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Validic is interoperability for mHealth. Our API platform integrates dozens, and eventually hundreds, of consumer health apps, fitness devices, home health devices, and medical devices. We provide healthcare providers, insurers, and corporate wellness vendors a single API connection with access to over 80 integrated apps and devices, removing the need for those organizations to build and maintain connections with each individual app or device. Read more
Our natural products program is dedicated to aligning research and education in drug discovery. We collaborate with Yale faculty, provide training and education in the field of natural products research, and we facilitate a crowd-sourced drug discovery platform. The facilities of this Collaborative support culture scale-up, extraction, bioassay-guided fractionation, and hit identification capabilities. We also conduct original research in the optimization and characterization of natural products sources. The services we provide are both unique and essential for advancing the pharmaceutical landscape in new directions, though particularly in academic spaces, which provide most of the ideas and new targets areas. Read more
Qida is a social impact company dedicated to providing quality home care for people in chronic conditions / dependency, helping them to live longer, in better health, at home. It focuses on technology and monitoring of people at home. Read more
Prixz is on demand delivery system for pharmacies in Mexico connected with more than 2000 pharmacies on line with 1 million orders / year Read more
Dietary Molecular Diagnostics Personalizes nutrition tailored to individual genetics and metabolism. Read more
Telomere Therapeutics, S.L has the objective to develop treatments based on gene therapy to diseases associated with telomeric syndromes, such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, aplastic anemia, or dyskeratosis congenita Read more
Ailaaj is the most trusted Online Pharmacy in Pakistan. Browse our wide selection of medications, arrange appointments, or consult with the top doctors online. Get 100% genuine medicines across Pakistan. Read more
Vets First Choice provides veterinary practices with an online pharmacy and home delivery services. Read more
Neogentc is developing an anti-cancer immune T-cell therapy based on a new antigen discovery platform that goes beyond inaccurate predictions and an innovative immune cell therapy-based technology that binds to actual immune cells. Read more
UrbanFisio is the leading healthcare company in Spain providing Personalised Physiotherapy on-site services. We can be with you within an hour, 363 days a year, with our own team of trusted, expert and insured physiotherapists in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia areas. Our mission is to support people to improve their musculoskeletal health. We fo... Read more
Cytes Biotechnologies' main activity is human liver cell isolation. Liver cell isolation is a differentiated and complex process that combines know-how and expertise in tissue procurement and preservation.... Read more
RxWiki, Inc. is an innovative media company that publishes the largest digital medication encyclopedia, deploys eHealth applications and powers digital Medication Therapy Management (dMTM™) services. Our strategic goal is to publish a world-class medication encyclopedia - covering prescription, OTC and natural products. RxWiki's encyclopedia is edited by pharmacist - a trusted healthcare provider. Pharmacists can create, edit, and distribute in the first digital medication encyclopedia written for individuals, not medical experts. The medication encyclopedia is updated daily with any necessary updates and can be trusted by everyone. We believe this encyclopedia will enable patients and healthcare providers to improve medication adherence, reduce costs, and save lives. Read more
SENSUAL INTIM is a company dedicated to the production of menstrual cups made of sustainable material and to sell them online (e-commerce). Read more
LactApp provides Artificial Intelligence in novel use cases: Breastfeeding and Maternity. It has developed an innovative approach to lower health costs and improve womenВїs experiences. In only 2 years the company solves over 35.000 consultations per week through a mobile app and is developing innovative features to early diagnose mammary pathol... Read more
Pharmap is the delivery on demand service that allows you to request and receive any pharmacy product at home within 1 hour or in the most convenient time slot. Read more
Doctuo enables you to find the doctors you require. You may book an appointment and contract medical insurance online.... Read more
Aculys Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that aims to develop innovative and superior medical methods and deliver them to patients. Read more
OTOTECH is the first therapeutic hearing centre specialised in the treatment and care of tinnitus, deafness (hearing loss) and other hearing pathologies, by using a specified technique based on Transmastoid Cochlear Electrostimulation. An auditory therapy that has enabled us to reach up to 61% of complete healing and significant improvements amo... Read more
Kiversal is a medtech start-up, based in Barcelona (Spain), with the mission to connect all diagnostic devices into the medical infrastructure applying IoT approaches. Since then we have developed and certified a high connectivity audiometer (Audixi 10). Our latest development is KiCloud, a serverless and cloud-based software infrastructure that... Read more
SmartSalus is an independent website that has been established to make PRIVATE MEDICINE available to whoever requires it at the very moment they need it, and without waiting lists or fixed monthly fees.... Read more
Our objective is to provide Model-informed Drug Development solutions: scientific, quantitative information and models, to support decision-making in R&D translational and clinical projects. M&S Decisions provides modeling services and platforms for the global pharmaceutical companies and biomedical/biotech start-ups. Read more
SENIORDOMO provides smart telecare for elderly people Read more
Therapeutics (ABT) is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, registered in Taipei, Taiwan and focused on first/best-in-class precision medicine in oncology. Our therapeutic pipeline, ABT-101, addresses multiple unmet medical needs that represent large market opportunities Read more
Savara is an inhalation drug development company. Our lead product addresses an unmet clinical need in the treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) and in other high risk patient populations. MRSA is a growing problem, with a 6 year reduction in life expectancy for infected CF patients and no suitable treatment. The product is in preparation for its first human clinical trial. Read more
Rafa is a pharmaceutical company in Israel that markets, manufactures and distributes prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, mainly proprietary formulations, as well as generic formulations, and consumer health products. Read more
Pipelinepharma is a global B2B pharmaceuticals marketplace. Read more
MedGrocer is an FDA-registered pharmacy delivering your prescription and OTC medicines Read more
Pharmaceutical laboratory specializing in eye health products. Read more
Avomeen Analytical Services is a full-service chemical testing laboratory specializing in deformulation, pharmaceutical testing, product development, and chemical litigation support services. Read more
RedHill Biopharma is a specialty biopharmaceutical company primarily focused on commercialization and development of proprietary drugs for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. Read more
SIRUM is a “” for unused medicine. We connect institutional surplus with safety-net clinics. Why? Every day, 1 in 4 working-age adults skips their prescription medications because they can’t afford them. Medication is the 2nd highest out-of-pocket cost in healthcare (after insurance). At the same time, $4-5 billion of unused medicine goes to waste each year. SIRUM’s platform enables closed, safe, and hassle-free peer-to-peer drug redistribution. SIRUM connects donor facilities and recipient clinics directly. And, our smart technology ensures quality, safety, and record-keeping standards are met at every step.  Read more
Bioceltix is ​​a team of experts developing innovative therapies in veterinary medicine. We are working on biological drugs using the immunomodulatory properties of mesenchymal stem cells. Read more
Merohealthcare is an online pharmacy, a medical drug store to buy medicines, healthcare products, beauty essentials and surgical and healthcare devices in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a complete online healthcare service provider with home delivery service. Read more
MedVisit is a digital health company that simplifies the medical experience and brings medical care to patients, anytime, anywhere. Through our mobile service, they provide people with 24/7 access to quality, personal healthcare in the comfort of their own home or hotel. Read more
The largest digital platform of pharmacies in Southeast Asia. Our digital solutions have revolutionised the way in which healthcare stakeholders communicate with pharmacy professionals and unearth brand new datasets so that commercial initiatives are optimised. Read more
GENERIUM is a full-cycle innovative high-end pharmaceutical company. We are the leader in Russian orphan pharmaceutical market. GENERIUM possesses its own R&D park, which is capable to handle the full cycle of development of any biological drug, from molecule design to commercial production. We are collaborating in science with leading biotechnological companies and institutes from all over the world. Read more
CARsgen Therapeutics is a clinical stage immune oncology company that develops the first-in-class and best-in-class CAR-T and antibody therapeutics. Read more
Mits healthcare is growing pharma company.Mits focus is in fied of pain management & harmonal products Read more
Oramed Pharmaceuticals has developed a technology to transform injectable treatments into oral therapies. The company's flagship product, an oral insulin capsule would allow type 2 diabetes patients to begin insulin therapy earlier without injections. Oramed's oral insulin is currently in advanced clinical trials under the US FDA for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Read more
Impri Med Korea, provides a service that analyzes anticancer drugs for companion dogs. Read more
Get access to an Investors Database (Venture Capital, Family Office, Business Angels Network, etc) covering all sectors of Healthcare (Pharma, Biotech, Diagnostics, Medical Device / Medtech, Digital Health, etc.). Read more
Molecular Assemblies is enabling a new era in biotechnology by developing a next generation DNA synthesis technology. The first generation DNA synthesis technology commercialized by the founders more than a quarter century ago has enabled "reading" the genome and our deepening understanding of how biology works, but is an impediment to "writing" new genomes to exploit biology’s potential to mitigate society's most pressing problems through development of carbon neutral fuels and plastics, advanced therapeutics with fewer side-effects and more nutritious crops which require fewer resources. The hundreds of millions of dollars invested to circumvent the inherent problems of the chemical approach we commercialized a generation ago compel us to reunite to replace the existing chemistry by using nature’s own enzymatic tools to produce very long, high quality DNA strands quickly and efficiently, without the toxic waste produced by the current method.  Read more
FluGen scientists are steadily advancing REDEE FLU toward our goal of developing a better, more effective influenza vaccine; one that engages the body differently and therefore provokes a better immune response than current vaccines. Read more
Limbix building a pipeline of prescription digital therapeutics for the treatment of mental health which combine the use of mobile & VR. Read more
Jacobio Pharmaceuticals is a clinical trial stage company that does research and development into new innovative medicine to improve people's health. They have a full integrated pharmaceutical R&D team including computer-aided design, medicinal chemistry, biology and pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis and more. Read more
ImmuneOnco Biopharma is an early stage biopharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes novel cancer immunotherapy products. The products are design to reverse cancer-induced immune inhibition and actively eradicate cancer cells. Read more
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