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FlixBus is a young mobility provider that has been changing the way millions of people travel in Europe over the past 3 years. As a combination of tech-startup, e-commerce-platform and transportation company, FlixBus was able to establish Europe's largest intercity bus network in the shortest amount of time. Read more
Cluno is your new car. Our fixed monthly price includes everything but gas. With Cluno X, mobility becomes an experience. Exclusively in the iOS App. Read more provides transfer bookings and chauffeured car rentals at the best prices. Read more
The company has developed a transportation monitoring system that allows you to track the movement of vehicles, control the work of a vehicle park, detect violations in a timely manner. Read more
Take a Beat and rediscover your city. Beat connects in real time thousands of passengers with nearby available drivers. Read more
I'm looking for help financing a tractor trailer. It defiantly is not a great investment to have someone back up one single truck. Ten trucks is a different ball game. For now I would really appreciate any support I can get.  Read more
Pathao provides an app based solution through ride sharing, food delivery and e-commerce logistics services with a hope to accelerate the establishment of digital Bangladesh. Read more
Leading Expat Mail Forwarding company. Get a US Address, Virtual Mailbox- get your mail/shopping delivered wherever you are. Read more
YourParkingSpace is the UK’s leading online parking marketplace, connecting drivers with parking spaces offered by private individuals, businesses and car park operators across the UK. If you book a monthly parking space, you'll gain access to our exclusive rewards and benefits. Or you can make money by renting out your empty parking space, driveway or garage. Read more
CheckMyBus is an international search engine for bus trips. A few clicks will lead you to the best offers, cheapest tickets and most convenient journeys. Read more
We had to question why we depend so much on our cars? and what are the consequent pains of moving around the city? Rush hours, traffic, terrible driving habits and unavailability of parking spots came rushing through our minds in addition to the pain of high cost of on-demand services. While an affordable decent public commuting solution is not accessible, we thought how can we improve people’s lives? And here Swvl was created, revolutionizing the transportation scene in Egypt, through providing a technology-based alternative to public transportation, a smart solution that solves the transportation equation, leading to helping more commute for less, with ease and comfort. Swvl is a revolutionary idea that was born from passion, loyalty, and persistence to face all challenges on the table, Swvl is not just a mean to facilitate commuting, but a hunger to strive for solutions, encourage the contribution of youth in innovation and inspire change. Read more
Faspark is a street parking application which helps drivers find parking faster than ever before. The technology is predictive and uses big data, advanced analytics and machine learning to help drivers find parking. Faspark's solution is available for Android and iOS devices and provides the driver with an optimized search route along which they find available parking. The result is less driving, less pollution and less time spent searching for parking in the streets. Drivers using Faspark spend 50% less time on average looking for street parking. Faspark was founded 2011 and already has over 20,000 users. Faspark is already available in Chicago, IL and also in Munich, Germany.  Read more
Parcel Forwarding Platform safe and easy to use, giving you the opportunity to order exclusive good Read more
VOI is the new, environmentally friendly way to transport in urban centers. We're creating a system of electrically powered scooters that is affordable, sustainable, and a suuuper smooth way to commute. You should try one! Read more
The company has developed an intelligent platform for effective vehicle park management that allows to track all the information about drivers and vehicles in a single place and use this information for decision-making. Read more
GoOpti is a platform through which you can order transportation from the airport to your house for a feasible price. Read more
The simple and beautiful way to get around. Get upcoming departure times for all nearby transit lines in big text and bright colours — no taps required. Plan your trip, set reminders, get notifications about disruptions. Public transit not cooperating? Don’t fret: easily request an Uber, reserve a car2go or grab the closest bike share. Read more
e-commerce specialized in city bicycles, components and accessories (lifestyle) Read more
You press a button, a driver comes to pick you up. Available in London, Moscow and soon all over Russia. Read more
On demand rides. We keep you safe. You set the vibe. Your ride is our obsession. Predictable. Professional. Personal. From music selection to lighting, you drive everything, except the car. Read more
Track-A-Pack is a location-based analytics solution that collects location information of your packages and analyzes your delivery network in real time based on collected information. It frees you from the hassle of using manual processes and complex technologies to optimize your delivery network. Track-A-Pack takes package and bag tracking to the next level and helps you gain complete control over your deliveries.  Read more
Platform enabling users to find the best carrier for transporting groups of 5 people or more. Read more
Proterra is a world leader in the design and manufacture of zero-emission vehicles that enable bus fleet operators to reduce operating costs and deliver clean, quiet transportation to the community. Proterra’s second-generation bus is the world’s most fuel-efficient battery electric bus and features advanced on-route, fast-charge technology that enables infinite range. With unmatched durability and energy efficiency based on rigorous testing at Altoona, the Proterra product is proudly made in America and based in Greenville, SC USA. Read more
Pilot Credentials provides the most powerful Aircraft Pilot recruiting and hiring system in the in air transportation industry. Our database of over ten thousand pilots meets all PRIA guidelines required by the FAA. Our web-based system enables pilots to find the best employers and employers to find the best pilots. We call it "Perpetual Recruiting and Paperless Hiring" and it's game-changing technology used by the largest air carriers including FedEx and Southwest Airlines. Read more
Felyx is an e-scooter provider where users can rent electric scooters. Their convenient and affordable scooters can be located and activated through an app and parked at any destination. Users pays for only the minutes they use. Read more
Dott builds and offers commuters dockless, shared electrical scooters and bikes as alternatives for short-distance travel. Read more
Search for the best deals on the transport of goods and documents Read more
The largest aggregator of carriers with full responsibility for cargo and transportation Read more
Airlift Technologies is a Private bus service. Read more
Drive My Way is a Cleveland based, women owned start up company with a patent pending matching technology for the transportation industry. Read more
Second Closet facilitates the pickup, storage, and return of customer belongings on schedule. Read more
Turnit is a travel technology company. The company provides mission-critical software technology and consultation to the passenger transport operators. Read more
A2B is advanced booking agent for private transfers, minibuses and luxury cars. Read more
From cities like Toronto to San Diego, to companies like Hulu and Lionsgate, RideAmigos empowers teams with motivational tools and commuter benefits. The mobility platform gives everyone in an organization instant access to the information they need to make better commuting decisions, and the analytics to prove measurable impact. RideAmigos specializes in multi-modal transportation solutions, providing trip planners, travel dashboards, ridesharing, commuter surveys, trip tracking, gamification, incentives, and GIS reporting tools. The company white labels its platform to municipalities, transit authorities, TMA’s, universities, and companies across North America. Read more
Featuring an easy-to-use Online Parking Reservation System, ParkHub removes the frustration and uncertainty of finding a parking spot! No more driving in circles trying to find a parking spot before a sporting event,concert, flight departure, or downtown visit because your guaranteed reserved parking spot is already paid for and waiting for you. A aggregator and search platform for parking customers giving them ability to find parking that meets their needs on proximity, price, user feedback. Read more
Yassir is an innovative transport service that people can use with their smartphone anywhere and anytime. It allows everyone to book a driver and move around safely. Read more
At ParkChirp, we are offering you services such as gathering parking information, determining the availability of parking goods. Read more
CharterUP streamlines the bus rental process by integrating the booking, tracking, and live transportation process into a single convenient app. Renting a bus has always been a hassle. But with us, you can rent a coach, minibus, or shuttle with only a few swipes. Our team is available 24/7 for live help and customer support. Read more
CarSync is a free APP, they offer car-sharing solutions for hosts to help provide higher revenue and excellent car-sharing customer experience across multiple platforms. Read more
At Solid GPS we design and manufacture portable 4G Asset Trackers. Our trackers can be placed down in any asset and requires no wire splicing or complicated installation. The tracker is 100% battery powered, lasts from 6 - 24 months depending on usage and only requires five hours to recharge. Additionally, only relevant data is collected, when your asset is stationary the SolidGPS device won't track until it detects movement. Keeping your asset safer for longer. The SolidGPS tracker is also built in house, we completely understand how it works and how to improve it further. Currently in development are our own cellular and GPS antennas to strengthen the trackers ability to send and receive signals from satellites. There are countless other quality of life enhancements created by our team like boundaries, alerts, account sharing, customisation, case design, worldwide range, privacy, etc. Read more
Uma gestão de veículos bem controlada é a base da eficiência, permite otimizar os custos de funcionamento e maximizar o rendimento. Obter informação confiável em tempo real e poder analisá-la através de um software de gestão amigável é a chave do sucesso. O RotaExata existe para poupar o seu trabalho, e ajuda-lo a aumentar a disponibilidade, produtividade e lucro com seus veículos. Tudo que você precisa para controlar sua frota, em um único sistema! Read more
Founded with a passion for new mobility Beam is focused on expanding transportation options in Asia beginning with escooters. As Asian cities continue to grow Beam will allow urban residents to take ownership of their transportation options. A Beam trip allows you to move efficiently, reduce your environmental footprint and go from here to there. How you want and when you want. Read more
GoByBus is an end-to-end intercity coach ticketing platform for a pleasant trip-planning experience.  Read more
The company has developed an intelligent transport system that analyses traffic flows and increases road capacity by up to 20% due to traffic lights automatic correction. Read more
Oye Rickshaw is a shared micro-mobility service for real bharat Read more
Taxi dispatch software for tourism taxi companies Read more
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