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Building the most advanced global infrastructure for People Science. Read more
MintVine community members earn cash and other prizes for completing online surveys and filling out offers for popular products and services, and have a little fun in the process. Our members participate in private market research studies for the largest companies in the world. Join the MintVine community today! Read more
Pollfish is the only market research solution fusing modern sampling methodology with technology to provide naturally occurring responses in real-time, leading to higher quality insights, faster, and at a lower cost than traditional survey companies. Read more
CrowdSolving community where companies and consumers collaborate to resolve consumer complaints. By integrating social media and recommendation systems, we created a win-win scenario where consumers get help faster while companies improve their customer loyalty and online reputation. Since our live version was launched in June 2013, we have generated more than 100,000 success stories in Latin America & Spain. Read more
User Interviews is the fastest way to recruit participants for product tests and market research. Read more
Sample provider for online surveys, closed group surveys, online research and focus groups. Read more
Developer of a sales and marketing tool created to increase sales intelligence by integrating sales and marketing data. Read more
Positly helps connect researchers to participants for their studies and manage them through the process. Recruit, screen, survey, message, re-target and compensate participants from a single dashboard. Read more
MetricWire is an online platform that allows researchers to collect data via the smartphone Read more
Survey Anyplace improves your data collection by improving your surveys. Most surveys today overlook the respondent’s experience, which is why they produce low response rates. Our modern-looking surveys entice respondents, and are easy to interact with, using the latest mobile features–just like your audience. And you get more and better feedback! Our latest acquisitions: digital scratch cards, business assessments and personality tests. Read more
A consumer insights platform that connects businesses with readily accessible high qualified respondents Read more
Counterpoint Technology Market Research is a fast-growing, innovative and independent market research and consulting firm. Counterpoint is Asia based and a premier technology market research firm with global footprint and offices in the key high growth markets. Counterpoint’s research, consulting and advisory services spans across the technology industry from mobile, digital consumer goods, software, applications, services and other adjacent topics. Read more
Operations and manpower outsourcing startup Read more
Personalization solution that analyzes your customers’ behavior, learning their likes and dislikes and enables you to deliver automated, personalized recommendations in real-time Read more
GutCheck's Audience Illuminator Delivers Immediate Actionability To Persona Development Through Enriched Audience Understanding Read more
Empowering users with their data to talk, learn, and earn. Read more
Dovetail is cloud-based user research and customer feedback software for the analysis, organization, collaboration and storage of data. Read more
Web-based trademark management platform for instant trademark search Read more
Better than any coffee shop survey, PickFu gets you real feedback from the general public - instantly. Set up a poll in one minute, and PickFu gets you 50 responses within the hour, complete with demographic breakdowns. You'll be amazed by the insight you can get from 50 random people explaining their choices! Perfect for: ✓ Startups - Validate ideas, assumptions and hypotheses. ✓ Designers - Get feedback on logos, app icons or UI mockups. ✓ Marketers - Test out book titles, marketing copy or ad creatives before going live.  Read more
Skenio is tool for capturing and tracking website changes. It can be used for monitoring job opportunities, sales opportunities, price changes, news, events availability, products availability, releases, competitors and so on. Read more
Natural Intelligence is a technology-driven, performance-based marketing company that specializes in driving high quality traffic, leads and sales to its business partners. Implementing dynamic and innovative techniques, Natural Intelligence effectively operates world-wide. Read more
Zonka is a Complete Feedback Management & Survey Platform. Capture feedback from multiple channels; on premises & offline (Tablets & Smartphones) and on the web (Email, SMS, QR code, in App). Customize surveys, get instant alerts, view real-time drill-down reports & resolve issues. Enhance customer satisfaction and retention by acting on actionable insights provided, and knit better customer experiences. Read more
Labrika analyzes the site and competitors by 152 factors and together with machine learning gives recommendations on how to increase traffic and reduce customer loss. Read more
Maximize advertising campaign results and design performance with pre-launch analytics. Attention Insight - predictive heatmaps generated by AI enables you to make user-centric, data-driven decisions about your designs, without the labor-heavy process of data collection. Read more
Intelligence Fusion is a secure online intelligence, security and risk fusion platform covering land, sea and air. Read more
Survata runs client surveys across a network of publishers that host our SurveyWalls. Visitors to publisher sites complete surveys in exchange for premium content ( Our frontend SurveyWall supports many devices and content types (ebooks, videos, etc.). Our backend system analyzes respondent behavior to filter low quality responses. 20 publishers; customers incl. Disney, Microsoft, Harvard; >$10k monthly revenue; >1MM questions answered since Aug 2012; surveys covered in WSJ Read more
Shega is a startup that works on Innovation and startup development issues. They also have co-working space. Read more
Dalia provides is a B2B/SaaS solutions to facilitate market and opinion research. Read more
Vizir is the first free and responsive online questionnaire editor. We're bringing the power of marketing to the people by providing a simple yet powerful questionnaire builder. It's made for all the small entrepreneurs (not startupers) that represents 97% of the companies in the world and that are not familiar with marketing and customer experience. Vizir provides a simple and smart questionnaire editor to help people build effective questionnaires to help them start or develop their business. Our answering design provides a high completion rate (>90%). Vizir is also the very first questionnaire editor that integrates with your daily productivity apps. Read more
Fastinflow is a platform that allows marketer to understand consumers, fast! Read more
Stay in the loop with the latest polling, data, and insights. Read more
You can fundraise for a local club, your child’s playgroup or a national charity and many other causes – you choose Read more
We help companies do market research on mobiles. Mobiles are the simplest way of reaching consumers these days, and are often the only way to get to hard-to-find audiences or people in the growth/emerging markets. Our survey technology works on any mobile device that has a data connection and a web browser. Yes, that includes those old Nokia phones. Our self-service mobile survey platform is a great way to start using your own mobile audiences for feedback. Read more
Inbe is a consumer market validation platform that is revolutionizing lengthy and expensive market research in the context of product development. Read more
Through a proprietary process called Adaptive Risk Pricing, Ascend empowers consumers to prove their real-time creditworthiness Read more
We are a worldwide consumer trends observatory We transform digital consumer mentions into meaningful, powerful and actionable insights Read more
InsightzClub uses smart technology to enable various companies to uncover valuable insights from data to realize smarter decision-making. Read more
TakeTask is a mobile application used to assign, execute and verify tasks on a large scale in many locations, for any industry. Read more
Neossys creates and enrich the most reliable & consolidated B2B companies database. Read more
Collaborata is an online platform that enables the co-sponsoring of market-research projects. Read more
UniBit uses AI to deploy unique market data feeds for trading, analytics and applications. Read more
A web solution and digital marketing agency that aims to help companies grow their business and creates a lasting partnership on the road to success across digital channels. Read more
Balcostics Ltd is a data analysis and research outsourcing company. Our services include: 1.Research Outsourcing (Data Analysis, Data Entry, Data Visualization/ Presentation, Surveys & research consultations) Our Products: 1.Customer Profiling Package 2. Problem Identifier Package We want to incorporate a call centre approach to market research, where companies across the world can outsource their Data Analysis, Data Entry, Data Collection, Data presentation & surveys (online, telephone & face-face) to us. We bring a modern approach to data visualization and presentation, incorporating infographics and other engaging and easy to understand visuals to presenting & reporting findings.  Read more
We provide the easiest survey creator on earth, and the highest completion rate. People just love answering our surveys. And an happy respondent is an happy customer! Read more
1View is a cutting edge mystery shopping software which provides great client data analytics, advanced project management, and integrated shopper management portal and apps. Read more
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