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Snap lets you share stories of activities you performed with your friends, for free. Each activity that can be "performed" is represented by a QR Code. Anyone can create an activity. Activities may include "Snap to Like", "Snap to Follow", "Snap to Tweet", "Snap to Buy", "Snap to Pay", and more. Performing an activity is as easy as taking a picture. We are currently working on web and mobile products (including SMS-targeted products) that would enable users perform these activities with great ease. Also, we are creating APIs that would allow developers all over the world to design templates for various activities that can be performed on their platforms. We strongly believe in the fact that every object in the world can have a web presence for activities. These ideas are applicable to the world over. Read more
Carhp is a one stop solution to all your car buying queries. We create in-depth reviews of all cars available in the US Market. Our aim is to help people buy the best cars for their money. We are currently working on introducing Listings powered by AI and ML. Read more
A virtual world to connect friends. Read more
MyCity is a social network based location where users can create activities on the map and for other users to engage them all in realtime. Read more
Civic Dinners is a community engagement platform that brings people together for conversations that spark real and lasting change. Read more
Lushouzhi is a social networking application that provides gardening information. Read more
Splory is a mobile platform that helps you to create and organise casual get-togethers on the go. Read more
The company has developed online platform for the psycho-assessment and analysis of communicative competencies using artificial intelligence. Read more
A press and social media monitoring system. Read more
An online resource combining expert advice from seasoned professionals with practical experiences of ordinary people. The information is grouped in 30 categories (recipes, electronics, travel, etc.). Read more
Coosto Social media monitoring and engagement tool Read more
"Vive Guide is a social-media app for finding the best places to eat, see, stay and play in any city. We make it easy for users to discover, save, share and purchase things to do. Read more
Jennifer provides quality training on digital marketing and social media to businesses of all sizes. Read more
Postcron helps companies to optimize their posts on Facebook and Twitter with an easy to use and easy to learn interface with the ultimate goal of building strong lasting relationships with their customers. Read more
A neighborhood centric social network connecting neighbors, local businesses, government agencies, and non-profits. We are the “Nextdoor” (US unicorn) of Asia. Read more
Imgoodie is a social commerce platform founded in March 2020. No AI, No Algo, No Ads, just simply recommendations from the people know you the most, your friends and your most trusted ones. Users won't be hesitant about what to buy or what to do next. Read more
A social place where you get to build and train an AI sidekick for your social life. Read more
We provides fast delivery, low latency and low-cost immersive tours. When compared to other players, we are able to deliver our computing in real-time within 30ms response in three times lower cost. Read more
Piblitz is World’s first social media for knowledge development where anyone can crowdsource anything and get knowledge contributions from anyone worldwide. Read more
For companies who struggle with limitations due to COVID19 and physical distance, we provide impressive promotions and try-on experiences using AR. Read more
Tired of swiping in dating apps? Twinkle helps you connect with people you're interested in faster, thanks to our powerful search filters. Read more
A vibrant place where innovation ecosystems can share their challenges, co-create together and reach amazing solutions. Read more
Chrome extension for Tinder helping its users have better conversations with their matches. Lines, openers, conversation tips straight into Tinder web. Read more
A MultiCultural Media & Social Networking Platform Read more
Hot Mic is a live streaming platform that connects with favorite media personalities to television. Read more
Carry plans, books, and supports corporate travel for all your employees over Slack, email, and SMS. Read more
Fintech social media platform, ascribing value to the basic unit cost of idea. Read more
MitronTV is a social network platform aimed at sharing short-form videos. Read more
Shunshitong is a social networking service application developer. Read more
findSisterhood is an anonymous social network for women using one way cryptography to make posts untraceable. Read more
RedRing is a Social Networking based company. Read more
Surfboard is a location based social media app that allows you to see whats going on around you based on videos. Read more
A modern twist on settling-in services. Read more
Wetran is a location-based heterosexual social networking platform. Read more
A Social Networking Platform based in Beijing. Read more
Xiudan is a multiplayer video interaction app. Read more
HappyGo is a dating app that pairs the user on blind dates with people they share mutual friends with on Facebook. Read more
Spetcial offers an environment for pet owners to freely exchange information about their pets and experiences. Read more
Bravely develops of a social networking application that provides power calls to live a healthy live. Read more
Chirp Birding, Connecting the World's Birders Read more
Jadooz is a brainchild of industry leaders from the field of Film, Read more
The world belongs to the curious minds.. ..OPIÑON is where the curious of the world belong. How curious will you be? (Beta coming soon..) Read more
Our mission is to help people realise, develop and monetise all their digital profiles. Read more
Visual Intelligent Messenger for Families Read more
A careers network that works for everyone. Professionals, recruitment agencies, employers: welcome to your new home. Read more
A social network to connect users to verified local service pros. Read more
BisRing connects home owners & real estate investors with reputable service provides and businesses to manage & maintain the properties. Read more
Razmataz is a mobile device software application designer company that allows its clients to socialize with other users. Read more
Lyfe is a gamified social networking platform that emphasizes relevant content and exploration of the real world, by using Geo-location. Read more
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