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We are an Angolan company that offers technological solutions, aiming to streamline the functioning of companies Read more
INOKRI is a software house focused on efficient App development with high quality for any industry. INOKRI holds SOCIA an ecommerce and retail platform with high potential and accumulate experience in dev App for Banking and Government. Read more
One Computers Tech offers a collection of Professional Technology, Marketing & Design services to businesses (B2B). One Computers Tech is the Aircharge Official Authorized Distributor in Malta & Gozo. Providing phone wireless charging solutions to businesses (B2B).  Read more
iVote is applied software development company which provides specific solutions to industry oriented companies as well as companies that deal with public administration. Read more
We offer online retailers the option to store and ship their products for 80% less than our competitors. Read more
Tinyask is an Audio Q&A for career knowledge. Read more
Tasktop transforms your software delivery process and reduces time-to-market by up to 75% by plugging Tasktop’s value stream management platform into your existing toolchain. Read more
Step into the future of work with Spekit, your Digital Enablement companion. As consumers, answers are a click away with our smartphones. Spekit brings that same ease to the workplace with answers, knowledge, and training reinforced everywhere your team works. Read more
AND Systems is a subsidiary of AND Global whose mission is to serve the underbanked population through the latest technological innovation. We provide an innovative, low-cost, mobile-based, instant microloan platform. Read more
Automation of trade and services for small and medium-sized businesses. Read more
The company provides comprehensive technological and informational support to the authorities in building an effective and transparent public administration system that meets all modern requirements and innovations. Read more
Development of software and hardware to optimize various sectors. Read more
Mobile CRM for microbusiness. ALL-IN-ONE mobile solution for Private Practice in aesthetic industry. Read more
ITsMine was founded in 2017 by a group of experts aimed at offering a new, unique, proactive approach to Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Read more
JSOF is a team of experienced cyber security professionals, with a wide and deep understanding of software, technology, and security. Read more
C2A Security specializes in end-to-end, in-vehicle cybersecurity protection. Using a bespoke suite of cybersecurity solutions, C2A provides automotive manufacturers with all of the necessary tools to protect themselves from cyber attacks. Read more
Datacrushers is a revenue discovery platform developing solutions for site-wide revenue, cart recovery, and acceleration. The company uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing to identify and recover revenue loss, cart abandonment, and new revenue sources across any site. Read more
Legal Tree is a tech startup and social enterprise with the goal of making legal services simple and affordable. Read more
Future Innovations offers customers the possibility to develop prototypes using 3D-printing technology or simply, to create 3D-printed objects for use in their everyday life. They developed a fully 3D printed basic mechanical prosthetic for elbow or wrist actuated users. Read more
Development of SAP systems to solve administrative problems. Read more
Computing infrastructure services for computational operations. Read more
"Smart City" is a system that offers informational, interactive, and transactional services related to education, healthcare, transport, entertainment, tourism, and commercial services to the general public and local businesses. Read more
Developer of an application with geolocation of charging stations for electric vehicles with the ability to pay from a smartphone. Read more
The company produces monoclonal antibodies and antigens that are used as key components of in vitro diagnostic kits. Read more
The company is a developer and manufacturer of systems and high-tech equipment for wireless communication, and also carries out developments by order of manufacturing plants Read more
Workbean is an employer branding platform that is building the largest directory of company cultures in Asia to guide digital talents to work where they belong. Read more
The company develops a software package for drawing up and checking estimate documentation. Read more
The developer of a platform for building a unified information space and information exchange between distributed data sources. Read more
From Data has developed the IoT platform DataMash which is providing a wide range of functions from edge computing to data utilization such as network services, visualization, notification, and data analysis. Read more
Scribie is MTurk like system for audio transcription. It is an easy to use service where you can get your phone recordings, interviews, videos, podcasts, dictations and other spoken audio files transcribed to text. We follow an advanced process which guarantees 98% accuracy. We offer 12 hour, 1 day, 7 day and 30 day turnaround. Read more
Avenir Health is a 360* degree ICT service provider for the healthcare domain. We connect & bring a diverse range of stakeholders in healthcare to a common workspace. Read more
Ensuring your employees enjoy a safe working environment is not an easy task. There are so many aspects to plan and track, and important records that need to be kept up to date. Hard Hat is a software application with a suite of modules to make your life easier. Read more
Online service for modern dentistry management Read more
The polypoly Foundation seeks to remove the legal, political, and technological obstacles that stand in the way of creating a fair trade data economy that benefits all stakeholders. Read more
The DAC6 Tracker simplifies the complex wording of the EU-Directive by using a systematic approach with sector specific questions and wording. Main goal: to make the DAC6 Tracker as simple and efficient as possible with a clean layout and an intuitive user guidance. Read more
myInterview specialises in the development of video interviewing and predictive analysis tools to streamline the recruitment process for companies and applicants alike. Read more
It is aiming to improve the quality of human life through information technology solutions Read more
We provide an innovative learning platform for tutors and academic institutions to list their tutoring services across the country. The system uses the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to auto-match students’ requirements to tutors’ listings and qualifications. Read more
LoginRadius is a SaaS-based CIAM platform that manages consumer identity and privacy, allowing businesses to customize a secure and delightful digital experience their consumers will love. Read more
wiseful is a career advancement platform where early-mid career talent can book calls with insiders at top companies for 1:1 personalized career advice, interview prep, and helpful introductions to land their dream job. Read more
The Collaboratory is a platform where public and private research data will be easy to find, and easy to use, unlocking data’s hidden value. Read more
The best solution for trial attorneys and their consulting teams to conduct jury selection collaboratively and in real time. Read more
MDT is an instrumentation company specializing in geotechnical applications. Our patented SMART products have been designed to survive the rigours of geotechnical and mining environments while maintaining a low cost and ease of installation. Read more
Here at Chuva our goal is to deliver high quality software to the world. We work with our clients from conception and planning, to design, development, and testing, all the way through to maintenance and support. Read more
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