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MatterHackers is part of the emerging Desktop 3D Printing market, which is growing at an annual pace of 20-30% per year. For every printer sold the user needs three items, the printer, the control software and the designs to print. MatterHackers is fulfilling all three needs of the consumer. We sell the 3D printers as well as the 3D printing consumables. Our “MatterControl” platform is the user interface to the printer and will enable the longer term vision to become the go to source for Desktop 3D printing designs/models. 3D printer manufacturers use MatterControl to provide a clean, standard and consumer friendly user interface to their printers. While designers will use “MatterControl” in the same manner as a musical artist uses iTunes, the designers can create and upload their designs to “MatterControl” to distribute and monetize their 3D printer designs & models. 3D printer owners will use “MatterControl” to shop, purchase and use 3D designs just as they use iTunes for music.
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