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Kubinga is a taxi and delivery service platform. Read more
The first startup to digitize logistical operations, bringing carriers and their customers into direct relationship using our technology that allow, at same time, an increase in the financial results of carriers and the reduction of transport costs. Read more
An on-demand delivery specialist. Read more
AGNIFORGE INDUSTRIES is an aerospace and defence product manufacturing company. We are based in New Delhi, India. We are offering our wide range of products and services in all over India and other countries also. Read more
Digitising the aviation industry providing new levels of efficiency and insight to operators and maintenance of aircraft. We are building the underlying infrastructure to support this digital transformation, alongside workflow applications that can be used across the industry. Read more
AirGO.Ai puts tomorrow's technology in yesterday's vehicles through our Soteria Vision standalone, smart, and connected vehicle safety and insurance telematics data device that can be installed in nearly any vehicle. Read more
We provide a customizable mobile on-demand fuel delivery app development solution for fuel/gas delivery startups, oil & gas retail companies, and gas station owners. Read more
Snapp is the first and leading mobile and web-based ride-hailing platform in Iran. Read more
Freterium is a predictive supply chain platform, delivering real-time visibility and optimised orchestration for shippers & logistics firms. Read more
LiveDispatcher provides you with real-time information about your field workers and alleviates you and your workers from administrative burden. It was built with focus on usability and ease of use, so picking the best worker for jobs takes only a few seconds LiveDispatcher consists of 2 parts: 1 - Web application for dispatcher with following features: - dashboard with map showing current position of your workers and real-time state of jobs (planned, pending, in progress..) - planning calendar with drag&drop functionality - predefined and customizable job templates - reports and timesheets 2 - Native mobile application for field workers. - Android 2.3+, iOS for iPhone (preparing to launch), Windows Phone 8 (planned) - build with focus on low battery drain. - ability to create new jobs directly from mobile application - history of jobs for clients Read more
Albedo designs and operates satellites that capture the highest resolution imagery available commercially, along with simultaneously collected thermal infrared imagery. Read more
gogo’s mission is to create a simple and user-friendly last-mile platform that guarantees an optimized, swift and safe transaction from point to point while utilizing the latest in technology, reducing cost, and time with access to operators marketspace. Read more
The project is intended for the implementation of electronic document management according to the international standard IATA e-Fright Read more
Voyager Space Holdings is a global leader in space exploration. Voyager seeks to increase vertical integration and mission capability to enable humanity’s most ambitious projects. Read more
Cost-efficient turnkey smart parking solution (software & hardware) based on ALPR. Read more
Drivitty develops solutions connecting fuel stations, fuel card issuers, vehicle service providers, telematics, drivers and fleet managers into a seamlessly running data flow process. Read more
GPS Mania provides a platform for finding the best possible solution for GPS tracking and Transport Telematics projects. Read more
Track-POD is an All-in-One Last-Mile Delivery Software ft AI in the Cloud, one of the best Delivery Management Platforms, that helps manage your business effectively and without unnecessary hassle. Read more
We are on a mission to take IT Solutions & Consulting to the whole new level by creating 'Ready SAP addon' solutions designed by our in-house Team of experts who have been instrumental in the field of Transportation and Logistics for more than a decade. Read more
SwiSys is an automotive electronics and communication solutions focused on CAN Bus, OBDII and SAE J1939 standards. We focus on vehicle safety challenges and retrieve the control signals over the CAN bus and Lin Bus protocols towards multiple vehicle models . Read more
Keitas Systems commercializes Tempeus®, an aircraft maintenance monitoring portal that allows operators to follow their aircraft maintenance works in real time from their smartphone, regardless of the workshop’s location. Read more
JetSetGo is the new face of private aviation in India Read more
Pooltoo offers a premium ride sharing platform. Read more
Witick is a mobile app allowing to pay and access public transit anywhere on earth. Read more
O2feel innovation: the alliance of technology and design The electric bicycle appears to be the ideal way to change habits, to bring together and share, but also to combine innovation and the outdoors. Read more
Go Ramp is an innovative Transportation Management System intended to manage and optimize the logistics processes. Read more
Keri provides the high quality of delivery without the high cost.  Read more
RideRadar is the "Trivago" of on-demand rides and delivery services. Your one-stop app to search availability, compare prices, and request your ride and delivery needs from multiple service providers. Read more
MOTORS M enterprise works in the field of development and manufacturing electric motor vehicle and transport devices. Therefore, they want to present to customers a new concept of selling luxury and premium car brands. Read more
Ronpon delivers you beers, wines, spirits, convenience items and more in less than 60 minutes. Read more
Zephyr Aerospace designs affordable lie-flat seating solutions for transportation companies. Read more
The RAVEN aerospace eLearning platform provides a curated digital environment where providers and students can exchange value. Read more
We are making railway transport in complex environments safer and more efficient. Read more
SIMPLE TOOLS FOR GREAT DELIVERIES Organize your routes, monitor delivery operations and offer superior customer experience with Dropon’s Delivery Management Platform Read more
EVie is a shared mobility platform that provides simple, sustainable and affordable travel for all. Read more
ArdayQaad is the first company to be implemented in Somalia that provides student transportation services to the university and school students, and the company aims to provide students with transportation. Read more
The company develops and implements logistic vertically integrated services using electric unmanned vehicles of its own production. Read more
The company is engaged in the production of aircraft in manned and unmanned versions, which are used to deliver goods, transport passengers and perform various special missions in agriculture, for medical, police and military purposes. Read more
The company has developed an intelligent transport system that analyses traffic flows and increases road capacity by up to 20% due to traffic lights automatic correction. Read more
The company has developed a comprehensive passenger information system. Read more
The company has developed a transportation monitoring system that allows you to track the movement of vehicles, control the work of a vehicle park, detect violations in a timely manner. Read more
The company has developed a vehicle park monitoring system that identifies vehicles, primarily loaders and identifies their accurate location. Location identification is made possible by measuring the distance between a tag attached to a loader and three or more anchors. Read more
SmartWIZ is developing SATO (Smart Automatic Train Operation), an intelligent automatic traffic control system for mainline and suburban traction rolling stock. It is used for automated management of railroad train movement in freight and passenger service. Read more
Company vehicle corporate parking service. It allows entities to solve the problem of parking payment for company employees. Read more
The company has developed an intelligent transportation management system that is used for analysis and optimization of business processes in the sphere of transportation control and transportation logistics organization. Read more
The company has developed an intelligent platform for effective vehicle park management that allows to track all the information about drivers and vehicles in a single place and use this information for decision-making. Read more
The company has developed an intelligent automation parking system Read more
The company developed a service that allows carriers to post their offers for the provision of transport services, for passengers it ensures the return of the cost of tickets without commission. Read more
Bumerang provides car sharing service. Read more
CAR5 is a is a short-term car rental service with per minute payment. The CAR5 app allows to top up account, find the car on the map, book a car, make a free 20-minute booking 4 times in 24 hours, allows to pay by card Read more
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