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IRememba lets your family & loved ones to privately share, protect and preserve memories & stories forever. Connect generations & leave your legacy thru time capsules. Share Privately: People rarely understand the importance of privacy when sharing their Family Memories on social platforms like - Facebook. FB's niche is "Share Everything with everyone" and many don't even want their families on there. Protect: All our memories are spread across numerous devices - laptops,smartphones,tablets,iPads etc, with no good protection from disasters. Some have resorted to cloud storage for backups (eg Dropbox etc) and family sharing apps, but what happens the minute you stop paying the rent (i.e. subscription fees)? Organize & Preserve: All our memories are all over the place. We take many pictures & videos of our kids, but do we care about all of them? ..We just want to share/preserve the best memories & rest all is pretty much white noise. "Memories that matter, of the people that matter!"
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