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DQLabs is an AI-augmented data quality platform that has built-in processes and technologies to catalog, profile, curate, and govern your data with self-service capabilities.  Read more
Smart Engines provides software (SDK) that allows building cutting-edge, GDPR and CCPA-compliant recognition solutions. Read more
Consulting, prototype design and applied research in the fields of digital vision, artificial intelligence, and Industry 4.0. Read more
Our Alfred platform increases restaurants’ profit margins through smart cellar management. Read more
We design and build AI technologies to help our clients solve real-world issues using data. Read more
Doptim specializes in artificial intelligence and big data and helps businesses improve their operational processes through coaching and tailored services to optimize the value of their data. Read more
SmartyfAI is a software development firm specializing in advanced AI solutions. The company has the highest concentration of AI experts in the Québec City region and supports your projects through training programs and personalized consultation services. Read more
BI Expertise develops solutions for organizations of all sizes to help them integrate artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology and prepare tomorrow’s business environment. Read more
ImpacTech is a fintech company that operates in the business to business sphere (B2B) developing cutting-edge technology to create innovative Business intelligence solutions. This includes Artificial Intelligence technologies like Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis as well as Big Data analysis to enable a business to extract the maximum value from its data. Read more
Xina is the world’s first Arabic Interactive Voice Assistant (IVA) and Chatbot that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding to automate customer care functions. Read more is an artificial intelligence company specialized in building virtual agents and chatbots that can interact in a human-like manner with customers providing a better marketing and customer service experience. Read more
Brance Technologies is a market leader in AI and Deep Learning-based facial recognition, video analytics and AI powered software. Read more
Milnesium is a software company that offers Artificial Intelligence (ML&DL) solutions to solve real world problems across different domains. Read more
Affogata's AI-driven technology provides brands with expansive data related to their brand and competitors from across the web, online forums, and internal data sources in real time. Insights based on that data enable proactive actions to ensure better customer experience. Read more
Machine Learning Architects Basel assists with building effective Machine Learning development and Operations (MLOps), by covering technologies, operating models as well as culture and skills with a holistic set of consulting, engineering and training services. Read more
IA in geoscience: We offer solutions and services that focus on your goals and are based on your expertise to explore hidden patterns and gain better insight into your data. Read more
We’re a Malta-based data science firm focused on delivering BI and AI-powered solutions to companies who want to leverage data to drive business success. Read more
CloudNinjaPH is a software solutions, AI and Robotics service provider that offers reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses and people’s everyday lives. Read more
An analytical platform for urban video surveillance systems based on artificial intelligence. Read more
It's not about changing your vendors. It's about being able to if you want to. CAST AI enables seamless, real-time migration between cloud providers. Read more
Airis Vision is a technology that can recognize and localize objects and concepts in photos, videos and live streams Read more
Custle shortens the pre-production path in casting talents from days to minutes by providing ML-generated shortlists with the relevant actors and automatically applying them for each role, saving 10-15 hours per week. Read more
Mars Storytelling enables visitors to experience the unique story of a site through augmented layers all around them. The company creates and animates photorealistic 3D figures to dramatize key moments in history, and reconstructs structures and illustrates relevant chains of events, allowing visitors to relive history and feel as though they are part of the story. Read more
GradTrain helps people from all over the world successfully apply to study at universities in the United States. On GradTrain, members are given predictions of their chances of acceptance into US schools and can connect with mentors who have studied abroad for one-on-one video-chat meetings. Read more
Cyber Traits offers a job candidate evaluation system based on personality profiling. The company is also developing automated remote psychological personality profiling of online users based on their digital footprints in social media networks and other web-related behavior.  Read more
We develop and provide a variety of AI-based services and products to support DX, mainly in the manufacturing industry. Read more
Powered by AI, AIDEA turns data into knowledge, helping companies to make informed data-driven decisions. AIDEA uses scientific methods and algorithms to extract insights from structured and unstructured data, as well as audio, video, text, and sensor data. Read more
A complete solution for taking control of your training data, with fast labeling tools, human workforce, data management, and automation features. Read more
EBO is a fast-growing AI Virtual Agent company that brings the positive effects of automation, data analytics and simplicity-of-use to customers. We collect, interpret and use conversational big-data to personalise dialogues that businesses have with their customers. Read more
Use artificial intelligence to distill your documents and emails. Paperbox automates, extracts and acts. Read more
As Visea, we design and develop novel computer vision hardware and software solutions with the scientific and technical experience acquired by more than ten years of research activities. Read more
The main profile of the company is the development of algorithms, artificial intelligence systems and software based on them in the field of sports and sports medicine. Read more
The developer of a service for automatic drawing slides for presentations using artificial intelligence. Read more
Developer of a constructor for creating virtual assistants based on artificial intelligence. Read more
The company operates in the field of artificial intelligence, digital transformation and automation. Develops AI agents that automate auxiliary business processes: assistants, clerical agents, mentors, secretaries. Read more
The company has developed autonomous control system based on artificial intelligence. It is designed for installation on agricultural machinery - farm tractors, combine harvesters. Read more
The platform for checking the authenticity of information by the mimics, voice and behavior of a person. Read more
The company has developed a visitor count and traffic flow analysis system. Read more
The company develops Hi-End vision systems. Example, MARINA identifies number-plates with an accuracy of 99.3%. The module is based on efficient algorithms of image processing, cascaded schemes for recognition and also uses its own technology of extremely-precise neural networks. Read more
The company has developed a smart dialogue platform for creating chatbots. With the help of the platform, you can create both simple chatbots and virtual assistants with flexible context settings for the bot memory and the ability to conduct multi-step dialogs. Read more
The company has developed an open framework for research and development of dialogue systems. Read more
Solutions for automation of business processes using AI. Algorithms automatically detect hidden patterns in company data and predict risks. Computer vision provides smart monitoring, recognizes and classifies events and objects, sends notifications, and maintains reports. Read more
Neural network-based apps and services. Developing products based on neural networks and Machine Learning. Machine Learning technology consulting services provided. Read more
An IT company specialising in the development and implementation of software products based on artificial intelligence for industrial customers, as well as adapting them to specific production tasks and implementing them at real production facilities in Russia and abroad. Read more
PILA is a self-sustained open innovation organic business with its Innovation Wing and Strategic Technology Partnership wing offering Domain agnostic Solutions and Services in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Robotics, Automation, and Data Analytics. Read more
Rootcode Labs is a software product engineering company that helps businesses worldwide build high quality software products. We specialize in Mobile, Web, Enterprise Development as well as research and development in AI. Read more
Cognifirm offers an innovative low-cost tool to remove tedious and time-consuming tasks from managers and specialists. Read more
Hence was founded to empower organizations to get more value from their relationships with external providers such as consultants and lawyers Read more
Eunoia was founded with the objective of delivering focused data and analytics solutions. Eunoia is on a mission to help solve business problems using the power of Data and AI, partnering with the leaders in the market. Read more
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