. Read more
RADIFY detects 20 major abnormalities on chest X-rays including COVID 19 pneumonia related pathologies & automatically prioritises them for further testing. It can label 2000 x-rays/minute, 2000 times faster than a human being, alleviating the strain on doctors & radiologists. Read more
Pineapple allows users to insure personal belongings by taking pictures using their mobile devices. By snapping pictures, Pineapple is able to provide insurance quotes and comprehensive coverage to users. Read more
Ukheshe allows users to do quick payments and accept real-time digital payments from cardholders or different payment apps, without needing a bank account. Read more
Financial Services, Mobile, Data Aggregation, Marketplace Read more
Syft Analytics is a SaaS reporting add-on for cloud accounting software. Read more
Delivering insurance to emerging markets. Read more
FinChatBot develops chatbots to help financial service providers acquire & retain customers thanks to AI-powered conversations. Read more
Intergreatme is a mobile app that provides users with a secure and effective platform to share verified personal documents & information. Read more
Maxicash is a Fintech company & developer of a mobile app that helps African financially support their loved ones back home. Read more
Flowgear’s cloud-based integration platform lets organizations build, maintain and manage integrations easily. Read more
To provide everyone equal access to the learning, loving and LOLing that digital content offers. Eduze seeks to level the digital playing field. We offer free and easy access to world-class digital content that can uplift, inform and empower those who are too apprehensive, confused or financially challenged to access traditional web and online services. We achieve this through our proprietary wireless content servers, which deliver rich media content quickly, reliably and at no data cost to the user. Our UI and UX is made specially for those less digitally able. We locate in high footfall locations across Africa- from taxis to townships. Think of us as a local library, just with no paperbacks and plenty of awesome. FINALIST - DEMO AFRICA 2013 (held Nairobi 24th Oct) Read more
Designed for Enterprise markets, TV Republic allows you to easily broadcast videos & corporate messages to your staff, where ever in the world they may be.  Read more
provulo is a 100% online, fully managed, procurement management and administration service that helps its customers to save time and money by allowing them to control and manage how they sell to their clients with 100% visibility of the end-to-end process; it makes sure that a business sells the correct product to the right customer at the agreed price using a consistent web based and standards driven front-end. Conversely, businesses can also use the platform to put all of their suppliers and price lists in one place so they can control who places orders on their behalf (without staff having to deal directly with the supplier); it ensures that authorised staff, buy the right products from the correct suppliers at contracted prices. provulo does not replace existing ERP implementations, rather it compliments them to reduce licensing and integration costs and to give buyers and sellers a user friendly, easy to follow means of participating in the procurement process. Read more
BluWave CRM is a cloud based application based on a multi-tenant single instance infrastructure. Application covers all standard features of what one would expect. Competitive advantage is rich functionality, ease of use and ability to integrate to most accounting systems. Developed using HTML 5 it runs like a dream on devices such as as iPads and most tablets. Priced at a very competitive $25 per user per month. Busy developing Service Manager which includes job ticketing and job tracking, help desk features.  Read more
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