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The leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. The creative world updates their work in one place to broadcast it widely and efficiently. Companies explore the work and access talent on a global scale. Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries. Read more
Russian-language entertainment portal, content on which is posted by users themselves Read more
Amino Apps enables people to discover, develop, and express their interests and passions. Read more
Dev is a community of software developers getting together to help one another out. Read more
Hometalk is a DIY home and garden community where homeowners, bloggers, and professionals can share their DIY projects, ask questions, and become inspired. Read more
Carrots Market is a second-hand direct app for residents near you.  Read more
Doximity is the largest community of healthcare professionals in the US - with over 70% of U.S. doctors and 45% of all NPs and physician assistants as verified members Read more
The Noun Project is building a global visual language that everyone can understand. We want to enable our users to visually communicate anything to anyone. Visually communicating with symbols is incredibly powerful. Symbols allow people to communicate quickly, effectively, and intuitively while transcending cultural & language barriers. We are creating a platform for an image-based system of communication to create a social language that unites the world. Read more
Casetext's mission is to make all the world's laws free and understandable. On Casetext you can search a database of millions of judicial opinions and learn insights from the annotations of practicing attorneys, professors, and other experts. See an example of a well-annotated case on Casetext: Read more
The Mighty is a digital health community created to empower and connect people facing health challenges and disabilities. Read more
Slant is a product recommendation community that will make find the best product, app or game for you, effortless. No more spending hours doing product research with tabs full of forums, reviews and end up worst than when you started. Read more
Fairygodboss is the largest career community for women. Free for women, we help employers recruit and hire women. Read more
Sandboxx is a military media and technology company. Read more
Qianding is a community services platform. Read more Tinychat is the largest live video social network Read more
Site for finding remote work and performers for the project. This is the largest exchange for remote workers in the Russian Internet Read more
Curated is a provider of collaborative online shopping service intended to assist shoppers with high-consideration purchases. Read more
Lovevery is an early learning platform that offers a stage-based system of information for parents and products for children. Read more
Focus Mate helps individuals working remotely from home to boost productivity and focus by connecting with strangers via video Read more is a content curation service. It enables people and small businesses to publish newspapers based on topics they like and treat their readers to fresh news, daily. Go and try it ! Discover our community ! Read our blog ! Follow us on Twitter : Read more
The Mom Project is a digital talent marketplace that helps women remain active in the workforce. Read more
Access a holistic platform that gives your team all of the needed tools to create rewarding events, while surfacing insights to help your events grow in ways you never thought were possible. Read more
Mable is an online platform where people with disability, or those who are ageing, can find and hire local care and support workers. Read more
Repassa is an online platform where people can buy and sell clothes. Read more
VidAngel is a browser plugin that filters profanity, sex, and violence in streaming online video. You get to view the parts you want to watch and VidAngel filters out the specific words and scenes you don't want. It works for both YouTube videos and Hollywood movies. It takes 2 minutes to install, your viewing experience is seamless, and it is as easy to use as flipping a switch.  Read more
Keep up with your neighbourhood The social network for your neighbourhood. Used by more than 500.000 households. Read more
LabDoor is a free service that helps you research, find, and buy the best supplements. • LabDoor reverse-engineers top dietary supplements and energy drinks using analytical chemistry assays. • On iOS, Android, and, each product gets a grade (from A to F) based on the lab results, along with rankings by our “highest quality” and “best value” ratings. • Find a product you love? Click "buy it now" to activate in-app purchases via Read more
Bungalow provides home rental services. Read more
Score n'co provides community sports results website live. Read more
Smart Patients is an online community where cancer patients learn from each other about treatment options, clinical trials, the latest science, and how it all fits into their personal context. Read more
SketchDeck is a convenient design service delivered by a marketplace of freelancers. With our initial focus on presentation design we have worked with hundreds of businesses from startups through to multi-nationals. Here's how it works: A user uploads their brief which takes about a minute. We automatically push this to our design network. 24 hours later, they get their redesigned presentation back. We save our users hours of time and get them better results in their meetings and pitches. For businesses, we ensure a consistent brand experience across all of their presentations. Read more is the #1 app for daily prayer & faith-based audio content Read more
Online service for sharing and collecting photos that allows users to add their own and any other images from the web to a personal gallery in just two simple steps Read more
The Org is a community to explore organization charts for public and private companies. Read more
Encore is an online network of musicians that enables them to access many performance opportunities in the music community around them. Read more
Community Marketplace for unique local experiences Read more
Familyspace is the most popular family network in Russia, with about 1 million registered users from Russia, the countries of the former USSR, and far abroad. Read more
Introducing A new platform offering the podcast industry free and easy connections to shows and guests. With it’s simple search and easy functionality it’s no wonder it’s been dubbed by many as ‘Tinder for podcasters.’ Read more
ArchiPro provides users with a local source of inspiration and information for building, renovation and redecoration projects. As well, the ArchiPro platform allows Architects, Designers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Builders, Photographers, and more to promote themselves, find work, and design better. Read more
NextRequest makes public records requests friendlier for the public and easier for governments. Read more
Koru Kids is a building better childcare services, starting with nanny sharing in London. Read more
Nojoto is a Video Storytelling Platform connecting Storytellers & Listeners in 12 Languages Read more
BountyHunter, the leading competition platform from Taiwan, and now based in Bay Area. We crowdsource ideas and artwork for brands with a strong talent base that could guarantee submissions for the competitions, it's all public and could be turned into a marketing opportunity with public voting feature. We have Google, Blizzard, Playboy, Microsoft, Lexus and Gigabyte using our platform for their creative competitions. Talent, who we call them "Hunters", boost their portfolio through competitions. Read more
Colab is a citizen-to-government engagement platform that offers a social network to citizens, focused on issue reporting, urban improvement suggestions and public services evaluations, as well as participation in the decision making process. Read more has been committed to solving the care challenges that impact families, caregivers, employers and care service companies.  Read more
PadSplit is an affordable housing tech startup that provides a house-sharing service for the workforce. Read more
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