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QWANT is an internet search engine that focuses on user privacy, web content filtering, and social networks. Read more
Jscrambler is the leading client-side security solution for JavaScript protection and webpage real-time monitoring. Read more
DNS (Domain Naming Service) is a service that translates domain names – like – to numerical IP addresses that machines understand much better than words. It works the other way around, too! Right now, your DNS provider is probably also your Internet Service Provider. That means that if they want to, they can see what domains you visit. Trust DNS is a free tool that helps you bypass censorship, access blocked websites, & browse privately. Free your internet, for free! We have a strict no-logs policy & zero ads in the app. It’s just an app which can change your DNS server. With Trust DNS you can: - Unlock access to restricted sites & services. - Unblock Wikipedia, YouTube, Telegram, & more! - Access the internet privately. - Bypass censorship & protect your freedom of speech. Read more
Securly makes your school and home networks kid-safe in one easy step. Securly keeps kids safe online by blocking adult sites and profanity, detecting cyber-bullies/predators and filtering out adult content from trusted sites such as Google, Bing, Wikipedia, YouTube etc. Securly was founded by two network security veterans with a combined 17+ years of security experience. Read more
Itsme is a secure mobile phone app that lets users log in safely to confirm their personal ID and share data during digital interactions. Read more
Windscribe is not just a VPN, it’s a desktop application and browser extension that work together to protect your online privacy, unblock websites, and remove ads and trackers that follow you across the websites you visit every day. Never mess with confusing settings and options menus again, our minimalist applications are designed to be turned on once, and forgotten about. Read more
Guardian protects and secures privacy and data while using apps and browsing the web on an iOS device. Read more
Zimperium develops Mobile Unified Threat Management console (zConsole™) bundled with an Intrusion Prevention System (zIPS™) for Smartphones and Tablets. As employers increasingly adopt the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, the organization’s most valuable information becomes vulnerable and accessible to malicious entities. zIPS™ protects the device and prevent attacks in real time. Read more
Guardio is developing tools and products to combat modern web and cloud-based threats for consumers and businesses. Read more
Trustnav is aimed to make the internet a better place by creating a safer browsing experience, free of distracting advertisements and invasive methods to track your every move. Read more
doxo is an online bill pay service enabling consumers to make payments to 100k billers from any device, using any payment method. Read more
Our most popular product is called Protection Pro It is a DIY online content protection and enforcement service. Although it is primarily designed, built and sold to website owners worldwide it is also used by content owners, creators, distributors and copyright holders everywhere. This service is easily identified by the Protection Badge shown on 100's of millions of webpages worldwide. We provide this service: Free Monthly Subscription Yearly Subscription Protection Pro clients get all the features and toolkits they need to protect and enforce their website content. Which they manage and monitor through the secure Protection Portal client login. also provides a managed content takedown service for business and personal content. Besides being a invaluable service for content companies everywhere, this managed service provides the enforcement backstop to the Protection Pro DIY subscription service detailed above.  Read more
Our simple, innovative software solutions give you visibility into the risk associated with your IT, your users and the real threats you face. Our software helps you quickly prioritize threats, manage risk, and take the right steps to improve your organization's security. We understand every organization is different and the best approach for you may not be the best approach for someone else. With broad visibility and contextual insight into what's happening in your information security environment, we give you the ability to adapt to whatever obstacles rise up in the road before you so your organization can go as fast as it needs. Read more
Dashlane makes identity and payments simple and secure everywhere. Read more
Valimail is an email security company that offers zero-trust, authentication-based solutions for organizations. Read more
GuardSquare is the world's leading provider of the most advanced security software for Android applications Read more
Shipfix operates as a data and community platform that helps with the operational efficiency in the maritime industry. Read more
imyPass Windows Password Reset provides the best solution to reset/remove the forgotten Windows password and delete/create a Windows account without data loss. Read more
Group-IB is one of the global leaders in preventing and investigating high-tech crimes and online fraud. Since 2003, the company has been active in the field of computer forensics and information security, protecting the largest international companies against financial losses and reputation risks. Read more
Meveto is an authentication company that completely removes the use of passwords - eliminating one of the biggest threats to any organization's security and hacker's favorite way to breach. Read more
Cybrary is the cybersecurity and IT Career Development Platform. Cybrary is the fastest growing, fastest-moving catalog in the industry. Read more
A Prevention-as-a-Service company, offering fast interception of any content-based attack across all channels Read more
GeeTest protects your websites, mobile Apps and APIs from bot threats. Read more
Veriff is an online identity verification platform. Read more
Develop and provide services for the phone number identification app "Whoscall" that prevents inconvenience and fraudulent calls. Read more
FireEye is the leader in stopping the new breed of cyber attacks, such as advanced malware, that easily bypass traditional signature-based defenses and compromise the majority of enterprise networks. FireEye's next-generation threat protection complements these defenses with the world's only signature-less solution that protects across all major threat vectors. Read more
Menlo Security is a cyber security company that protects organizations from malware. Read more
MTCaptcha helps enterprises with online security with smart captchas and easy to use plugins all in the cloud as SaaS. Read more
Purism beautiful computers designed to respect and protect your privacy, security and freedom. Read more
Hireology is a staffing and hiring platform for the franchise and retail-automotive industries. Read more
First Alert is America's most trusted, recognized safety brand, that provides the most reliable fire, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm systems, CO2 detectors, fire extinguishers, and fire escape ladders for home and businesses. For over 50 years, First Alert maintained a strong position as a leader in the fire and home safety industry. Read more
interactive online malware analysis service created for dynamic and static research Read more
iJiami is a mobile information security service provider with focus on application, big data and IoT security. Read more
WhiteSource is a platform designed to automate open source security and compliance processes. Read more
Zivver is the effortless, smart, secure digital communications platform powering the next generation of secure communications. Read more
Arctic Wolf helps companies end cyber risk by providing security operations as a concierge service. Read more
Smart-ID is the easiest, fastest and safest way to authenticate yourself online! Forget complicated user names and passwords – this is a safer and easier way to check your online bank account, access e-services and sign documents. Read more
CrowdCurity is a marketplace for web security testing. We crowdsource security testers and connect them with businesses. Big companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft have for years been running vulnerability reward programs to crowdsource their web security. CrowdCurity enables any business to create their own vulnerability reward programs in few easy steps in a controlled environment. For security testers CrowdCurity offers a one-stop-shop for vulnerability reward programs. We are a bitcoin first business.  Read more
DDoS protection Qrator Labs - №1 * for countering DDoS in Russia Read more
UpGuard is a cyber resilience platform, designed to proactively assess and manage the business risks posed by technology. Read more
SpyCloud develops account takeover prevention and fraud investigation tools. Read more
CitizenMe empowers us people and organisations with the true value of personal data. Read more
The company’s patented and award-winning Security Intelligence Platform, unifying SIEM, log management, file integrity monitoring, network forensics and host forensics, empowers organizations around the globe to detect breaches and the most sophisticated cyber threats of today, faster and with greater accuracy than ever before. LogRhythm also provides unparalleled compliance automation and assurance as well as IT predictive intelligence to Global 2000 organizations, government agencies and mid-sized businesses worldwide. Read more
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