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Foxyapps is a curated collection of best-designed real-world Android and iOS mobile apps. Whether you're looking for great design inspiration, learning the best UX and UI practices, or just like discovering new hot apps. Read more
Vivala is the leading brand in digital detox. We help people disconnect from their phones through our mobile app Vivala Offline and products made in Canada. Read more
A mobile recruitment app based on values, personality and motivations. Read more
UEAT offers innovative ordering solutions using AI. Our smart ordering tools allow restaurants to take orders online directly on their website or using interactive self-service terminals directly in their restaurants. Read more
We add value to your business using Web and mobile technologies. Read more
We offer high-performance tools for Quebec psychologists to facilitate their practice management. We are currently working on phases 2 and 3. Phase 2 will facilitate access to a professional, while phase 3 will transform Psychofacile into a collaborative platform. Read more
Bloc Solutions offers a platform for landlord-tenant relationship management. The app makes it easy to create and sign digital lease agreements and centralize communications. Read more
MonClubSportif, the Web and mobile app designed to improve the daily lives of those working for sports and community organizations to create fun experiences. This tool is designed to support members of the administration, coaches, volunteers, parents, and players. Read more
Improving time management, simply! Timesheets (geolocated), schedules, reports, export to payload services and software like Acomba, Avantages, Maestro, EmployeurD, Nethris, etc. Read more
Calven is the workplace experience platform designed to enable the future of work. We’re on a mission to help individuals, teams, and organisations work effectively in a hybrid world. Read more
Mentor Spaces is a Virtual mentorship platform that helps you achieve career goals through conversations with people n the know to make decisions with confidence. Read more
Alfred is a mobile app turning smartphones into surveillance cameras. Read more
Wi-Fi Wallet application on Android as well as iOS platform helps you easily share your Wi-Fi network with your facebook friends or the ones stored on your device. Simply tap on a know network for which one of your friend has requested to get access and share the Wi-Fi network. This sort application has not been built ever on any iOS platforms though, but we have written a clean and solid code which work successfully on this platform and remotely let your friend browse the internet in a location which you have already accessed a Wi-Fi. Read more
Symph harnesses technology to be a tool that adapts to business needs. Read more
The mobile app makes it easy to create, purchase, store, and use tokens. The app helps you plan and keep track of your expenses, and, in general, transfer them online. Read more
CodeWell is a company that employs top of the class software engineers and application developers as well as UI/UX designers. This allows them to match your needs and tackle your tech challenges across strategy, design, and development of applications and systems. Read more
Digital business transition is mandatory to optimize profitability and growth but is also the ultimate challenge in organization management. Our vision is to remove the barrier of technology and open the digital world even to the most traditional industries, by providing companies with simple solutions to adapt to the market competition and business partners requirements. Read more
Jewave is a dating application that matches users according to their personality, lifestyle, experience, education, and values. The app enables users to take a personality test and meet people who are the most likely to match their psychological profile. Read more
We are the leading app development firm in Jerusalem - our team of UX strategists, app designers and dedicated engineers are ready to build your next great venture. No matter how crazy your idea is, we will build it into a product your users will LOVE! Read more
We create digital products that make people happy and businesses grow Read more
Esendex has developed web-based software that enables businesses to send and manage SMS communications with their customers and staff. Read more
Service and mobile application for online ordering of legal services with ratings and confidential negotiations functionality. Read more
Guidabile is a collaborative platform that brings together citizens, volunteers, professionals, students, institutions, companies, and associations with the aim of improving people's quality of life, urban functioning, and the accessibility of Syracuse. Read more
MoEngage is a Mobile App Engagement & Marketing Platform, which helps Companies understand their Mobile App users better and reach out with relevant content at the right time using the right medium. Analytical tools like Flurry, Google Analytics are not user centric – for example they tell you that 25% of the users dropped off after two weeks but they don't tell you who those users are. This is where MoEngage comes in. We build User profiles based on Behavior and Contextual information including location. We then segment the users into User-centric segments like Engaged users, High spenders, Lapsed users, etc. Our platform then allows the App Companies to reach out to their user segments via Push Notifications/In-App Messaging/Emails, driving Engagement & Conversions. MoEngage is a Mobile Marketing Automation by the team behind DelightCircle, which is a featured app on App Stores, having 200,000 Mobile Downloads. We have built MoEngage from our Experience scaling DelightCircle. Read more
Have you ever sent a message you regretted? With everything online lasting forever, mistakes are hard to forget. We let you take back control by letting you take back a message after you sent it. Chadder is a private messaging application on IOS, Android, Windows phone, Amazon, and Blackberry. Read more
Eskuad helps turn offline data into timely online insights. The web app sends tasks to the users native app, where they input data, even without internet service access, and it syncs automatically, in order to build reports for the managers and clients. Read more
Software developer and creator of Mac OS X operating system. The company's activities - creation of new applications Apple users and existing programs and the development of opportunities for customization. Read more
Enhancing workforce management tools to streamline scheduling, employee management and communication Read more
BuyDay is a suite of technology solutions to understand the dynamics of visitors in commercial spaces. Read more
Wavium helps creators to monetize their fans with text messaging.. Read more
Aptenobytes developed BOB – a Task Management System for the hospitality industry composed from Guest and Staff Mobile apps and management dashboard. Read more
Art2 uses advanced augmented reality technology to simulate pictures and hanging products on your wall. Read more
Unified standard for HTML5 presentations & mobile apps development Read more
Development services to help companies maximize their innovation potential, accelerate time-to-value, and optimize the market opportunity on a sustainable basis. Consulting services to help companies succeed in maximizing value of their service offerings. Read more
UBICUO is a software to detect risks and prevent accidents. Read more
A real-time tool platform for the Golf ecosystem. Read more
Mobility as a Service (MaaS) provider and public transit assistant Read more
Sniffy Labs Inc. is a startup focusing on developing pet technology to improve the relationships between humans and animals. Our first product, Sniffy App, is a dog training app that provide customized, professional, on-demand, dog training and support . Read more
PowToon is a brand new presentation software that allows just about anyone to create awesome presentations and animated product demo videos containing the WOW!-Factor. Making your own presentoon is intuitive and drag-and-drop simple. PowToon's awesome animation effects, vibrant designs and creative styles give your presentoon a professional look-and-feel. (4 hours using PowToon can achieve the result of 4 days of professional Flash animator work) Read more
Whether you need in-home dog boarding, pet sitting, dog walking, or day care, Rover connects pet parents with pet care providers who’ll treat their pets like family. Read more
VitalSigns dedicates its know-how of measuring technology to extend the practical application in different fields like environmental monitoring. VitalSigns’ business philosophy is honesty, open-minded, and innovated. Read more
WhiizU: World, an indoor cycling training application that can easily download to mobile devices or laptops. By connecting to the smart trainer via BLE4.0, cyclists can pedal on numerous real cycling routes without time or location constraints. Read more
MPost provides a patented addressing solution turning mobile phones into formal postal addresses. Read more
Focusing on entertainment, we have been working on original games and other products using global IP. We are aiming for future collaboration, such as blockchain. In addition to producing PR videos for companies, we also create content for YouTube. Read more
Making mobile apps for amateur sports and education. Often, these non-profit organizations don't have the budget or resources. This is where we help. Read more
Providing excellent Vietnamese engineering teams to companies that have an app they want to make, but they don't have enough hands to make it. Read more
WeStock is a leading the next phase of retail by empowering brands company. Read more
A technology equipped workspace designed for the mobile workers of the world who need a better work environment on the go. Read more
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