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Laminor is an online music learning platform helping instruments' learners access cost-effective, practical and right to the point courses.. Read more
Treble Technologies develops cutting-edge virtual acoustics simulation technology that vastly outperforms current state-of-the-art methods. Read more
Trinalog develops world's First App-Controlled, Analog Modular Pedalboard. Read more
NEXTIX specializes in creating customer-driven innovations with universally available information and communication technology solutions that constantly aim to drive technology to the next level with robust, scalable & agile systems, creating infinite feature-rich applications. Read more brings together celebrities and their fans, allowing them to make personal long-term relationships through inspiring and motivating personal video messages. Read more
StageBoom is a digital platform where everyone can search, book, and pay for live music. Read more
PartyNet is an ABMS (automated background music system), It is created to provide cost and time-efficient indoor music solution that helps businesses reinforce brand identity and increase sales. Read more
Astaan TV is cable TV systems operator with terrestrial digital television. It provides one-stop solution to all your TV needs. Read more
Virtual Racing is merging the latest VR technologies with real life racing hardware. The team of experienced drivers and mechanics develop racing simulators with racing automobiles and are targeting the B2B markets using the frachise model. Read more
Smart distribution and marketing services for artists and labels worldwide. Future licorne... Read more
The company has developed dating sites network. Read more
A ticket sales and distribution company. Read more
A ticket sales operator for live entertainment events (performances, concerts, festivals, sports, etc.). Read more
An audio streaming service accessible via its web site and iOS and Android apps. Read more
An online streaming platform for users. Read more
We offer the latest entertainment from Namibia and the rest of the world via the cheapest streaming platform on the market right now. Namibian entertainers can own channels or submit their content to be streamed on the ibiaTV and the content is made available to the public. Read more
A developer of 3D software and scanners for large objects and body scanning. The technology enables users to take virtual body measurements and create digital avatars. Read more
We are a prize based and mission based trivia app where players can win prizes as well as donate prizes. Read more
Swing King is golf’s first fully digital on-course gaming platform and represents a revolutionary revenue enhancement for all types of golf courses. Swing King’s highly reliable technology platform leverages IoT best practices to capture winning shots and social media moments. Read more
ReelCrafter is a service that allows musical artists to create, share, and track highly customizable demo reels. Read more
Musicfox is a software company democratizing how artists and music are funded. Musicfox creates a market between independent artists and investors via a digital exchange that provides artists with project funding and constructs portfolios of interest in artists for investors. Read more
INDISTRY is a digital entertainment platform that supports independent Artists in TV, film and music, through an app offering shows, movies, live streams, and live streamed/virtual events allowing users to watch, shop and engage with content all on one device. Read more
hubub is a digital concierge that makes planning high quality experiences with friends, family, and colleagues simple and easy. Read more
Listty is a brand new way of socializing with friends through your music. We use Spotify streaming service to bring you more than 70 million of licensed songs, AI that knows what you'd like to hear next and people you'd want to meet.VC Funded, with strong tech backgrounds. Read more
PLANTChoir is a small, durable, Bluetooth device that allows you to compose, generate, and listen to real-time music produced by plants. Using biofeedback technology and a custom mobile app, allows you to interact with your plants in a way that has never been experienced before. Read more
RadioVybe allows users to listen to over 20,000 radio stations from all over the world and also contribute real time (Verbally and Vocally) to Live programme for free. Also users can connect with friends on the network. Read more
Superbam is a digital rights management provider. Read more
Mdundo allows users to download african music to their phones. The music can be downloaded to any internet enable phone (local reach), The music can be paid for with local mobile money payment methods (local payment). Local artists can sign up and upload their music to the platform (local music). East Africa’s first free legal music download platform. With more than 5000 Kenyan songs from Kenya’s top artists. A big catalogue of Free Kenyan music with a share of Premium music - which requires a monthly subscription fee. Fighting piracy and paying content creators fair and transparent royalties. Read more
Smubu provides a music platform that aims to make music legally accessible in Africa. Read more
An intuitive method without piano sheet music. No more need to know anymore how to decipher piano sheet music or to know music theory. In a few seconds, you recognize the notes to be played on a keyboard. 1,000+ songs from every genre and skill level. Read more
SoundMash is a sharing platform that enables sound creators to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds. Read more
Ivy is a podcast discovery service that allows listeners to follow podcasts, guests, hosts, and topics. Ivy has over 750,000 podcasts, 1 million tags, 30 million episodes, and 160 million relationships between episodes and tags. Read more
Fezah is primarily known for our Pay-Per-View platform, for live shows as well as bookings, and gear rentals for musicians. We enable musicians, one of the key creators of our cultural heritage, earn from their craft in a more consistent and sustainable manner. Read more
Vurbl is a creator-first, free streaming audio platform for all audio types, including user generated audio. Read more
Maven Screen Media is a private media and entertainment development, production, and advisory company. Read more
Personalised Video Shoutout from top celebrities Read more
Matt is the next generation of mobile live streaming Read more
Platform for managing and running virtual programs Read more
Fylm TV merges social media and curated independent film streaming to provide an all-in-one hub of entertainment and filmmaking resources. Read more
Instant Autographs is a digital asset platform for celebrities & fans to engage. Read more
Online Social music platform that allows you to compare, create, and connect socially Read more
Book a personalised celebrity video message with Sendjoy to surprise your loved ones and tell them how you feel today. Read more
Experiential Content Distribution Company with exclusive distribution rights across North American drive-ins Read more
Heartstrings media in an entertainment company that distributes feel-good streaming and home entertainment content. Read more
Lotus is a social networking platform for peer to peer music discovery and collaborative playlists and streaming. Read more
Instantly create immersive experiences for mobile & SMS marketing. Founder previously @ Snap Inc. Read more
Project JAM helps music industry creatives to find opportunities, communicate and collaborate under one platform. Read more
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