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The world’s largest and most trusted content discovery platform. Read more
Disqus is a commenting platform that enables websites to build active communities. Communities powered by Disqus are connected through a shared network of users and discussion. Explore Disqus communities at Read more
The Athletic is an online media company that specializes in online news publishing for the sports industry. Read more
TheBlaze is an online news, information, entertainment, and e-commerce destination spanning all media including video, radio, publishing, the Internet, and TV. The exclusive home of The Glenn Beck Program, TheBlaze is one of the world’s largest subscription streaming video networks with a news, information and opinion website brought to you by a dedicated team of writers, journalists & video producers. Read more
Easily create, publish and sell beautiful digital products and membership sites with Kajabi. Read more
We help brazilian companies to kickstart their content marketing strategies. We have the biggest content producers database and produce thousands of high quality articles per month for hundreds of companies. Putting it simple, we rock our customers corporate blogs and lead generation strategies. Read more
MUBI brings you a new film every day for $4.99 per month. Read more
Descomplica is the largest online classroom in Brazil. Our initial market is Brazilian High School students, and to date we have helped 1.5M students with general curriculum and test prep for university entrance exams. Our comprehensive curriculum consists of 4,000 videos + live lessons every day (our record class last year reached more than 100,000 students) + 15,000 questions with real time answers. In addition to our website, Descomplica's curriculum is distributed to 20,000 mobile subs through our partnership with Brazil's #1 mobile carrier (VIVO) and has sold more than 100k DVDs (in low bandwidth penetration regions). 7M Brazilian students took the ENEM exam last year, Brazil's #1 university entrance exam. 78% of Descomplica's students scored higher than the national avg. on the exam, and 30.1% of Descomplica students got spots in public and private universities. In the future, we plan to expand our services to university curriculum and career training.  Read more
KKBOX is Asia’s top music streaming service provider. Read more
Destructoid lets gamers discover new games and blog about them. Read more
500px is a premium photo sharing platform for aspiring and professional photographers. It is powered by creative people worldwide and lets you discover, share, buy and sell inspiring photos. 500px was founded in late 2009 by two acclaimed photographers and entrepreneurs, Oleg Gutsol and Evgeny Tchebotarev and has grown to become the premier platform with the highest quality photography worldwide. Read more
Megatoon is an entertainment platform that allows creators to upload their comic novels and receive compensation for their work. Users can purchase coins to read the comics. Read more
We are reinventing the RSS Reader and building an entire new platform from scratch. Feedspot a fast, beautiful and simple way to keep up with all your favorite news websites and blogs in one place. Read more
BeatStars is a production music marketplace and distribution company that brings recording artists and music producers together. BeatStars manages and monetizes production music catalogs for thousands of content owners and content creators around the world. BeatStars leverages content through it's cross platform licensing application and distribution pipeline to the likes of YouTube, Spotify, Rhapsody, RDIO and more. For more info on our services: Read more
Founded by Brit Morin in 2011, Brit + Co. is the leading destination for creative living, making, and doing in the digital age. produces content and curates ideas from makers and DIYers to inspire and simplify everyday life. Users can purchase DIY project kits and select products found around the site in the Brit + Co. Shop. Brit + Co. is available for download on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The company has raised a total of over $7M and reaches millions of users every month. They have also partnered with brands like Target, Lowe's, Home Depot, L'Oreal, Velcro, Canon, and more. Read more
Quipper's e-learning platform lets you create fun quiz apps that can be shared on multiple platforms including iOS and Android. Users will 'learn through play' and can test their knowledge against others in our community. The quizzes are in multiple-choice format and use an iterative learning technique. An ever-expanding range of topics includes languages, professional qualifications, high school exams, literature, trivia, and many more. Read more
The Dodo is a digital media company devoted to animals. Read more
Renderforest is free online video production platform which allows individuals and businesses create broadcast quality videos including wedding, family and traveling photo slideshows, explainer and promotional videos, logo animations, kinetic typography and much more. Read more
We wanted to create a product that combines the effectiveness of the best teachers with the convenience and accessibility of a book. We believe that everyone should have access to fun, convenient, and effective ways to learn. Magoosh currently provides hundreds of short, animated lesson videos created by expert teachers. We also offer practice questions tailored to students based on their performance on our adaptive platform. The entire product is available online, accessible anytime, anywhere–we even have mobile apps for those who like to study on the go. We currently have products for the GMAT, GRE, SAT, and English Read more
Ownpage is a providesr of technology services that help publishers to personalize their newsletters, website, and application Read more
Car Throttle is a car community for the Facebook generation or "Buzzfeed for Cars". We're a next-generation content play serving the $9bn automotive ad spend market worldwide. We help brands like Audi, EA and Red Bull looking increase brand awareness/sales in valuable 18-24 demographic thanks to our audience of supersharers. On Facebook, we already have higher engagement than BBC's TopGear. Shortlisted at The Europas 2013 in Best Audio, Video or Entertainment Startup category. Featured in Bloomberg, DailyMail & Evening Standard. Read more is a nightlife guide and reservations platform. We are the OpenTable/Top table of the bar, pub and club world and the fastest growing nightlife site in the UK. We have a young and ambitious team looking to grow our business in global cities.  Read more
Fanpop is a network of user-generated fan clubs for different topics of interest created and maintained by the community of fans. Each fan club has a bunch of really cool features that empower the fans to share and discover content and interact with each other.  Read more
eTerritoire is the first website dedicated to all french cities in order to let them communicate on their economic and cultural needs. eTerritoire is a true discovery tool for users to find cities, territories, business opportunities and local events. Read more enables users to create GIF's using a variety of methods online for free. Static Pictures, Webcam or Youtube Videos can be used as feeds to quickly create entertainment content that goes viral. Users wanting a Photoshop free process to create a GIF quickly is our target market. Read more is the online marketplace where brands and voice talent connect. Fortune 500s, small business, advertising agencies, casting directors and talent agencies rely on to easily search for and hire professional voice over talents by using our patent-pending SurePay™ payment service and award-winning web app. is the Fastest, Easiest Way to Hire Talent • Post your job free • Get responses in less than an hour. • Make payments securely with SurePay escrow.  Read more
Welcome to the Jungle is a recruiting platform for young talents as well as an employer branding media for corporates. Read more
Podbay is a better, more powerful home for podcasts. Podbay offers the simplest way to listen to any podcast, and provides historical iTunes ranking data, along with many other features. Read more
We are building a global food community for food lovers. We create video programming in the food and lifestyle category for the web, mobile, connected TV's and YouTube. Our technology allows anyone to create an amazing high quality, professionally produced video on the places and dishes they love in a matter of minutes all from their phone. Read more
HoneyBook is on a mission to reorganize huge industries starting with the events industry. We've built a service we're proud of and our customers love. Our entire team cares deeply about design, and we are all passionate about creating the most modern, delightful experience possible. For us there’s only one KPI: do users fall in love with our product? Read more
Launched in September 2004, Ubergizmo has quickly become one of the top consumer electronics websites in the US. Distributed in english, french, spanish and read in over 212 countries Ubergizmo has been widely recognized as a leading high-tech website. The site is a Webby Award Honoree, has been ranked as a Top100 Blog by PC Magazine and a Technorati Top50 and has been featured in major media such as ABC7, The Wall Street Journal, German national TV 3Sat, Stern magazine, BBC, and USA Today. Read more
OnlinePianist is a one of a kind animated piano tutorial application which enables its users to design their learning experience. With OnlinePianist anyone can learn how to play his favorite song on the piano without a piano teacher, and based on his/her progress. We target all piano players, with the emphasis on those who play the piano for a hobby and do not know how to read sheet music.  Read more
ProGuides is an eSports training platform where millions of committed gamers get better. Read more
TrustRadius is a community for professionals to share candid opinions about business software to guide selection, implementation and usage decisions. Our members share real world insights through in-depth, structured reviews, discussions and networking. All reviews are vetted by our researchers and every contribution rated by our community. Think of us as a high quality, curated version of Yelp for business software. Read more
Pushbullet enables its users to see calls and texts on their computers and easily send links and files from their computers to phones. Read more
Tynker’s mission is to teach every child computational thinking and programming skills in a fun way. Unlike traditional syntax-driven code, Tynker’s innovative visual programming language and Web-based learning environments make it easy for children in the younger grades to learn programming concepts without dealing with the frustration of syntax. Tynker's programming curriculum starts at elementary school, and goes all the way up to high school to prepare children for 21st century careers.  Read more
Currently, the eLearning Industry has a network of more than 75,000 professionals involved in the eLearning Industry and runs the following sites: ► The eLearning Industry “The Leading e-Learning Portal for professionals involved in the e-Learning Industry. Find first all the latest trends, articles and news.” ► Viva eLearning “Free Video Tutorials for eLearning Professionals” ► eLearning Feeds “The most recent article from the BEST eLearning Blogs and eLearning sites” ► eLearning Jobs “The Leading Source for eLearning Jobs - Free eLearning Job posting” ► eLearning Tags eLearning Tags "An eLearning social bookmarking service where you can discover, share, vote and discuss remarkable eLearning content." Read more
We started Starts at 60 to bring together online the growing number of people who were turning 60, and tasting freedom from work and family commitments, and starting to live their own dreams. We are the largest digital community of over-60s in the world, anchored by our awesome media output, which ranges from fun ‘trending’ stories to helpful information and serious discussion points, and the conversation our community has about this media, and everything else under the sun! We pride ourselves on giving a loudspeaker to the voice and listening to the heartbeat of the Baby Boomer generation, and seeking out ways to make our readers’ lives better, more fun and more exciting. The news, inspiration, stories, offers and travel deals you see on the outside are just the skin of something far more special, which is a real community of millions of people who’ve all got one big thing in common. They want to talk about it, experience it, share it and find better ways to live it. Read more
Our mission is to help people: Find Better Ideas, Faster! Trend Hunter is the world's largest trend spotting community with 3,000,000 fans, 120,000 contributors and 45 million pageviews / month. Every day, leading brands like Nestle, Intel, and Kellogg's rely on our "unrivaled trend platform" to filter opportunity. Instead of relying on gut instinct, they leverage the collective insight of our 123,000 Trend Hunters and over ONE BILLION views of market testing. Imagine having 6 stadiums of people finding your ideas, and a monthly focus group with 100 stadiums of people rating those ideas. That's Trend Hunter! Read more
Giladiskon helps Indonesian restaurants and lifestyle retailers by introducing them to its 1.5 million members for free. In the past 9 months, Giladiskon has partnered with over 350 restaurants from family-owned shops to KFC, and driven US$400,000 in revenue for its partners. Read more
Paddle is trying to become the worlds easiest marketplace for digital content. Currently, the way we buy digital products online is broken. The scope of digital products has become so huge, everything from Music, to eBooks, to Software, Games and more. All of these products are spread across different stores, which all have different methods of consumption for different devices. Paddle wants to change this and make buying and using digital products easy, whatever your device may be. Read more
Automatically and manually track what you watch. Simkl combines your data with your friend’s profile and shows lots of stats about you based on what you watch. When watching someone’s profile, instantly find out if your tastes match by checking your compatibility score. See what you have mutually watched and compare your friend’s ratings. Based on what your friend watched we will filter out everything that you have seen and will give you a clear picture what you can watch next if your compatibility is high. How Much Time You've Spent Watching? Calculate how much of your life you’ve spent watching TV Shows and Movies on your profile. Read more - family history community sharing photos from the past. Read more
Chat Sports is a digital social magazine that curates top content from the web to deliver you a customized sports page. Browse content from the best bloggers, newspapers and national media outlets - all in one place. Our 5-star rated iPhone app launched on March 11, 2014. On launch day, we achieved over 75,000 DAU on app and web. Download our app here: http:;//  Read more
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