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Sleeper is sports news and highlights — together. Ever been to a football stadium or basketball arena and felt the excitement of the crowd? Sleeper is a lot like that. We show you the most important sports news and highlights in real-time and allow you to chat about it with other fans. The most popular messages are sorted to the top within seconds of news breaking, so you can see what other fans think. It may even be your message that everyone falls in love with! Read more
Zebra Junior Sports is a platform dedicated to youth sports and growth. Read more
Esportal is a web-based e-sports platform for the top titles with seamless game integration. Read more
Sporticos Gives A New Dimension To Sports Content Sporticos website is a fresh startup which provides football infographics for more than 60 leagues from all over the world. The website shows all kinds of football statistics and publish more than 1000 new infographics each week. Using sports infographics could take a post to the next level, like by using profiles of teams or players and even comparisons each other, the visualized content could give to audience the opportunity to have a better idea to analyze forthcoming matches. The idea of Sporticos, as an AI for sport content, is to gather and analyze up-to-date football statistics; match previews, stats, facts, betting, weather, social media and fixtures and other related data which can then be displayed in the form of infographics. However, these soccer infographics are available in 8 different languages; English, French, German, Indonasian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. Read more
Click&Boat is a professional and private yacht charter company. Read more
Streamloots monetizes the audience of Esports players and Live streamers Read more
In 60 mins we will achieve 47 mins in our target heart rate zone using virtualization of a bicycle ride through the mountains. Each custom workout will be developed to client's personal health and performance goals. Read more
Making it easy and more engaging to follow esports. Read more
Tempo Storm is an operator of professional e-Sports and gaming entertainment platform. Read more
Genetrainer is the world’s first fully automated, genetically-guided fitness product. The platform provides you with personalised training plans, exercises and advice based on  the predicted differences in response to exercise derived from your own DNA, giving you a faster and more measurable way of achieving your individual training goals. Heart rate, sleep and weight can all be tracked through connection with a range of wearable devices including Withings, Fitbit, Polar and Garmin, so you can monitor your progress and fitness in real time. Your training plan and advice automatically synchronises with your body condition and current fitness level. Genetrainer is compatible with the results of many popular commercial genetic tests, and through the 23andMe API. Simply select your fitness goals and your results and plan are available in minutes. Genetrainer took silver medal at the 2012 LeWeb London startup competition and presented at Launch! - Health 2.0. Read more
Swish Analytics provides sports predictions and analytics by using in-depth historical data and proprietary algorithms. In the age of information overload, we do the technical heavy lifting to provide the end consumer with simplistic metrics, stats and forecasts that matter. Our platform serves fans, bettors and media partners via licensing and subscription based services/products. Read more
Dixper Studio enables Twitch streamers to interact with their audience selling totally new and unprecedented realtime interactions. Read more
Sports travel agency that provides ski vacation packages in ski resorts in Spain, Andorra, and France. Read more
SaaS platform for varsity strength and conditioning coaches to create and share workouts for athletes to track fitness data. Read more
BikeRegistrada is an application that provides a smart and shared way to protect bikes. Read more
Opensnow is the future of weather, brought to you with added flair. Most weather information is sensationalistic and overwhelming, but not here. Our industry-leading features include handcrafted and personable forecasts, LiveSnow reports direct from the hill, custom snow alerts, and an ask a weatherman service available to the public. The authenticity is baked in, as the site is run by skiing meteorologists who keep track of their accuracy. See you in the snow! Read more
CaptainU helps people in youth and college sports succeed. We're changing youth and college sports by connecting high school athletes & their parents, youth coaches, camps, tournaments, and college coaches on a single web-based platform. We’re profitable and we’ve never taken any outside funding. We have offices in Denver and San Francisco. We’re always on the lookout for top talent in software development, marketing, sales, analytics and customer service. We look for people who are great at getting things done and are open-minded about continually learning, testing new ideas, and objectively measuring how they work. From one of our customers: "This CaptainU experience has really helped me know what I want to do and who I want to be. Not only am I going to a great school but I know for certain that I have made the right decision. I know that every student student athlete that uses this program will find the right college. Thank you for everything CaptainU!!" - Nathan S.  Read more
mycujoo is a football multi channel social TV network that enables small and middle-tier federations, leagues and clubs all over the world to produce, distribute and host live and on-demand content. The platform offers the right holders the possibility to access a series of advanced tools for the creation of a free customizable thematic TV channel. In doing so, mycujoo acts as a powerful empowering force that acts against the fragmentation and inequality that today afflicts the football-broadcasting universe. By creating their own channels, small teams can gain the visibility they deserve while engaging more effectively with their fan base and generating new business and monetization opportunities. In fact, viewers can create their own profiles on the website and enjoy matches for free while clubs, leagues and federation can count on in-video pre-roll ads and personalize their channels with the logos of their sponsors. Welcome to the World's Football TV... welcome to!!! Read more
We're living in an era where sustainability has changed from "nice to have" to "must have" and yet we still haven't solved transportation issue. Current models in the ebike market either very high quality and high tech but cost a small car or cheap but built with very cheap components. Our purpose with Ariel Rider is to celebrate the electric bicycle as a mode of convenient transportation by creating models which contain better design and quality. And I think we have achieved this goal with our latest Retro line. As cities become more and more congested by the day, I strongly believe that electric bicycles are an efficient and enjoyable venue through which busy professionals can release some stress as they travel to/from the office. Read more
We have built a UK based sports facility marketplace which helps match excess capacity in sports facilities to their customers. Only 10% of the UK's 101,000 sports facilities currently allow online booking. Our solution is the best value way for sports facilities to take bookings online and market themselves. Read more
Mainline helps companies, brands, universities, and organizations to manage, monetize, and market their esports programs and events Read more
Non profit regional Golf association. Read more
BetterMe is the fastest-growing family of Health&Fitness apps in the world, with over 50 million installs and 6 million members across social media platforms. Read more
India's second largest and fastest growing Fantasy Sports Platform! Read more
eFuse is a mobile & web application focused on establishing gaming identity & enabling individuals to participate in the industry. Read more
beRecruited helps high school student athletes achieve their dreams. We do that by connecting over two million registered high-school student athletes with over 30,000 college coaches. Student-athletes are able to be recruited, gain admission, and earn scholarships at thousands of colleges and universities via beRecruited. It's like LinkedIn for collegiate athletic recruiting. Read more
BikeRoar is a comprehensive one-stop site that helps cyclists find the right products and get the best price. • Browse over 40,000 products & 4,000 retailers/private sellers • Compare specs & price • Read User/Editor reviews • With GeoIP capabilities, connect to the closest vendor with just one click Combine Amazon, Craigslist, Trip Advisor + Retail Stores and target the cycling market, and you’ll begin to see the potential of BikeRoar. Based in the USA & Australia.  Read more
FootballAim is the application leader for sports professionals, organizations, and players. Read more
Alquiler de pistas e instalaciones deportivas. Campos de fútbol sala, fútbol 11 y fútbol 7. Pistas de padel, tenis, squash, frontón, voleibol, basquet y bádminton en toda España. Read more is a system for effective management of every sports club, regardless of profile - as the only one on the market it responds to the needs of large and small sports clubs. Read more
e-Champs helps sport clubs manage competitions and attract more athletes. Online tool to process applications&payments and track results. Read more is the starting place for all long-distance runners from beginners to elite. Read more
We love sports! Our vision is to facilitate sport activities and to point out various sport venues, clubs and trainers location based. We will build a unique community to exchange information and experience, match sport partners and arrange their sport activities via Eversport. Eversport is the marketplace that brings together the supply of sport providers and demand of sport enthusiasts Read more
State-of-the-Art Technologie und modernste Trainingskonzepte motivieren und begeistern Deine Kunden. We make the gym work for everyone! Mit ganzheitlichen Studio-Konzepten und ergänzenden Services wird die eGym Gruppe zu Deinem nachhaltigen Erfolgsfaktor. Read more
Digme is a boutique fitness studio fitness operator that offers pay-as-you-go indoor cycling, HIIT, and yoga classes. Read more
Snag-A-Slip is a cloud-based technology platform that connects boaters with marina owners and allows boaters to book slips with ease. Read more
Resource “Sport Vokrug” helps everyone to find their way in sport. We have a base of available sporting events and we strive to connect sports event organizers with those who want to participate in them. Read more is a cloud-based software application that lets you organize & coordinate golf events on a social network and then score your round and access a leader board on a smart phone. Spectators can follow the event on their smartphone. The scoring module works on all smartphone devices and it is free to use. Clubs, Corporations, Charities, PGA professionals, Men's and Women's clubs, Weekend groups or anyone who likes to play and organize golf outings can use the application.  Read more
opendorse allows brands to sign endorsement deals with professional athletes in minutes, not months. Our software platform replaces the archaic processes that have plagued and limited the athlete endorsement space for decades.  Read more
I Love Supersport is the world's largest cyclic sports school. We teach adults how to run, swim, bike, ski and triathlon in fifty-four cities and nine countries of the world - Russia, Estonia, Latvia, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. We bring people together through the love of sports and a healthy lifestyle, and we show by example that sport is a good habit that raises life to a new level. Our dream is to involve 2% of Russian citizens in sports. There is a theory: if only 2% of society changes for the better, the majority will gradually tighten, and the daily reality of our country will change after the majority. Read more
Professional Fighters League is a mixed martial arts league. Read more
Offcourse makes it easier to figure out what you have to do to get better at golf. It tracks your stats and handicap and suggests exercises and lessons you can do to get better so you can lower your score and have more fun. Read more
The vision behind Volt is to provide unprecedented access to proven strength and conditioning for athletes around the world. To that end, we have developed the first online system of delivering elite-level workouts to high school and college athletes. Through a custom-built platform, Volt provides athletes around the world with sport-specific workouts for a fraction of the cost of hiring a strength coach or a personal trainer. If a team can afford sweatshirts, they can afford strength training for an entire year! Our market is potentially every athlete in the world, but for now we are focusing on college and high school teams in the U.S. At this point, we can provide a full year-long strength and conditioning program to every athlete in a school as well as wellness programming for every single student at the click of a button. Volt programs are currently in place at over 25 different schools around the country and over 1500 athletes are training on a weekly basis. Read more
Metrica Sports are a football data consulting company. Read more
Rad Season is the ultimate hub for the world's most epic cultural, music and action sports events Read more
The FOSH is a Web-based statistical tracking platform for NCAA water polo. The application replaces pen-and-paper scoring of water polo contests with an intuitive interface that eliminates errors associated with hand-scoring and allows for the rapid dissemination of scores via live stats transmission and postgame boxscore creation. The platform is backed by an extensive MySQL database and is based on PHP, AJAX and jQuery technology. A survey of NCAA sports information directors found that 79% of those surveyed spend an extra hour per game transcribing statistics into a digital form due to lack of water polo software. Read more
We provide businesses a set of marketing tools and a network of partners that enhances their business attracting new customers and cultivating the loyalty of existing customers. The best online guides, web sites, management software’s, daily deals and loyalty companies are working together with Bukeala to create the most powerful marketing and booking platform in the market. Think for a minute about a new restaurant recently opened in the city or a recreational activity center that needs to improve its sales. Using Bukeala, they can create online campaigns, special offers or even discounts and publish it instantly in their own website and in Bukeala’s partners network, reaching millions of potential customers. Businesses can also create email and SMS marketing campaigns and send them to their Bukeala customer’s database improving online reservations and appointments. Using Bukeala, businesses will have their best ROI indicator: more reservations and appointments. Read more
VR World® is an entertainment technology company operating virtual reality location-based entertainment venues. Read more
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