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Esquire is a publishing company that offers latest news headlines, political developments, celebrity interviews, and mens fashion advice. Read more
StreamElements provides live video content creators the tools they need to engage, grow and monetize their audience. Read more
Online editor for modern videos, GIFs, and images Read more
Surfline provides surf reporting, forecasts, and editorial content for consumers, businesses, and government agencies. Read more
A content recommendation service that can be integrated with any site and provide site visitors with relevant recommendations and native ads based on proprietary algorithms. Read more
The Action Network is a sports media start-up that builds products and creates content to inform and entertain the sports bettor Read more
Highsnobiety is an online publication that covers trends and news in fashion, art, music, and culture. Read more
A hospitality platform for acquiring, engaging and understanding your guests CRM reservations Management. Read more
Beacons is an online website platform for creators. Read more
PressLogic is a technology start-up company that engages in MediaLens technology & data and digital media & content marketing operations. Read more
We’ve brought you next generation live chat, that looks and behaves like a mobile messenger your clients are already used to using, to let you concentrate on bringing WOW-experience to your site visitors. It has more features than a Swiss Army Knife: complete chat history, typing insights, typos correction, group chat, unlimited chat review, intelligent chat distribution, encryption, personal approach to anonymous visitors - it has them all for you to deliver perfect customer support service. With the help of Chatra you can easily answer questions, solve problems and boost conversions on your website - or several sites - and thus keep your clients happy and brand loyal. Chatra brings you as close to your clients as possible. Read more
Movable Ink activates any data into personalized content in any customer engagement. Read more
DriveTribe is a digital media platform that allows businesses to create & publish automobile-related contents to their customers. Read more
AccuLynx is a SaaS website used by specialty trade contractors around the world to run their businesses efficiently.  Read more
Baseconnect Co., Ltd. connects people from all over the world and spends one-tenth the time it takes for people to “know”. Read more
The Game Haus is an analytical Esports and sports multimedia company. Read more
Organize all of your marketing in one place. Do more in less time with software that brings all your marketing together. Read more
We started in 2001 with a goal: a better customer support experience. Today, Kayako is the leading multichannel helpdesk. Tens of thousands of businesses connect to millions of customers using Kayako. Our customers use Kayako to help their customers and to develop richer customer relationships. Read more
Kindful is the fundraising and donor engagement platform. Our cloud based application organizes segmented data so organizations can: Raise More Money, Build Stronger Relationships, and Further Their Cause. Read more
Capsule is a simple yet powerful CRM system that helps its users stay organized, know more about their customers, build strong relationships and make the most of sales opportunities. Contacts, communication history, tasks and sales opportunities are organized together all in one tool providing businesses with focus and clarity. Read more
Thanx helps merchants identify, reward, and retain their best customers with next-generation customer relationship management tools. Our daily mission is to say “Thanx” to our customers and help them say “Thanx” to theirs. Thanx is a revolutionary approach to the traditional customer loyalty program. Our mobile-focused consumer experience eliminates painful printouts, loyalty cards, and check-ins for consumers — instead the entire program is linked to any credit or debit card. Rewards accrue automatically and instantly without any additional steps at checkout. Thanx is free for consumers but our real business is actually in helping merchants develop closer relationships with their best customers through data-driven marketing. As a Software-as-a-Service offering, we require no point-of-sale integration making it a truly frictionless experience. Merchants launch customized retention marketing programs in minutes instead of months and at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions. Read more
WebEngage is a multi-channel user engagement platform which automates communication across users' life-cycle. It enables you to connect with them through these channels - Web Messages (notification, survey and feedback), In-App Messages, Push Notifications, Emails and Text Messages. WebEngage builds enriched user profiles for every single user (registered, as well as anonymous) using your website and/or mobile app. Moreover, you can ‘segment’ these users based on their behavior, and engage with them via multiple channels. In a nutshell, WebEngage automates user engagement and helps you retain and grow your user base. Going steady on the mission to humanize all of the world's websites and mobile apps, we are assisting thousands of customers in 50+ countries. From enterprises like eBay, Lynda, Sendgrid, Snapdeal, MakeMyTrip, Avaya, Souq, etc. to thousands of startups worldwide, we are helping them ‘Engage, Retain and Grow’. Read more
Sspai is a content platform that helps discover quality apps and digital products. Read more
Online Portal for reading and sharing stories, poems, quotes and Arts Read more
mLabs is an all-in-one SaaS platform for managing social media marketing and social media relationships. Read more
BrandMaker is an enterprise SaaS provider of Marketing Resource Management (MRM) systems. Read more
Voicy is a mobile platform that recruits both media personalities and news organizations. Read more
STEEZY creates online dance classes with the world’s best instructors. Read more
Radiotalk is a Voice distribution platform business. Read more
The Perspective is a website that curates the best perspectives on the day's top stories for people to read and explore. Read more
OnePageCRM is a cloud-based sales CRM for small and micro business. By applying GTD to sales, we've created a unique action-based system to nudge each sale forward to success. It's a known fact that sales actions generate sales: meeting, calling, emailing, presenting, estimates, follow up etc. OnePageCRM is 100% about sales actions. Read more
Altru helps companies tap their employees for marketing and recruiting. Read more
Saucey is an e-Commerce company which handles the fastest, easiest and most reliable on-demand alcohol delivery service. Read more
Chronogolf facilitate interactions between golf courses and golf players by letting them book and manage online there tee times. Read more
KaryaKarsa helps creators sell books, comics, audio and other digital goods directly to their fan communities - Publishing SaaS. Read more
Mangools creates SEO user-friendly SEO tools. Read more
Agile CRM is the world’s first integrated sales, marketing, and service suite that automates lead generation, nurturing, conversion, and support for growing businesses. Agile centralizes real-time customer data, making it readily accessible and actionable across all teams. Additionally, Agile offers integrations with over 40 leading third-party applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, RingCentral, Intuit QuickBooks, and more. Created by ClickDesk team (the most sought after live chat product), Agile CRM launched in late 2013 in Sunnyvale, CA to manage customer journeys. The company also maintains offices in India and the Philippines. Read more
ContentStudio is a data-driven content marketing and social media management platform for businesses, agencies, and marketers. Read more
Postoplan is a smart, automated social media and messenger marketing platform that allows you to create, schedule and promote content. Read more
We help brands connect with customers in targeted and strategic ways,while streamlining delivery and increasing engagement and retention. Read more
DeepDyve offers an online search engine and rental service for scientific, technical and medical research articles. Read more
Whatfix helps business to simplify the online experience of users by eliminating confusions and doubts. Use Whatfix and enhance self service capability of your product. Whatfix features: 1. Create walkthrough with just few clicks: No coding skills, no training needed and easy editing. 2. Get walkthrough into various formats w/o any additional effort - slideshows, articles, videos, widgets and scripts for in app help 3. Create walkthrough on third party Applications - whatfix works well with Google Apps, Salesforce, Netsuite and many more.. 4. Single tools for your support, onboarding & training needs 5. Improve user engagement - use Whatfix walkthroughs and identify users pain points and eliminate them. Want to Increase revenue, enhance customer support and innovate your training? Try Whatfix! Read more
EdgeCast is a content delivery network (CDN) that helps companies accelerate and deliver static content to their users around the world. Read more
Trint reinvents transcription extending automated-speech-to text so that users can trust the output. Recorded content becomes searchable. Read more
StructuredWeb gives you the technology to simplify Read more
User engagement platform that helps businesses create personalized customer interactions. Read more
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