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DuckDuckGo is a general search engine with: --No tracking. --Better instant answers. --Way less spam and clutter. More at Read more
This year we're focused on three things: Amazing features specifically for the creators of Yelp's unmatched local review content - namely our incredible community. International expansion - bringing Yelp to the world. Closing the loop with local businesses - Yelp Platform and more tools to help businesses see the value they're getting from Yelp.  Read more
ResearchGate is where you discover scientific knowledge and share your work. Get stats, ask questions, connect with researchers around the globe. Read more
Freepik is the leading search engine of free vector designs. Freepik offers users, high quality graphic designs: exclusive illustrations and graphic resources carefully selected by our design team in order to provide our users with great content that can be used in both personal and commercial projects. Freepik was founded in 2010 by the brothers Alejandro and Pablo Blanes with Joaquin Cuenca, founder of successful startups such as Panoramio (Acquired by Google). Read more
Ecosia is a search engine that donates at least 80% of its profits from search ad revenue to tree planting programs in Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Indonesia and Peru. By searching the web and shopping online with Ecosia, you can help the environment for free. Read more
Rome2rio has developed unique, multi-modal travel search technology to deliver door-to-door travel itineraries. The Rome2rio technology offers a novel approach to travel search that can accept any address, landmark, town, national park, etc, as the input origin and destination. Rome2rio searches a purpose-built repository of air, train, ferry, mass transit and bus routes, walking directions and driving directions. Rome2rio’s solution is elegant, stable and fast.  Read more
Aptoide ( is an Android marketplace for applications with multiple stores managed by our partners and clients. Aptoide offers not only a main store but also the possibility for any user to create and manage its own store. This unique approach to the apps marketplace ecosystem allows rapid growth foundedon users’ collaborative work. In fact, it ensures greater diversity of applications and better capacity for dissemination and propagation of Aptoide among new users. Read more
Do you feel bad about en­trusting your company data with an external cloud service just to enable collabo­ration? AnyDesk allows you to you work together with all of your favorite desktop appli­cations. Fea­tures like a mouse cursor for every user will glue your team together, no matter what distance. Point your peers at what's impor­tant - and communi­cation problems will be a thing of the past. Read more
From sourcing candidates to managing applications, Workable recruiting software provides intuitive tools to streamline your recruiting process. Read more
2hire produces a device that allows to control all vehicles by app. Read more
What our product does: Jobber is the simplest, most efficient way for mobile service businesses to schedule, invoice and manage their mobile team. Read more
Translation productivity software for professional translators. This software is also called computer-assisted translation (CAT). Users need to translate the original text by themselves, so they need to have translation capabilities. The software will not automatically translate. Read more
Clipchamp's area of expertise is digital video processing, making it easier for anyone to edit, convert, compress, record, share and upload video. Our unique, in-browser applications overcome limitations of both desktop and Cloud-based alternatives. The company is headquartered in Brisbane and was started in 2013. It has since published 3 products that are all gaining traction internationally with a growing customer base worldwide. Read more
Wanderu is the simplest way to find and book bus and train travel in North America. With partnerships in place with over 20 different providers, Wanderu Instantly searches through hundreds of routes, operators and schedules, empowering travelers to get exactly where they need to go. Find the perfect ride to any destination, while saving loads of time and money. No more frustration. Just Wanderu and get there. Read more
Gyld is a social network for tradespeople for them to connect and collaborate. Read more
Chiletrabajos is a job portal for jobseekers. Read more
Digio brings paperless, presence less, hassle-free documentation, and digital processes to businesses and consumers. Read more operates as a game developer. Read more
Snovio finds that email you need when you need it. Snovio helps to find connections, email addresses and other personal information such as company a person works for, job position, role in company. This data makes communication with other people or businesses easier to improve bottom line: either by finding right candidate for work or acquiring new investors and customers. Read more
Digicro is a digital microfinance company. Read more
Stackify offer software developers the only developers-friendly solution that fully integrates error and log management with application performance monitoring. Allowing them to easily isolate issues, identify what needs to be fixed quicker and even before customers complain about it. Allowing developers to support less and code more. Stackify offers two products: 1. Monitoring - application performance and server monitoring 2. Smart Error & Log management - integrated log management with smart error tracking Stackify is the only product in the market that unified all these capabilities into one product relieving the need to maintain 5 different products and offering additional efficiency Read more is software that helps users find websites faster, without having to remember complex web addresses Read more
Founded in 2012, Algolia is a privately held company created by veterans in the fields of algorithms, search engines and text mining. We help developers deliver an intuitive search-as-you-type experience in their applications and websites. Read more
More bookings, less hassle. Grow your revenues and distribute your listings seamlessly, with Hostaway. Read more
Atom is an Android and iOS app designed to make going to the movies easy again. Read more
Balena is a complete set of tools for building, deploying, and managing fleets of connected Linux devices. We provide infrastructure for fleet owners so they can focus on developing their applications and growing their fleets with as little friction as possible. Read more
MatterHackers is part of the emerging Desktop 3D Printing market, which is growing at an annual pace of 20-30% per year. For every printer sold the user needs three items, the printer, the control software and the designs to print. MatterHackers is fulfilling all three needs of the consumer. We sell the 3D printers as well as the 3D printing consumables. Our “MatterControl” platform is the user interface to the printer and will enable the longer term vision to become the go to source for Desktop 3D printing designs/models. 3D printer manufacturers use MatterControl to provide a clean, standard and consumer friendly user interface to their printers. While designers will use “MatterControl” in the same manner as a musical artist uses iTunes, the designers can create and upload their designs to “MatterControl” to distribute and monetize their 3D printer designs & models. 3D printer owners will use “MatterControl” to shop, purchase and use 3D designs just as they use iTunes for music.  Read more provides different type of tools and products for the automated management of human talent. Read more
Lifesize combines best-in-class, cloud-based video conferencing services with integrated equipment that sets a new standard for workplace communication and productivity on a global scale Read more
Web Project and Enterprise Portal Management Developer. Everything you need to run and run a business: CMS for creating websites and online stores, website and landing page designer Read more
Waitwhile is a smart waitlist and scheduling platform that helps 15000+ organizations bust their lines and create awesome wait experiences. Waitwhile solves all aspects of queuing - from letting guests check in online, showing wait times and keeping everyone informed. Read more
Stukent provides cutting-edge simulations and courseware to help educators help students help the world. Read more
Xentral develops ERP and CRM software solutions for enterprises. Read more
Acquia empowers enterprises with cloud-based solutions to create & maintain killer web experiences with the open-source social publishing system Drupal. ► The Acquia Network is the ultimate Drupal management suite. Try it free for 30 days: ► Acquia Cloud gives you the simplicity you want with the reliability & scalability you demand: ► Drupal Gardens is a SaaS platform that makes building Drupal websites easier than ever before: Read more
Strapi is an open-source software platform that helps developers to easily build, deploy, and manage APIs. Read more
TASKER is a flexible and effective tool for managing tasks, processes and employees. Read more
Luxoft offers the full spectrum of enterprise technology services, from modernizing legacy IT systems to delivering digital transformation at scale. Moscow is the origin and the real HQ of the company Read more
Task management for teams. Clear design, lots of features, easy pricing. Clients - digital agencies, publishing houses, startups, SMB Read more
Cloud based law practice management software for growing law firms Read more
Foodics is an all-in-one restaurant management system for iPads that is designed to increase revenues and help track business activities. Read more
A multichannel sales engagement platform that automates personal email outreach, calls, and tasks Read more
Tapad Inc. is a marketing technology firm renowned for its breakthrough, unified, cross-device solutions. Read more
Lokalise is a translation management system that provides tools to automate, integrate, and better manage a company's tranlsations. Read more
Devart is currently one of the leading developers of database management software, ALM solutions and data providers for most popular database servers. Read more
Enhancv is the resume builder thourgh highlighting and visualizing the skills and abilities of candidates. Read more
Stacker is a modular app platform for the next generation of makers. Read more
The best cloud ERP software for businesses and freelancers Read more
Berbix develops identity verification software that uses machine learning techniques to instantly spot fraud. Read more
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