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We are modernizing the radio industry by providing real-time performance tools to help the radio stay competitive against digital media. Read more
Moveck offers unique software solutions that bring value to researchers, engineers and health care professionals in the field of movement analysis. Read more
Satwii develops decision-making software to help with the planning of limited or rare resources and ensure proper satellite execution. Read more
A cloud-based solution for NDT data analysis using AI. Read more
Our restaurant data platform is updated each week and provides the freshest information on every restaurant in North America, giving you the most comprehensive overview of the restaurant industry. Read more
Classify or preview your sequential data for exceptional performance. Take action on your data and stay competitive by propelling your business forward. Read more
Minit with its Process Mining solution, helps enterprises discover the whole picture of their operations, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that cut costs and increase revenues. Read more
Urban Analytics provides real estate industry stakeholders with the tools and intelligence to make better decisions. Read more
Vista Data Vision is a leading software in the field of monitoring, publishing and managing of all sensor data. All data is stored in a database and accessible through the web. Read more
atNorth is a high-density computing technology company headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland with operations in Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Read more brings insights through data science, helping top companies build and deploy custom end-to-end AI solutions. Read more
Whether in the data center, on the go or in the office: innobit improves your processes, lowers your costs, ensures your compliance and increases your competitiveness. Read more
Data specialist company of the Merkatu Group, which offers consulting and digital services for business development and competitive advantages in companies. Read more
DataHyv strives to maximize the use of DEAR Inventory and other business data of its clients to enable them to make business decisions that aren't made based on a limited perspective, but with a more holistic view through our data warehousing and analytics solution. Read more
GeoPhy provides database and analytics tools for the property and financial sector. Read more
Founded in 1992 to help Merchants better plan and execute - we have remained privately held, profitable and independent with no debt and a large, loyal global customer base. Read more
Abexus is an analytics startup that uses AI to enhance customer’s data while generating new revenue streams for our customers. Read more
CINCO allows Quality Managers to efficiently implement and manage their Risk Management Programs by providing immediate access to the data and quality intelligence required during Regulatory Agencies’ Audits. Read more
Transform Data Into Knowledge. DISQOVER delivers actionable insights by creating data literacy and search accuracy. Read more
Galayr implements research projects using the latest methods and technology. GCC has the expertise of conducting qualitative, quantitative, and mixed researches. Read more
Internet reviews aggregator. Collects consumer opinions about companies from all over the Internet, stores reviews on the platform and uses artificial intelligence to determine their reliability. Read more
The company provides solutions in the field of data analysis, machine learning and information security. Read more
The company has developed AI platform for neurophysiological analysis of the state of health of racing drivers. Enables sportsmen to improve their results through personal recommendations generated by machine intelligence. Read more
The company has developed AI-based recruitment service. The technology allows you to analyze a multitude of candidate’s personal characteristics and compare them against the company’s requirements for every potential employee. Read more
The company has developed a video analytics system that allows you to find lost items in railways stations, subways, airports in difficult visual conditions and in a crowd of passengers, and detect asocial behavior. Read more
RSIP Vision is an established leader in computer vision and image processing R&D. Read more
ProTrack develops Computer Vision, Video Anchoring and Video Content Analytics technologies and applications. Read more
ChronoGist is a platform for academics research notes, data analysis tools, bibliographic management tools, and treatise editors. Read more
Using evidence-based practice, interdisciplinary research methodologies and governance expertise, we enhance organisational performance and ensure better compliance outcomes. Read more
CubeBackup is an on-premises Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) backup solution which can secure your company data across the entire G Suite domain. Read more
Furious Corp. offers an inventory management solution designed to help premium video programmers maximize revenues across digital distribution platforms. Read more is a platform designed by data scientists to organize every stage of a data-science project, including research, information collection, code writing, and model optimization. Read more
Globalmatix is the leading provider of proactive telematics services for global Fleet Management, Connected Cars, Insurances and Car Sharing companies. Companies worldwide rely on our innovative vehicle data analytics and secure communication services. Read more
Business Analytics and Big Data company with expertise in Data Science, data intensive, quantitative analysis, predictive and explanatory models for intelligent evidence-based decision making. Read more
DAnalytics is a company that provides analytics and big data solutions to support the decision-making of its customers so that they can increase their efficiency and sales. Read more
The company designs AI-based apps facilitating the automation of legal services. Read more
Teletrax ( is the world’s most accurate and technologically advanced real-time TV analytics and TV-synced ads solution.Using its industry-leading content identification platform and network, Read more
PoliTraQ helps government relations professionals manage their practice records – so they can spend more time advocating for their clients. Read more
ParseHub is a free and powerful web scraping tool. With our advanced web scraper, extracting data is as easy as clicking on the data you need. Read more
We are a start-up bringing a new blockchain-enabled document verification service to market. Read more
Increase throuput and efficiency, reduce labour costs, and improve order and inventory accuracy with AI based optimization and adaptive workflows. Read more
One stop solution for international travel influencer marketing. Read more
Our World In Data is a focussing on the powerful changes that reshape our world. Read more
Opticser is a tech startup pioneering creative solutions based on advanced optics. The goal of Opticser is to become a world-class optics company through exploring opportunities that increase productivity and improve quality of life. Read more
Hotjar is a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors. Find your hottest opportunities for growth today. All-in-one Analytics & Feedback Read more
GetID is an all-in-one identity verification service that helps other businesses to streamline their customer onboarding process, ensures full regulatory compliance and reduces fraud. The company was founded in 2019 in Estonia by Dmitri Laush. Read more
SEO Ranking Checker helps to identify your SEO problems and optimize your web pages for a better search engine rankings. Read more
Datafold builds tools for automating analytical data quality management. Read more
Enabling access to customers data in Africa. Read more
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