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Peerspace is a peer-to-peer marketplace for booking space for events, meetings, and productions. Read more
A platform for selling tickets online. Read more
You think online event platforms exist. They don’t. The problem of simply selling tickets online was solved years ago; Ticketleap, and a bunch of others, have been hacking away ever since adding bells and whistles. But turns out that’s not what the world needs right now. The world has this pool of amazing, creative people and that pool is overflowing with the desire to bring people together around ideas. If you’re one of these people and you’re going to create an event, the best solution so far has been one of these old ticket sale engines. But that’s not what you need — you need a platform for your event itself, a surface for bringing people together. That's what we're building. Read more
Accupass provides users the ability to sell tickets online for various activities, conferences, events, and more. Read more
Everfest is the festival authority and home of the world's first cross-festival ticketing and rewards program. Read more
EKOBILET offers an innovative system for multi-channel sales, planning, and managing ticket sales by organizers of one-time events. Read more
Event Manager Blog is a prime reference for the event industry. We recently launched Even Manager Shop - a niche Premium WordPress Theme shop for those who want to create an event website with WordPress. Read more
Tagvenue is the fastest way to browse hundreds of unique bars, restaurants, meeting rooms, conference centres and dry hire spaces. Our smart venue search engine makes it easy to discover and book your perfect events space. Read more
Amelia is a simple yet powerful automated booking specialist, working 24/7 to make sure your customers can book appointments or events and pay online even while you sleep! Read more
Airmeet is an all-in-one events platform for virtual summits, meetups, and workshops that includes virtual social lounges for networking. Read more
A ticket sale system that gives event organizers and venues the autonomy they need for the creation, management and sale of tickets for their events. It provides data collection and analysis tools that help optimize the marketing potential of our clients’ events. Read more
Powering in-person, virtual, and hybrid event success. Read more
Global Distribution System for event market Read more
The idea for Hire Space was born when a teacher found himself working in a school with state of the art facilities which were unused when the pupils went home. Backed by Karen Hanton, Founder of Europe’s largest online restaurant booker Top Table, Hire Space is set to launch in early 2013 and will revolutionise the way people book spaces. The site will let you book an incredibly wide variety of venues, including meeting rooms, sports facilities, and events spaces. Read more
GEVME is an enterprise cloud-based event management and event marketing platform. Read more
PheedLoop is an events services company that offers one stop shop conference and meeting engagement, management and planning tool. Read more
LocalRaces is an event management platform that provides technology to create experiences and make event management profitable. Read more
Marketplace for venue owners and seekers Read more
VenuesPlace is a space search engine that allows users to organize and find a location for social or business events Read more
AmazingCo is an experiences and activities creator, helping people all around the world enjoy better real-world experiences. Read more
PartySlate is the largest photo-rich inspiration platform in the country designed specifically for leading event professionals — a better way to showcase their work, build their brand, connect with their vendor network and drive qualified leads. Read more
ThankView allows anyone to customize, record and send personalized video thank you messages in 1/5th of the time and at a fraction of the cost of paper cards. It's perfect for anyone looking to say thank you to a large number of people, making it ideal for newlyweds, new parents and businesses. Users customize their opening, animated design with photos, music, envelopes, colors and personal information. They can add recipients one-by-one or automatically upload a list. Then they record - each video message becomes more personal than what paper can communicate. And because of the focus on efficiency, the average customer can record and send over 150 ThankViews in 2 hours (compared to 10+ hours with handwritten, non-green alternatives). Read more
EventCreate is a 100%-free, awesomely-simple event ticketing platform, making it possible for event planners and guests to enjoy their events offline without paying unnecessary fees online. EventCreate provides a host of free, easy-to-use event tools, allowing anyone to seamlessly create custom-branded event pages, sell tickets and collect registrations. Read more
Attendify team is building data-first event technology platform to bridge the gap between digital marketing and event marketing. The platform has helped 3,500 of event planners to hold more than 14,000 events. Read more
Brella is a simple, web-based networking tool that helps you to meet the most valuable people at events, conferences and livestreams. Read more
VenueE is an online marketplace for event and wedding. Read more
The Hubb Platform makes virtual, in-person and hybrid events with powerful attendee engagement tools that bring brands to life. Read more
Whether a small-scale meeting or a full-fledged conference running over several days, our professional team has what it takes to make your event a big success. You can count on us for guidance and support at every step of the way! Read more
Burbio is specializing in aggregating school, government, library, and community event information Read more
Passage powers ticketing and payments both online and at-the-door for specialty events. Read more
InitLive lets event organizers set up and manage employees, volunteers and attendees so that they can communicate and interface with social networks before during and after an event. Read more
Change the way you meet with Spacebase - the global booking platform for event locations and meeting spaces. Read more
Stay22 makes it easy for event organizers to have their own Hotel and Apartment booking solution directly embedded on their website/app Read more
Social media's best friend, Woofy. Stay tuned! Read more
Balus provides motion capture, unity systems, and AR live permanent venues. Read more
LiveTonight is the referencing platform for live music events and DJ sets in bars. Read more
We are the Einsteins of events who create the equation. We target events such as corporate conventions & trade shows, concerts & festivals, private events, and promotion events for brands. Services include dance entertainment (percussionists, DJs, bands), and production (lighting, sound, video, staging, effects). We will build the biggest brand in event entertainment. Read more
Shoflo is an internet software company that builds and markets Software as a Service (SAAS) applications for the technical event production industry including corporate meetings, conventions, broadcast and house of worship. The technical event production industry, a $10 billion industry and Shoflo’s market, is responsible for managing and executing events including Corporate Meetings, Broadcast and House of Worship. Critical to the success of these events is the production cue sheet, used by the event crew, both creative and technical, to lay out a sequence of cues for the event. Existing on every event in the industry, the production cue sheet is the ultimate guide for an event. Currently, the cue sheet is inherently flawed, being versioned, printed and physically distributed across the crew. This creates opportunities for outdated information redundant communication.  Read more
Ticket2Me is a blockchain-enabled ticketing startup. Read more
SciFlow is a publishing platform is the most intuitive way for researchers to create and share their work. Read more
Konfeo is an online event registration software which enables event organizers to quickly create an event, make it possible for users to sign up and pay for tickets. Read more
All-in-one event management, marketing and networking software bringing a better event experience for all. Read more
EventHub offers virtual expos, a sponsorship marketplace, and a management dashboard for event organizers. Read more
Circa powers sales from b2b virtual events. Read more
Seaters, the first global solution to optimize the occupation rate of sports and music events, helping unlock the true ROI of every seat. Read more
In real life, people visit “Places and Events” they frequent or those that interest them. Places and Events have a unique quality whereby they bring people of similar interests together. On Qureka, there are many real-world like places and events for various topics of interest- from art to music, sports to films & more Each place or event has information-(in the form of photos, videos, audio, text ) on that topic of interest and is live - in the sense that you can always see people who are in a place and interact and engage with them live, which is similar to how you discover people in real life.  Read more
ogaVenue is an online marketplace that helps its users find, check availability, and book event venues. Read more
Loquiz is a gamification platform for event professionals. Build your own games. Customize for clients, locations and events. Play on mobile devices. Seriously fun games! Read more
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