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PubMatic enables publishers to realize the full potential of their digital assets. Since its founding in 2006, PubMatic has consistently been first-to-market with industry-changing products, services and systems for publishers. Our products are supported by always-on consulting and services that reflect our belief in putting publishers' needs first. Read more
Connatix is a next-generation video platform that helps publishers deliver successful video experiences without compromise. Read more
Rebuilding data in advertising to protect privacy Read more
SaaS enterprise-level software powering mobile advertisers to take programmatic in-house. Read more
A sell side ad technology company providing holistic demand management and intermediation solutions for publishers. In 2016, its revenue was $4M. Read more
FeedMob is a mobile ad platform that specializes in honest, post-install KPI driven mobile advertising at scale.  Read more
Bidease is a mobile DSP that provides advertisers with access to the entire mobile ecosystem through mobile publishers and exchanges. Read more
Clinch is a dynamic creative solution for video ad personalization to drive sales and ROI throughout the funnel.  Read more
Anonymous Ads is a transparent advertising network that utilizes a “pay for chance to be shown and reward for sales” principle to diminish incentive for fake clicks. It uses Bitcoin for its accounting and doesn’t require user registration. Read more
iAdvize is a conversational marketing platform that connects customers in need of advice with experts who are available 24/7 via messaging. Read more is the leader in digital coupons, including online printable, social, mobile and loyalty card promotions. The company is the driving force in transforming the multi-billion dollar coupon industry and ushering it into the digital world. For decades, the Sunday newspaper has been the dominant distribution method for coupons, but as the reach of the newspaper declines and a growing number of consumers are online, more and more consumers and brands alike are looking to digital. Read more
Swayable is a media analytics and data science platform that predicts how content changes attitudes and intents, for brands and advocates Read more works with more than 3,700 merchants to create online and printable coupons. Users can grab codes quickly (less than 90 seconds) to save an average of $19, or get coupons delivered to their emails. Registered users earn rewards on purchases that can be redeemed for gift cards. CouponCabin has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, O, The Oprah Magazine, USA Today, Good Morning America, MSN Money, Good Housekeeping and Yahoo! Finance, among others. Read more
ZMenu is an online food discovery platform that provides photos and rating at individual dish level. It delights and inspires customers as well as helps them make informed decision quickly on which restaurant to go and what food to order. Over time, it can also learn users' personal tastes and connect them with their favorite food and restaurants.  Read more
YouAppi is a digital marketing platform for premium app publishers and brands. Read more
Postscript allows users to easily create and manage SMS marketing campaigns with detailed analytics. Read more
Podchaser is the most comprehensive podcast database. Read more
VigLink automates the monetization of publisher content by automatically converting outbound links into affiliate links and optionally inserting new ones. Read more
Postie offers automated marketing tools for direct mail marketing. Read more
AppTap is an app recommendations and advertising service helping consumers find apps relevant to their interests and app developers get their apps discovered. Our contextual recommendations engine delivers relevant apps in articles on leading media sites - helping consumers find apps related to their interests and boosting engagement and revenue for our partner sites. AppTap's advertising network helps app developers promote their apps to target consumers across our network of partner sites. Read more
GumGum is the premium in-image advertising platform for publishers and brands. Reaching millions of consumers as they actively view images across hundreds of premium websites, GumGum serves contextually relevant ads that yield far higher engagement than those of traditional display advertising units. In addition to helping advertisers reach highly targeted audiences in a brand-safe environment, GumGum gives publishers a new way to earn revenue by overlaying rich media display advertising and video on the photos within their sites. Read more
UNiDAYS is the world's leading student network, with access to over 10+ million students worldwide. We provide integrated, multi-channel campaigns and solutions to help you reach students—the highest value consumer group of all time. Read more
MANTIS is an ad network tailored to markets that are unable to leverage existing tools and services from larger players in the ad industry (eg. vaporizers or e-cigs). Understanding the demographics of these developing markets in combination with big data analysis allows us to provide unmatched value to companies in alternative lifestyle industries. Read more
Buzzvil is a startup based in Seoul, Korea with a mission to provide the most natural and effective advertising platform. Founded in 2012, we've created and successfully monetized the concept of using smartphone lockscreens to connect advertisers and consumers. Our flagship mobile app, Honeyscreen, has reached over 2 million users in South Korea, and its counterpart, Lockjoy, is now the #1 lockscreen advertising platform in Japan. Read more
IQzone’s Postitial® mobile advertising solution generates incremental revenue for Android app developers and publishers. This unique advertising technology creates a new ad slot for performance or branding campaigns that enables display of full screen interstitial, rich media, and video ads without interrupting the user experience. The Postitial ad slot delivers increased engagement and high value eCPMs to publishers, maximizing mobile app monetization potential. Read more
Seedtag is the In-Image platform in Europe, allowing both publishers and advertisers to get the most out of images. Read more
EngageClick improves digital ad performance by an average of 50% across multi-screen. EngageClick is a predictive and personalized multi-screen ad engagement platform that uses machine-learning technologies to perform predictive segmentation resulting higher performance and brand engagement. We deliver personalized and interactive ads using predictive segmentation of audience to make ads perform smarter across display and video. Customer Traction: Product is live and used by large customers that includes : - top 10 mobile ad revenue maker in 2013 - top three largest digital ad agencies in the U.S. - top five Internet e-commerce companies - top 20 largest sites for digital Internet news media Large revenue opportunity in 2014 for mobile and tablet display and video advertising. We are expanding in NYC for sales opportunity.  Read more
World's fastest growing event discovery portal having more than 7.5 million events from more than 20,000 cities of the world. Having more than 2 million monthly users, it is the best platform for event organizers to promote their events. Read more
Instapage makes building and A/B split testing landing pages simple. Our mission: continually lower the cost of customer acquisition. Read more
Celtra enables scalable rich media mobile advertising across the most popular mobile devices and platforms. Read more
Tappx is a community of mobile app developers exchanging ads to promote their apps for free. Read more
Adtech solutions for advanced digital platforms. Read more
Video platform to make hosting, encoding monetizing and streaming easy - Video made simple Read more
Scorpion exists to better local small businesses and the communities they serve. Read more
Location intelligence and measurement company Read more
Smadex is a Mobile Demand Side Platform. We help advertisers place banner ads on smartphones (mobile apps or mobile web sites) Our technology optimizes the campaign performance by: - Creating the most relevant banners, with rich media formats and including information such as the closest store to the user. - Offering the best targeting capabilities, selecting the best possible users to show the ads to - Providing total transparency about the apps where ads are shown, and at what price. Read more
We believe mobile has the potential to be the most contextually relevant and highest performing media channel, but today is unable to consistently deliver industry standard advertising accountability. Our technology solution is designed to overcome the challenges directly related to the lack of persistent ID in mobile. Adelphic poly-dimensional targeting technology uniquely converges mobile, contextual, demographic data with behavior segments to create a unique identifier - the Adephic, a-tag. The a-tag enables scalable retargeting opportunities and performance ROI measurement for the first time in mobile. Whether media owner, brand or agency, Adelphic is the only reliable, safe and scalable way to meaningfully connect the world's best brands to the real people who buy them. Read more
Smash is an IT & Communication - Internet based company. Read more
Brand Thunder is the world leader in browser themes with more than 300 world-class brands as clients. Themes increase engagement and monetization through the persistent connection they create between major and their online fans. Featuring style, content and functionality that deepens the relationship with fans, brands enjoy more traffic to their sites and social platforms, new revenue streams, expanded sponsorship, ad inventory and enhanced ROI for their digital presence.  Read more
Wishpond is an all-in-one marketing suite that enables users to generate and nurture leads. Read more
Helping brands increase the value of advertising by transforming TV into a real time bidding engine for search that works alongside their digital ads. Read more
Chartboost is the world’s largest games-only technology platform, providing multiple services: 1) Cross-promotion - Publishers can drive users playing one of their mobile games to another one of their titles. Free of charge. 2) Direct Deals Marketplace - Where developers can cut deals with one another on their own terms to promote each other’s titles, skipping the 50% rev-share of an ad network. 3) Network - Earn revenue from players as well as buy space in more than 12,000 mobile games. Read more
Mailchimp for banners 1 min. video explainer: We have 5+ years of background as a "banner maker app" and over 1 million members. Read more
AIR.TV enables the distribution and monetization of viral videos on websites. Read more
Local Search Optimization meets Online Reputation Management. With uberall local businesses large and small can easily manage their local listings information throughout the web - one interface, many platforms. Local businesses give us their profile data and we sync it throughout our network of affiliated platforms. Name, address, opening hours, photos, name it. We also monitor all our customers' profile pages all the time and notify them of any customer feedback like reviews, ratings, comments, questions, etc almost in real-time. From the centralized uberall inbox our customers can respond directly without actually having to visit and log into the third party platform. Furthermore, our integrated marketing assistant will help our customers make smart choices how to improve their online reputation and - consequently - their business. Currently available in Germany only - expanding to EU and LatAm in 2014. Read more
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