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Qiita (Webservice): Qiita lets you log and share programming knowledge such as codes, snippets or debugging know-how and you receive feedbacks from other programmers. Kobito (Mac Application): Kobito is a hacker-friendly memo application. It supports markdown syntax, code syntax highlighting and you can publish memos with one click. Read more
Money Forward provides online personal accounting solutions that enable individuals to better manage their daily expenses. Read more
Free is an accounting software which is connected with bank account and it autometically categorise the entries. Read more
RareJob is the No.1 online English school in Japan in terms of its number of students and tutors. We have now over 170,000 users and 3,000 tutors. Learn to speak English from anywhere, anytime. Try 2 trial lessons for FREE!  Read more
Pricebook is an online platform offering a shopping search engine for finding gadgets in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Read more
The largest social recruiting platform on Facebook. Wantedly allows companies to meet and connect with talents Read more
Coincheck operates a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in Japan. Read more
Wealthnavi is wealth management of world-class on your side. Read more
TimeTree -calendar for sharing Features: - Sharing calendars with your group is surprisingly simple. - No complicated registration process. To share a calendar, simply send its URL link. - Each schedule features a communication space for posting text and videos. - It's easy to have a conversation, which is often necessary when planning events. You can also conveniently look back on previous conversations. - You can have several calendars at once. - This app keeps family, business, personal schedules and more, all in one convenient location. Read more
Enterprise social technology, purpose-built for large companies to drive business outcomes and manage customer experiences Read more
A houseplants delivery flower delivery service. Read more
Kyash is a fintech platform providing mobile banking services with full-stack banking technology currently offering digital wallet app. Read more
Zehitomo is an Japanese online platform that enables user to hire local service professionals, from photographers to personal trainers. Read more
GoGo World started in 2009 as a project to make the process of studying and living abroad easier than ever before. Disrupting the study abroad business by offering a completely free service, we wanted to share the experience of living abroad as a language student. We want to help as many people as possible, starting from the choice of the school and the place to live, and provide them with a painless process. The idea of launching "Go! Go! Nihon", the first website of the company, came from Davide, who, felt the need to create a service that would make the process of coming to Japan for studying and living a much easier task than before. After Go! Go! Nihon - Live and Study in Japan(, the company launched Go! Go! Hanguk - Live and Study in Korea (, strengthening the position of the company as world leader for studying abroad services in East Asia. Read more
We provide four web services that promote collaboration, including Backlog, a project management tool. Read more
alu is providing service to enjoy more manga. Read more
BULK HOMME is a subscription-based skincare company that provides products for men. Read more
Digital Exchange Plateform Read more
Two way marketplace connecting event organizers with media companies as sales channels. Ticketing as a service. Read more
Academist is a crowdfunding platform that specializes in acquiring research funds. Read more
Studio is a web design & development platform that enables users to build websites from scratch without coding. Read more
STUDIO is a development and operation of the next-generation design tool. Read more
Codmon is an all-in-one system that supports the daily lives of nursery school staff and employees, Read more
Develop and provide services for the phone number identification app "Whoscall" that prevents inconvenience and fraudulent calls. Read more
cluster that allows anyone to hold events such as live music and conferences in a virtual environment. Read more
Flier offers a website that enables its users to find information and summaries about a range of books. Read more
FamilyTime is a parental control app that's helping parents to make internet safe for their kids. Read more
PROGRIT is an English-related media management company. Read more
You know what you're talking about. You may not know which hashtags are most likely to be related to your topic - and also tracked by many. RiteTaggers use Tweet Composer from most browsers to auto-schedule posts to social networks - with hashtags that reach. RiteTag Stats track what they get: clicks on links, retweets/shares, favorites/plusses, andother metrics. No more guessing; see which hashtags go the distance, and refine to using those that perform for you. A proprietary algorithm powers RiteTag Associated Hashtags as well as hashtags suggested and "reach" in RiteTag Reports. RiteTag Associated Hashtags.: search from topics OR hashtags for: - everything what you need to know to make wise hashtag picks: - recent posts with both your query and also the hashtag. Context usually shows how the hashtag is being used - recent posts with just the hashtag used with your query term(s): the stand-alone reach - who are the influencers using each hashtag and how many times each.  Read more
Funds is an online marketplace for lending funds. Read more
BitFlyer is a Bitcoin exchange and marketplace that enables its customers to buy, sell, and spend bitcoins. Read more
Carstay Comfortable Overnight in car or tentdo itCar tripWith guests who want to enjoy. Read more
justInCase is the first full-stack InsurTech company in Japan, offering P2P insurance and AI-based health & small-amount insurance online. Read more
As online sellers based in Kyoto selling to over 100 countries around the world, we were spending hours everyday just to manage the shipping process.To address this challenge, we created Ship&co to automate our shipping process, designing it to be user-friendly for ourselves. Read more
Radiotalk is a Voice distribution platform business. Read more
Coiney provides smarphone-based credit card processing services in Japan. Read more
Designed in Japan, Jooto is a visual task board with an easy to use drag and drop interface that allows you to easy manage projects or tasks. The intuitive design means Jooto can be used for nearly any task or project whether it's for business or personal use. Jooto is currently the only native Japanese visual task board available and can dynamically switch between English and Japanese to cater for the users preferences. Read more
Aidemy is a web service where you can learn AI programming online. Read more
We provide a platform which boldly improves the complex structure of IT outsourcing industry in Asia. Today,the industry is under bad conditions. Most software houses and freelance engineers have few direct connections with clients that need human resource,and vice versa. Eventually, many human resource agencies have appeared. Furthermore,it's usual that agencies make contracts with other agencies. Because of this multiple-layered contract, clients pay unrightly high fees. Now,Our platform realizes direct connections among software houses,engineers,and clients. On our platform.. - software houses and engineers can register their information to appeal to clients directly. - clients can scout for all engineers registered. - all services are free. - we plan to develop additional services such as contract management system and human resource management system. We plan to obtain information of 700,000 engineers and 15,000 software houses in Japan in 5 years. Then We will reach Asia. Read more
Repro is a end-to-end customers engagement platform for mobile and web apps. Read more
Strainer is an information delivery platform that conveys corporate information mainly on financial data. Read more
Progate is a free programming learning services. Read more
TOOCOURT builds products and services to help automate legal workflows, innovate new processes, and help firms identify new clients. Read more
Biome is an image analysis technology startup that has developed a living creatures collection mobile app. Read more
Illustration Crowdsourcing We create Illustrations for Games, Anime and Manga by Crowdsourcing system.From Character design, line drawing, background, to coloring, we produce by the same direction to keep high quality. To be an ideal partner for creating something new and fun, this is why we use the Crowdsourcing system. Read more
SPOCALE is a Sports Marketing Laboratory company. Read more
QD Laser is a pioneer in the commercialization of quantum dot laser technology. The company delivers new semiconductor laser-based solutions to customers in a broad range of fields, including telecommunications, manufacturing, medicine and consumer products. Read more is hints & tips community for smartphone games in japan. Read more
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