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ruttl is the fastest website feedback tool to collect and manage design feedback on live websites! Read more
Cerebrum Infotech is a software product development company. We develop software products for diverse business segments. We help business owners to digitize their business and streamline operations in an automated and smarter way. Read more
Smart Studios is an innovation & technology company. We plan and build world-class ventures & digital solutions for leading brands and emerging startups. We provide Software Development Digital transformation R&D prototyping Project Management Management Consultancy Read more
Botpress is an open-source bot-building platform for businesses. We make chatbot development fun, easy and ultra-productive. From natural language understanding to channel integration, Botpress does it all for you. Read more
Review UX and interfaces more efficiently. Capian is the all-in-one tool to capture, organize and share your UX and UI reviews. Perfect for heuristic evaluations, UX audits, expert reviews, and many other audit types. Read more
OpenFaaS allows you to write and deploy your first Python function in around 10-15 minutes. From there you can take the OpenFaaS workshop, a series of tried-and-tested self-paced labs which teach you everything you need to know about functions — and more. Read more
IPXO is the Unique IP Lease & Monetization Platform, an IP marketplace that helps to monetize unused IP resources and alleviate the IPv4 shortage problem. Read more
HydraTech is a technology company that provides technological solutions, helping a range of businesses from individual startups to corporate enterprises, transition into the tech era and untangle complex issues that always emerge during their digital evolution journey. Read more
Clikham IT Solutions goes beyond providing technology solutions. We help our clients achieve the highest level of operational excellence so they can focus on what matters - their core business. Read more
AAA Platforms Ltd are a Software, Hardware Consultancy and Gaming Institute that Prides itself in being a social enterprise where we solve our clients problems using technology. Read more
Studia Labs is a privately owned IT Support and IT Services business, a subsidiary of Wiciko Inc., formed in 2017. Today we’re proud to boast a strong team of IT engineers who thrive on rolling up their sleeves and solving your IT problems and meeting your business needs. Read more
CTOtech enjoys to scale up digital innovation by delivering complete CTO-as-a-Service solutions for all types of web-based, desktop and mobile applications. Read more
ZYNK delivered more than 100 projects, including mobile consumer apps, financial, messaging, e-commerce, multiplayer games, and enterprise platforms, VR and AR solutions. Read more
Codiax brings you the latest in deep tech, with some of the best professionals around the world. The convergence of Frontier Hardware, AI, Blockchain, IoT and VR & AR can multiply their potential and reach the next step in discovering deep technology. Read more
Ringhel is the leading Romanian niche software provider for power and gas industry in Romania. Read more
At Qualibrate we believe in simple yet robust solutions to enable agile teams on streamlining the road of software delivery to production. Read more
"Zochil technology" information technology company is founded in 2019 with experienced people who has 10+ years. We are ready to launch project purpose as automation, delivery, order to the people who sell product online. Read more
Softwaredevelopment. CPI Technologies offers highly scalable and secure financial and blockchain software solutions. Read more
Spreadsheets that can be used like Excel. We develop a no-code tool that anyone can easily use to create a native app. Read more is your professional business web presence solution, without the time commitment. Making life easier for you to do what you do best. A website and a marketing system managed with you and for you to grow with you. Read more
WhoAPI service allows you to get extensive domain data using the API on a massive scale. Data like bulk domain availability querrying, WHOIS, uptime, traceroute, and many other. For example, if a single user wants to query one million domains, we would be the right place to go. After performing market analysis we found out there's a huge demand for this service. It all started because we needed this service as a hosting company. Read more
At BrightDock, we live and breathe Digital. Everyone on our team of 30+ multinational specialists is a designer, developer, or both! From our two creative hubs in Rijeka, Croatia, and Dublin, Ireland, we’ve been turning business visions into award-winning Digital solutions. Read more
On Point is a local software company, partner with worldwide giant tech companies such as Microsoft, Atlassian, VAT4U and Insight Software, The company’s mission is to always provide the most innovative solutions for any kind of business in any industry. Read more
Our mission is to enable organisations of all sizes to sustainably deliver the high-quality software their clients deserve. We offer bespoke consultancy solutions to help organisations overcome the unique challenges they face in their quest to improve software quality. Read more
Oxygen helps museums fight their digital challenges and deal with pandemic crises with custom software solutions. Read more
Exevio offers the innovative development of loyalty programs, app & game development, and QA. Read more
Development house operating from Jersey, Germany, Kenya & the US. Trying to always at the forefront of new technology, always learning. Problem-solving is our jam. Read more
deero advert is the first advertising company that provides a wide variety of one-stop digital creative services in Somalia including web hosting services. Read more
Huud Technology is the largest technology services providers across Africa, aims to deliver the highest quality of performance to your business organizations to meet technology needs. Read more
Suubbis is a full-service digital agency offering innovative solutions to small, mid to large sized companies across the capital. Read more
We are a Munich-based software development company focusing on low-cost MVP development in the area of web app, mobile, and AI development. Our mission is to help young companies succeed through high-quality and affordable software development. Read more
Verisense provides a range of solutions focused on application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) services. Read more
The Research Software Company deploys software development resources for academic researchers Read more
Ergoware ltd was born in Malta in 2017, its founder and CEO is Antonio Di Chiano, Italian by birth. SEO specialist and digital strategist has generated its core business through marketing activities Read more
We digitise word-of-mouth referrals across Africa for better work opportunities for all individuals. Read more
Yuppie Tech is a web and mobile software development company, which aims to offer solutions that enable the management of your company, providing consistent results, more agility and greater flexibility for decision making. Read more
AdaptNXT is 'boutique technology solutions' organization, operating from Bangalore. We closely engage with our customers, understand the requirements well and create technology solutions which directly increases their bottomline and they love to work on. Read more
Building APIs redefined. Speed up development of services, mobile, and web applications with auto-generated client, server, and documentation in many languages. Flexible modeling with advanced features for products of various scales - from micro-startups to large enterprises. Read more
Notch is an automated platform that helps fast-growing companies find, hire, and manage trusted remote developers at scale. Read more
Growin's intelligent algorithm disciplines and automates the investment decision-making process, without human intervention, to provide investment advice. Read more
“Conception” in English is conception, which means design in French. We look forward to helping each customer communicate the right company image and expand product awareness. We are committed to making every owner have a good website that looks good, finds and uses. Read more is a leading digital enabler for companies and entrepreneurs. The group was created by merging Combell Group, TransIP Group and Register Group in 2019. Read more
sudolabs features mobile and web development done right by mastering the latest technologies like react, react native and applying high standards with every line of code Read more
TechAhead is a top mobile app development company that delivers robust mobile applications that take your business to the next level Read more
Cloudways provides managed hosting platform for deploying popular PHP based applications on infrastructure hosting in just a few clicks. It is affordable, you can configure the server as per your requirement and scale up later as and when needed. Cloudways is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider that takes care of all problems associated with installing and managing various websites and applications on a cloud server. It allows you to install most of the popular applications like WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, Laraval and many more with just a few clicks. Cloudways allows you to choose the cloud hosting services from any of the 3 industry leaders, DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. The service is quite affordable, you can configure the server as per your requirement and scale up later as and when needed. Read more
Zyte is a platform to deploy and run web crawlers. The core platform is mainly aimed at developers but it provides addons like a visual annotation tool for non-developers to create scrapers. Read more
Xooa is a low code application development platform that is focused on reducing barriers to enterprise blockchain adoption by making blockchain app development easier and faster for users of all blockchain expertise levels. Read more
A nocode backend builder that uses simple drag and drop blocks to build complex API endpoints ⚡️ Highlights ☑️ The first nocode backend platform to supports MongoDB and Postgres ☑️ Endpoints are automatically live. No deployments are required Read more
Scraper API deals with IP rotation, headless browsers, and CAPTCHAs so that developers can get the HTML of any web page with a simple API call Read more
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