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Kubinga is a taxi and delivery service platform. Read more
The first startup to digitize logistical operations, bringing carriers and their customers into direct relationship using our technology that allow, at same time, an increase in the financial results of carriers and the reduction of transport costs. Read more
Cost-efficient turnkey smart parking solution (software & hardware) based on ALPR. Read more
Drivitty develops solutions connecting fuel stations, fuel card issuers, vehicle service providers, telematics, drivers and fleet managers into a seamlessly running data flow process. Read more
GPS Mania provides a platform for finding the best possible solution for GPS tracking and Transport Telematics projects. Read more
EVie is a shared mobility platform that provides simple, sustainable and affordable travel for all. Read more
The company has developed an intelligent transport system that analyses traffic flows and increases road capacity by up to 20% due to traffic lights automatic correction. Read more
The company has developed a comprehensive passenger information system. Read more
The company has developed a transportation monitoring system that allows you to track the movement of vehicles, control the work of a vehicle park, detect violations in a timely manner. Read more
The company has developed a vehicle park monitoring system that identifies vehicles, primarily loaders and identifies their accurate location. Location identification is made possible by measuring the distance between a tag attached to a loader and three or more anchors. Read more
SmartWIZ is developing SATO (Smart Automatic Train Operation), an intelligent automatic traffic control system for mainline and suburban traction rolling stock. It is used for automated management of railroad train movement in freight and passenger service. Read more
Company vehicle corporate parking service. It allows entities to solve the problem of parking payment for company employees. Read more
The company has developed an intelligent transportation management system that is used for analysis and optimization of business processes in the sphere of transportation control and transportation logistics organization. Read more
The company has developed an intelligent platform for effective vehicle park management that allows to track all the information about drivers and vehicles in a single place and use this information for decision-making. Read more
The company has developed an intelligent automation parking system Read more
Volvo Car Drive provides an opportunity to drive a new Volvo car for 12 months. Subscription includes additional services, such as planned maintenance, seasonal tires changeover and their storage, Pick Up & Delivery services, Volvo Assistance on road help service. Read more
Developed an intelligent system controlling the drivers concentration. The system transmits the informations about the driver’s condition to the operator, who can order to have a break at work and accumulates alarm statistics. Read more
Developed a system of the truck. The tracker reads the state of operational parameters and transfers the collected data via cellular communication to the service center. The system provides improved performance of the car by monitoring the driver. Read more
Development of software solution that allows to combine various devices and separate software modules of the transport infrastructure into a single network, thereby achieving the flexibility and scalability of the system for the needs of each city or region. Read more
Inex Technologies designs, develops, manufactures, and sells automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) devices and intelligent software for vehicle identification. Read more
SerVision has been pioneering, developing, and manufacturing cutting edge technology for road safety, transport security, and remote monitoring applications since its establishment in 2000. Read more
LEFA is a mobile app that connects individuals and companies who need safe, reliable and convenient on-demand transportation services with vetted independent drivers. Read more
Tukutin is the first Peruvian virtual platform focused on facilitating information between freight forwarders, customs, exporters and importers to carry out International Trade operations. Read more
Sandoog provides a first of its kind, on-demand delivery service nationwide, including product handling, storage, and payment processing. Read more
We strive to immerse visitors in our large city of Buenos Aires with eco-friendly electric bikes, coupled with live narration headsets to learn about the culture and history Read more
Timing is a navigation system for service providers. Timing uses cutting edge algorithms to plan the most effective routes and predict providers’ routes in advance. Read more
Sale and conversion of electric bicycles or other vehicles. Read more
100% electric vehicles designed, developed and produced in Argentina. Read more
Collaborative Control and Management Platform for fuels and lubricants. Read more
Web/App to book and pre-pay parking in Private Parking of the city of Cordoba, at the lowest market cost. Read more
SaaS Row Management through a webapp that seeks to eliminate rows, congestion in establishments and all the problems they generate. Read more
Build a sky highway for drones and promote the sale of "sky" rights to help people with shopping and medical difficulties in depopulated areas. Read more
A platform business for shared electric micromobility. Changing legal issues from Fukuoka City and providing services to solve the last mile problem. Read more
As society changes, "transportation" needs to change. We run "Charichari," an urban shared bicycle service, with the aim of enriching the city. Read more
Swisspod is developing energy-efficient Hyperloop systems using high-quality Swiss engineering. Read more
Torch Logistics is the only digital short-haul 3PL focused on lanes 50-550 miles. Read more
A rental platform to connect excess inventory from brands and retailers to travellers to enable a luggage-less travel. Read more
Atomionics is building the next-generation atomic sensing technology for navigation and exploration. Read more
Yellowsack provides a digital and flexible waste management solution for users to decrease cost and increase productivity Read more
Airlift Technologies is a Private bus service. Read more
Xeroe is a platform for booking Electric Vans, connecting people and businesses for emission free deliveries. Read more
Carbon is a fleet management company. Read more
Platform enabling users to find the best carrier for transporting groups of 5 people or more. Read more
Oye Rickshaw is a shared micro-mobility service for real bharat Read more
Ottogee is a resource management solution company. Read more
snabBus brings together travelers and bus companies for a unique chartered-bus experience. Read more
GoByBus is an end-to-end intercity coach ticketing platform for a pleasant trip-planning experience.  Read more
Echiev is a developer of autonomous driving technology and application products. Read more
Juzi Aidou is a transportation search engine developer company. Read more
Vahak India’s most trusted Transport market app, Get in touch with India’s Top Performing Transporters & Lorry owners with Vahak. Read more
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