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Startup, which sells e-books, has raised $330,000 investment. Investment raised funds from an investment fund Admitad Invest. The amount of the share sold is not disclosed. Read more
ManyChat helps businesses do marketing, sales and support through Facebook Messenger. Read more
Apollo is the foundation for your entire end-to-end sales strategy. Read more
A Toulouse, France-based ecommerce company focused on DIY, gardening and home improvement products Read more
StyleSeat is the platform for professionals in the beauty and wellness industry to run and grow their business, specifically tailored to their needs. Consumer facing is the OpenTable for beauty & wellness appointments. Read more
Vuori offers a collection of apparel brands for men and women. Read more
PayKickstart’s is a fully automated and highly customizable all-in-one shopping cart management solution with a wide range of conversion boosters and other features to increase sales and revenue. Fully integrated with more than 40 service applications, PayKickstart gives you a variety of options on payment gateways, email, membership signups and monitoring, webinars services. Also included in the integration are analytics and developer tools and a dedicated fulfillment service provider. There is also no need to for third-party tax services because PayKickstart has an integrated tax system compliant with sales and VAT tax collection for international regions including Canada, EU countries, Russia, Switzerland, and South Africa, and more. Read more
Lessonly is a simple training software that helps teams learn, practice, and do better work. Read more
Omnisend is the ecommerce marketing automation platform built for growing ecommerce businesses. Read more
Corporate Procurement and Sales Online. Read more
Glance improves the way businesses interact with their customers with next generation cobrowse, screen share and agent video technology. Read more
A geolocation-based realtime marketplace matching people with needs and providers with solutions.  Read more
A platform for the management of reservations, no matter if it made from your web, third party web, from your social networks or directly (phone, email, agency). We offer a fully responsive control panel for easy and quick management. Read more
DirectScale’s enterprise is a management software company Read more
EpicVIN has been providing our customers with complete vehicle reports since 2012. You just need to enter the vehicle identification number (VIN), which consist of 17 characters, and our company will provide a report as soon as possible. Read more
The Sales Support System for mobile devices called Bolster allows sales representatives to conduct all business activities through a tablet – in a single application that makes a corporation’s essential information like brochures, product orders, and management tools accessible with the push of a button on a tablet with or without an internet connection available. The functionality is not internet dependent and our applications are customized to meet your image and branding needs. The system has already proven itself to increase product sales, reduce costs, improve communication and accentuate the entire sales cycle. Our proprietary, full stack solution is already being used by some of the largest manufacturers in the world. It is distributed within 58 countries in 13 languages and representing 9 different currencies.  Read more
Tacton Systems is a global vendor of sales and product configuration software and services. Read more
More than 400 souvenirs ship to airports, hotels or worldwide directly. Read more
TextUs is the only business-class text messaging platform built specifically for inside sales, recruiting and customer service teams. Read more
Bloomreach connects both customer data and product data to personalize all customer touch-points. Read more
MindSumo connects college students to companies through real-world challenges. To find and recruit the best students, companies post their challenges for students to solve, and can identify top talent based on actual work samples. Over 80 challenges have been run by customers, with over 10,000 of the smartest students in the country on the platform. Check us out at  Read more
Indiana Grocery Group is a marketplace that provides consumer goods and diverse grocery products to customers. Read more
Instantly compare all your pricing and moving options in one place. With a few simple questions, moveHero shows you customized pricing and recommends the best moving option and companies based on your moving needs, personal preferences, and budget. Read more
Numerik helps you sell more to your existing customers, leading to deals that are profitable, easier-to-close, and beneficial for seller and buyer. By analyzing your current product offering and what your customers are already buying, Numerik helps you identify opportunities to provide products your customers need, but which they may not even be aware you sell. We call this approach "Customer Scorecard", and it leads to better relationships between you (the sales rep) and your customers. Hard selling becomes a thing of the past, as you focus on collaborative deals that give both parties what they want and need! Numerik is currently under development, with trial access available to reps/managers from businesses that fit our target profile. If you sell multiple product lines to multiple customers (and preferably with a high volume of sales, as opposed to closing smaller numbers of big deals) then we want to hear from you. Read more
Using data to help motorists connect with brands at the key moments that matter all the way through their ownership lifecycle Read more
Qontak is a business directory platform that provides verified business contacts and advanced company details. Read more
Vivez la meilleure expérience de vente Immo. Prenez rendez-vous avec un de nos agents locaux pour vendre votre immobilier ! Read more
We help attendees: Register. Invite their friends. Schedule an important meeting. … all with almost no effort at all. InGo is about empowering relationships. We solve the event industry’s most expensive problems: growing events and connecting the right people. InGo not only increases the attendance of an event, but more importantly, InGo increases the value of an event. From show organizers to exhibitors and attendees, InGo guarantees that the right connections happen. Read more
Allbound replaces cobbled-together, outdated sales and marketing portals and learning management systems with the first end-to-end marketing and sales enablement automation platform in the cloud. Allbound lets you bring all the people in your sales channels, and all of the resources and tools they rely on, together in one mobile-friendly place. Read more
Blok is digital real estate agency that was selected as the innovation of the year at the annual Finnish Real Estate Market event. Read more
EveryoneSocial is an employee advocacy platform that keeps employees informed, creating, and sharing — wherever they are working. Read more
LeadFox is an iPhone application for exhibitors at conferences and trade shows to increase their ROI through seamless business card lead scanning, qualifying, follow-up, and integration into their Salesforce.  Read more
Ramper is a sales prospecting software that helps B2B companies to generate more outbound leads with less time from sales people. Read more
MyVR allows vacation rental owners & operators to market their properties across multiple channels (including social, local, listing sites, etc) - all in one central place & with one simple dashboard. We provide a DIY platform to create visually stunning websites to better showcase the VR home & the surrounding area, and we provide promotional tools to drive traffic via several verticals. We aim to be the horizontal for this $85B+ industry. Sample client website:  Read more
Last year Marketers spent $44B on content marketing to drive website traffic and to convert visitors from an anonymous-visitor to an ID'd-prospect. Yet a staggering 96-98% of web site visitors never complete a web form and therefore remain anonymous and unapproachable by sales. For every 1,000 people a vendor drive to a web-form, only 40 will be complete it with valid contact info. This anonymity-tug-of-war is what experts refer to as the hidden sales cycle and it causes Vendors to produce more and more content in the hopes of enticing more buyers to identify themselves. Conversion rates, however, remain the same. They need a new approach. The Hushly anonymous buyer engagement platform empowers B2B marketers to deliver content and interact with buyers during the anonymous, due diligence stage. Hushly acts as the 3rd party identity broker.We ensure that the buyer is a legitimate, non-competing company and provide the platform for a 2-way exchange of information. . .  Read more
Two Customer Segments: 1) Everyday Australians who are active online with legal questions or who need legal help. 2) Australian lawyers who want qualified leads. LawAnswers provides a legal Q&A community for everyday Australians who need legal help and will connect them with a suitably matched lawyer as needed. Read more
Kit is customer engagement platform that works with both small businesses and large brands to identify their active audience from Facebook and Twitter. Read more
RoomMe is a startup operating co-living services in Indonesia Read more
Zoomforth provides a brand communication platform intended to help businesses to design and customize branded content. Read more
PipeCandy is an intelligent prospecting tool with which, within minutes, you can send personalized sales emails to influential people within your target companies whom it discovers on its own. You spend your day replying to warm prospects ; not writing cold emails! Once you send personalized email campaigns, PipeCandy gives you timely & contextual information about every prospect you've emailed to, so that you can continue building the relationship. With PipeCandy, turn your cold outreach into warm handshakes. Read more
Groove is a sales engagement platform that automates non-sales activities so that sales teams can spend time generating revenue. Read more
noCRM is a lead management tool replacing standard CRMs that are not designed for salespeople. It is built for salespeople to track and close deals without spending hours filling out forms. noCRM helps more than 10,000 sales reps in over 80 countries worldwide. Read more
Ever wonder why your prospects choose your competitors instead of you? Word of mouth reputation drives leads. So does being on top of search engines. Combine the two and generate more customer opportunities in your area. Introducing Nearby Now -- A powerful tool that helps you use your reputation to generate leads, opportunities and sales via YOUR own website. Show visitors a map of your service area, legitimate customer reviews, and Location-based job summaries. Search engines take notice of this new, user generated content and rank it higher. Because your website tells prospects that you solve their problem, work in their area, and do good work, they choose you. Regardless of your company's size or what technology you use, Nearby Now will help you take control of your reputation and generate more leads. Use today's performance to earn tomorrow's customers. Read more is modern forum platform. We let communities of all kinds (hobby, pastime, fan, local) create their own site within seconds and we support them in building a strong community or migrating an existing one to us. We're fixing forums. No longer will we accept clunky sub-standard and feature limited sites: those who want to nerd out about the things they love deserve a good space to do so. Read more
Boost your email outreach on autopilot. It often takes up to 9 follow-ups to get an answer to your cold email. makes your life easier by automating that flow. Outbound sales - scale sales outreach to the levels unachievable by humans alone. Inbound sales - automate lead follow-up to close more deals, faster. PR & Link-building - reach out to reporters, bloggers, and opinion leaders to promote content. Read more
Bravado is a community platform for sales professionals. Read more
With LeadGibbon you can capture up-to-date contact information of your leads and prospects into a spreadsheet with a single click and upload to your CRM or Marketing automation platform, saving you a ton of time. Read more
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