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SalesIQ is a unique sales and marketing automation platform that has website visitor tracking software, analytics and live chat rolled into one platform. We built it to maximize the ROI on your content, SEO, Adwords and email marketing efforts. Convert website visitors into happy paying customers. Identify fresh leads, segment, capture and communicate in real time. Any business that has a website, it can be either B2B, B2C or a eCommerce store is a target customer. Read more
ZMenu is an online food discovery platform that provides photos and rating at individual dish level. It delights and inspires customers as well as helps them make informed decision quickly on which restaurant to go and what food to order. Over time, it can also learn users' personal tastes and connect them with their favorite food and restaurants.  Read more is the leader in digital coupons, including online printable, social, mobile and loyalty card promotions. The company is the driving force in transforming the multi-billion dollar coupon industry and ushering it into the digital world. For decades, the Sunday newspaper has been the dominant distribution method for coupons, but as the reach of the newspaper declines and a growing number of consumers are online, more and more consumers and brands alike are looking to digital. Read more
Gab helps you to discover what is important to you in a more meaningful way. Navigate through the noise by harnessing the emotions and opinions of those you trust. Like, dislike, discuss and organize everything, including news, places, products, people and events, through a visualized, highly social conversational platform. Founded in 2012, Gab is based in Dallas, Texas. Features Overview Gab - share, discover, organize and inspire. Share: Share your thoughts, ideas and opinions on various topics with the Gab community. Discover: Follow your friends, family and those you trust, and view their opinions and recommendations on new products, movies, travel destinations and more! Organize: Categorize your content into “gab bags” and access all of your favorite things in one place. Inspire: Add emotions and reactions to your gab -- “like” and “dislike” things to express your opinions and share them with others.  Read more
Seedtag is the In-Image platform in Europe, allowing both publishers and advertisers to get the most out of images. Read more
Buzzvil is a startup based in Seoul, Korea with a mission to provide the most natural and effective advertising platform. Founded in 2012, we've created and successfully monetized the concept of using smartphone lockscreens to connect advertisers and consumers. Our flagship mobile app, Honeyscreen, has reached over 2 million users in South Korea, and its counterpart, Lockjoy, is now the #1 lockscreen advertising platform in Japan. Read more works with more than 3,700 merchants to create online and printable coupons. Users can grab codes quickly (less than 90 seconds) to save an average of $19, or get coupons delivered to their emails. Registered users earn rewards on purchases that can be redeemed for gift cards. CouponCabin has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, O, The Oprah Magazine, USA Today, Good Morning America, MSN Money, Good Housekeeping and Yahoo! Finance, among others. Read more
VigLink automates the monetization of publisher content by automatically converting outbound links into affiliate links and optionally inserting new ones. Read more
Key Ingredient is the best place to find, create, share and collect all of your recipes. The Demy is our kitchen-safe, touchscreen Recipe Reader that is the perfect compliment to bring a host recipe collection into the kitchen. Read more
World's fastest growing event discovery portal having more than 7.5 million events from more than 20,000 cities of the world. Having more than 2 million monthly users, it is the best platform for event organizers to promote their events. Read more
The Unbounce Landing Page Platform provides marketers the easiest way to create, publish and A/B test targeted landing pages for online advertising without relying on IT or web developers. Companies using unique landing pages for each campaign & traffic source are able to produce more focused post-click messaging, translating directly into better conversion rates and higher ROI for marketers doing paid search, display, email or social media marketing.  Read more
Celtra enables scalable rich media mobile advertising across the most popular mobile devices and platforms. Read more
GumGum is the premium in-image advertising platform for publishers and brands. Reaching millions of consumers as they actively view images across hundreds of premium websites, GumGum serves contextually relevant ads that yield far higher engagement than those of traditional display advertising units. In addition to helping advertisers reach highly targeted audiences in a brand-safe environment, GumGum gives publishers a new way to earn revenue by overlaying rich media display advertising and video on the photos within their sites. Read more
Instapage makes building and A/B split testing landing pages simple. Our mission: continually lower the cost of customer acquisition. Read more
Sharethrough is the first Native Ad tech company. We help marketers distribute brand content through native ads. Think "Sponsored Stories for the rest of the web." Customers include Forbes, BusinessInsider, Wordpress + Nike, Pepsi, Old Spice & more. We're an 80-person co. based in SF with offices in CHI, LA, NYC. ** WTF is native advertising? It's ad models that emerge from the underlying UX of the site, integrated into the design & driven by content-based ads. Read more
India's largest Travel Community and marketplace platform Read more
Tipli is a cashback site, offering members an up to 33 % cashback. Read more
Go Overseas is the Yelp/Trip Advisor of programs abroad. We list every program in the world, with ratings and reviews in the following categories: Study Abroad, Volunteer Abroad, Teach Abroad and Internships Abroad. We help people make more informed decisions when choosing between programs. Go Overseas was founded by Mitch Gordon & Andrew Dunkle, who bring a combination of business & technical experience to the company. Both also bring vast experience in this niche of the travel industry. Read more is a video content creation platform for businesses and agencies. (formerly known as Slidely). is at the forefront of creating scroll-stopping videos accessible for every business to promote anything online Read more
Podchaser is the most comprehensive podcast database. Read more
Bluecore uses predictive intelligence to automatically connect shoppers to products, content, and offers, wherever they are. Read more
beruby aggregates all aspects related to online savings in one place. Coupons, cashbacks, daily offers, discounts and other options to save money are all offered in a "one stop portal". By offering in a free portal the most aggressive discounts we manage to retain users and, more important, generate a word of mouth effect which is helping us grow with a small marketing budget and no dependency on SEO.  Read more
PubMatic enables publishers to realize the full potential of their digital assets. Since its founding in 2006, PubMatic has consistently been first-to-market with industry-changing products, services and systems for publishers. Our products are supported by always-on consulting and services that reflect our belief in putting publishers' needs first. Read more
Jetpack maximizes the publishers' ad revenues: • increasing available ad inventory • increasing RFP sell thru • increasing CPM’s • increasing engagement and overall ad campaign performance Jetpack solves the publishers' key pain points: •rapid & cost effective development of high impact ad products •integration onto any publishing environments •customized presentation onto any site's layout •centralized scheduling instead of manual partner deployment •engagement tracking and reporting  Read more
Mailchimp for banners 1 min. video explainer: We have 5+ years of background as a "banner maker app" and over 1 million members. Read more
Intelligence Driven Marketing Automation - Track, Personalize, and Automate Your Customer Journey Communications Read more
Chartboost is the world’s largest games-only technology platform, providing multiple services: 1) Cross-promotion - Publishers can drive users playing one of their mobile games to another one of their titles. Free of charge. 2) Direct Deals Marketplace - Where developers can cut deals with one another on their own terms to promote each other’s titles, skipping the 50% rev-share of an ad network. 3) Network - Earn revenue from players as well as buy space in more than 12,000 mobile games. Read more
We're working to bring a better way to pay to every consumer (1.5MM so far) and every merchant (5,000 so far). We're building new infrastructures to drive the cost of payment processing down… eventually to zero, so businesses don't have to pay $50BN in card fees each year. We're opening up APIs and SDKs to enable merchants, developers and anybody else to build incredible apps that leverage the information in each transaction. Our vision is big, exciting, challenging and quite possibly impossible. But we're a company filled with smart people (70+ and counting), backed by $50MM from other smart people (Google Ventures, Deutsche-Telekom, founders of Discover Card) and we're on the road to making our vision a reality. LevelUp has built one great application, a utility app that lets you pay with your phone and save at 5000+ merchants. But, there's a lot more that LevelUp can do. Working with our partners, we have released 20+ custom branded payment apps, and we continue to build more.  Read more
Anonymous Ads is a transparent advertising network that utilizes a “pay for chance to be shown and reward for sales” principle to diminish incentive for fake clicks. It uses Bitcoin for its accounting and doesn’t require user registration. Read more
A mobile monetization platform: -Direct ad serving -Ad network mediation -RTB  Read more
Collect & pay with credit/debit card using LYDIA app. No need for card reader or plastic card. No restriction. Read more
Prolific Works is a Provider of an online publishing platform Read more
Tridge combines technology and human network and uses this to connects consumers and vendors. Read more
Asia’s Leading Big Data Ad Technology Company offering data-centric advertising solutions to the brands across APAC. Read more
Al.ta.Cucina is on the mission to create the world's largest community of Italian food lovers. Read more
Soicos is the first affiliate network born in Argentina with offices in Chile, Mexico & Colombia. Our vision is to become a benchmark in affiliate marketing. Guide advertisers on their introduction into this industry and offering our affiliates profitable offers to work with. This integration of advertisers and affiliates is achieved on a technological self-developed interface which gives high valued control and optimization to all parts of the business. Read more
60-second videos focused on talk shows and mini-series Read more
AIR.TV enables the distribution and monetization of viral videos on websites. Read more is an innovative advertising network based on links that are spread over the Internet. Unlike other ad networks we don’t need even a single pixel of your precious webpage space. We simply take care of your links. With our mighty targeting tools we can match ads to specific needs of customers more adequately - making ads way more effective.  Read more
LotLinx connects consumers directly to dealer Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs). VDPs are a highly correlated predictor of sale and key measure of marketing effectiveness. LotLinx sources consumer traffic from over 120 automotive focused, vertical search sites, that reach 74% of all automotive shoppers. LotLinx delivers qualified shoppers for up to 98% less than existing options (online classifieds, lead aggregators and SEM). Read more
Standing out online is tough…customers are immune to ads and salesy landing pages. You need something that's interactive, personalized and that most importantly, improves conversion. That’s where quizzes and calculators from Outgrow come in. Say on a lawyer’s website, the main call to action was just “contact me”. Now imagine if that website had a calculator like “see how much I can save you in legal fees” or a quiz like “Which state should I incorporate my business in?” What would you click on? Clearly, calculators and quizzes convert much better! What’s more? People love sharing them! Did you know that NY times most popular story was not an article but a quiz! Or that 7 of the 20 most shared articles on buzzfeed were quizzes! You might think you need to hire expensive programmers to create one of these awesome calculators/quizzes…well not anymore. Read more
The Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) Company Read more
CEOtudent is a content-driven social, business and technology news and digital media website. Read more
Squid it is a visual marketing platform, developed to be a new media channel for advertisers. Read more
LOZO makes it easy for families to save on groceries (and beyond) by finding digital offers that match their shopping list. We launched two, first-to-market products: a Kayak-style interface for finding gorcery coupons from multiple sources, and an email alert service that notifies shoppers when there are new matching coupons. Our platform enables the $500 billion grocery industry to target offers to consumers based on purchase intent, across a network of partner sites. Read more
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