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1doc3 is a e-health platform that connects 490 million of spanish speaking people with licensed and trusted doctors. Users will find personalized answers to their health related questions. Doctors will build their online reputation, find new patients and create the biggest health related questions and answers curated database in Spanish. The Platform is available via web, app, SMS and USSD, allowing the entire population to have access to a Doctor no matter where they are, or even if they don't have internet access.  Read more
Buoy builds a free digital health tool that helps people – from the moment they get sick – start their health care on the right foot. Started by a team of doctors and computer scientists working at the Harvard Innovation Laboratory in Boston MA, Buoy was developed in direct response to the downward spiral we’ve all faced when we attempt to self-diagnose our symptoms online.  Read more
PatientPop has one simple mission: to help healthcare practices thrive. We do this by giving providers everything they need to attract and recall patients to continuously grow their practices. With PatientPop, providers can attract more patients, manage online reputation, modernize the patient experience, and automate the front office — all without sacrificing quality patient care. We've helped thousands of providers with healthcare marketing since our founding 2014. Read more
Existing diet analysis software for professionals is plagued with usability and functionality issues. Information presented to consumers is often conflicting. A lack of accountability and education means motivation levels often drop rapidly = unsuccessful outcomes + frustration. Nutritics has developed a nutrition platform that provides professionals with cutting edge cloud-based tools which facilitate in-depth dietary assessment, meal plan creation and recipe analysis. These tools increase work efficiency by up to 60% over competitor products Product highlights include: - The only cloud based, professionally-orientated platform on the market. - Largest proprietary food database – x3 times larger than closest competitor product. - Incorporates latest nutrition research for health as well as all available sports nutrition guidelines - Proven to be 33% more time efficient than traditional diet logging methods and 80% more time efficient for meal plan creation Read more
HealthUnlocked is a network communities focused on connecting our users with others who share their chronic condition or health interest. We've partnered with over 450 health organizations around the world monitor these communites and ensure a high quality information.  Read more
Tonic is revolutionizing medical data collection by making it MUCH more patient-friendly and highly actionable. This translates into greater patient engagement, more accurate data, improved patient screening and tracking, increased efficiency and lower costs for healthcare organizations everywhere. Tonic's platform is in use or coming online soon at the following leading medical centers: Mayo Clinic, Kaiser, UCLA, UCSF, Georgetown, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, and the VA, among others. Read more
The KyruusOneTM Platform is a Big Data information and analytics system that dynamically assembles and integrates comprehensive data from 1,000's of external and proprietary data sources about physicians. Our technology incorporates the latest healthcare domain-specific methods for ensuring high-confidence matching, disambiguation, and attribution of records so that users are always basing their critical operational decisions on complete, accurate, and up-to-date information. Our sources include structured sources, such as state medical databases, clinical trial registries, and claims / billing data, as well as unstructured sources, including hospital websites, journal articles, conference proceedings, and company websites. Our database contains billions of data points on all physicians licensed to practice in the U.S., and is updated daily to ensure freshness and up-to-date insights. Read more
CareTree is a collaboration platform designed to replace the paper records in the home health and senior care industries with an online platform that centralizes information and automates communication with care stakeholders (the individual, their caretakers, family, and doctors). The second phase of CareTree is to be a for EMR records. Using EMR patient portals, CareTree will give caregivers access to all of a patient's records from one easy portal. Read more
GOrendezvous is an online appointment platform offering the following key features: 1) The first Smart Waiting List on the market: we help you quickly replace cancellations via the waiting list and according to your clients' availabilities. 2) Collaborative Appointment Booking: maximize your client satisfaction by letting them book their own appointments online. 3) Email and SMS Reminders with confirmations: automate a boring task that generates revenue. We also offer the most flexible work schedule and other market leading features. Read more
Today, has enrolled over 3 million people in health insurance coverage and is the leading online marketplace for individually and family health insurance products in the nation. Licensed to market and sell health insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, eHealthInsurance was responsible for the nation's first Internet-based sale of a health insurance policy, and we have partnerships with more than 180 health insurance companies, and offer more than 10,000 health insurance products online. Every day we provide thousands of visitors with information about a broad array of health insurance-related topics and plans, including a selection of price and benefit options, complemented by a full-service Customer Care Center of highly trained customer service representatives. Read more
drchrono was voted the #1 Mobile EHR for 2013 by Blackbook Rankings. They surveyed over 16,000 physicians and drchrono won in 10 out of 16 categories that are tracked. See the full Blackbook report here: drchrono is a free Meaningful Use Certified iPad EHR that offers paid upgrades to take over a Doctor's medical billing and Revenue Cycle Management. We use our award wining native iPad EHR and our cloud based medical billing platform to help office based Doctors comply with the U.S. government's Electronic Medical Records mandate (the HiTech act.) Our product is designed for office based private practice healthcare providers. We don't sell to hospitals or larger healthcare systems, we are laser focused on making private practice doctors in small and large practices succeed with EHR and getting paid more on their medical billing. Read more
iTherapydocs is the leader in Compliance Automation as a Service (CAaaS) - automate processes - documentation/billing/payment/auditing Read more
The Owlet Baby Monitor is a sock, that measures heart rate and oxygen levels and alerts parent's if their child stops breathing during the night. The Owlet Baby Monitor addresses this concern by combining hospital-proven pulse oximetry (vital-sign-reading equipment) with modern communication in a personalized system that grows with your child. By monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen levels (how well an infant is breathing), life-saving data is available at the click of a button, right where parents want it. The Owlet Baby Monitor is up all night so parents don’t have to be, providing peace of mind and allowing them the rest they need with the assurance that their baby is getting the rest he or she needs. Even in its early stages, this product has received impressive pull from the market, being featured on or in ABC, The Huffington Post, Mashable, Gizmodo, and 40 other U.S. and foreign news outlets.  Read more
BreezoMeter is a Big-data analytics platform, which gathers data from thousands of sensors worldwide and provides real time, location based map of air pollution levels (with historical perspective available), at the street level – using cutting edge air pollution dispersion models and analytics. BreezoMeter platform can be delivered to the costumers as services in a variety of channels and forms including: •Apps for Smartphones and tablets. •Widgets & API services integrated into apps and wearable devices.  Read more
Eko is combining eletronic stethoscope and EKG with powerful software to allow clinicians to monitor patients remotely Read more
Credihealth is changing the face of healthcare in India We’ve invented a new way for you to learn about your health and get trustworthy health information at your time of need. With the largest admired hospital network in India, we’re introducing a ground-breaking approach for people to compare and select from a comprehensive database of hospitals, doctors and treatments. No more waiting rooms. Connect with doctors and surgeons and enjoy a hassle-free, cost-effective medical journey. We are in this for the long haul to help you, your family and everyone in the world live happier, healthier lives. Nurtured from a single idea – to make healthcare transparent for the common man, we passionately believe that everyone has the right to easily accessible, free, credible health information— we deserve affordable access to doctors anytime, anyday. Read more
Patients Know Best is a highly secure data platform for moving patient medical data between settings, people and connected devices. We were recently recognized as the leader in patient-controlled medical records in a Microsoft-sponsored report commissioned by the UK Department of Health ( The problem is that the healthcare landscape is composed of many, many silos (hospitals, physicians' offices, home healthcare, pharma, government, research, etc.) and putting the patient in control is legally and practically the only way to solve this fragmentation problem in one fell swoop and enable truly integrated, cost-effective care. Fundamentally, we're solving the data transfer/mobility and interoperability problem. Because it's such a bedrock problem, we touch on every part of the healthcare economy, which positions us to act as the highly secure data hub that processes every healthcare data transaction.  Read more
Dräger is an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology. Since 1889, Dräger products protect, support and save lives. Read more
VetSource is a pharmaceuticals company providing pet care medication and vaccination services. Read more
Healthie is a comprehensive platform for nutrition professionals to manage a private practice. We simplify activities like scheduling and billing, provide a portal for client engagement, and enable HIPAA-compliant virtual consultations. For dietitians and nutritionists, Healthie is the only platform required to start, manage, and grow a practice, or work with clients in outpatient settings. Clients benefit from our platform to record food, workouts, metrics, and goals, and a vehicle to communicate with their healthcare providers in between appointments. Read more
Lifesum is a Stockholm-based digital health startup offering people a flexible platform to help them forge good habits for an improved overall quality of life and healthy, balanced lifestyle. The app is available on Android and iOS and has had over 25 million downloads to date. Read more
RexPay is a mobile app that helps patients to easily understand, track, and pay all of their medical bills in one place. Read more
Mimi creates smart hearing Technology.  Read more
Flow Health connects care teams across all the organizations where a patient receives care. Flow Health creates a "hub and spoke" network, where the patient is at the center of their care team, where information flows freely, where data can be leveraged and where care becomes proactive. Read more
We're a Harvard incubated crowdfunding platform for nonprofits, social enterprises, startups and individuals. Read more
TebCan is a telehealth platform which lets you book a doctor on the website. Read more
Image based medical reference search for algorithms, decision aids, checklists, guidelines + more. Read more
YellowSchedule is complete and an easy to use Online Appointment Management CRM for SME's. The system is focused on driving efficiency for appointment taking businesses. It decimates appointment 'no-show' rates by automatically communicating with users' clients before the appointment and requesting and automatically handling replies from clients and routing these back to the user. We use a color coding system with appointments (green dot/red dot) to let the user know who will be making their appointment and who wont. Our live booking widget integrates directly with our users websites meaning potential customers can easily see what new appointment slots are available and make a booking. Through exciting strategic partnerships we are rapidly becoming a powerful tool for therapists and are happy to be rapidly expanding and a new leader in this market. We have a growing team and an exciting product roadmap and will be keeping our foot firmly to the floor! Read more
OptiMantra saas platform serves the wellness practitioners and the consumers of the wellness services and supplements. For the 3.4M Wellness practitioners (acupuncture, chiropractor, homeopathy, integrative MD, naturopathy, NP), OptiMantra provides practice management platform. The PM platform provides support for the clinical and administrative aspects of the practice to provide affordable and high quality of care for the consumers. 110M consumers of wellness services will use OM consumer portal to discover wellness service providers and to get access to health data and messaging with their service providers. Read more
R1 RCM is a top provider of revenue cycle management and physician advisory services to healthcare institutions. They help shape the commercial infrastructure of organizations throughout the country. Read more
MDAlgorithms developed a Mobile App platform to digitally disrupt skin health and beauty markets. It's MDacne mobile application uses image analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) for the assessment, treatment monitoring and user engagement of people with Acne. Starting with a quick Selfie, the app builds for people with Acne a customized daily routine, complete with product suggestions, fun video tutorials and daily tips and reminders. MDacne monitors skin improvement providing Carekit (Apple) integrated charts and B&A that can be easily shared with Family and Dermatologists. In 6 weeks after launch MDacne is the #1 Acne app on Apple's Appstore and #100 Medical free IOS App in the US. Read more
Valencia Technologies was founded upon a plan to create, develop, manufacture, and sell a coin-sized electroceutical that can easily be placed just under the skin in the forearm to treat hypertension. Read more
Conversa’s Digital Checkup™ platform provides ACOs, physician practices and hospitals an automated way to improve the huge gap in care that occurs between visits. "Digital Checkups" use data-driven algorithms to generate clinical questions, patient education, reminders & alerts. The platform collects, manages and analyzes PGHD (Patient Generated Health Data), including biometric sensor data (i.e. wearables, glucometers). The patient-facing web application is secure, responsive and works on all devices. PGHD is filtered and entered into the Electronic Health Record or population health management tool, triggering appropriate outreach and alerts for patients and providers. The Conversa Signal Control™ dashboard displays patient responses for physicians and care coordinators to view. Key clinical metrics identify patients who are not on track with their medications, treatment plan or who are experiencing worsening or new symptoms. The platform uses cloud-based adaptive technology.  Read more
AgileMD delivers high-yield, point-of-care, clinical knowledge tailored to each users setting. AgileMD is designed for clinical rigor and optimized for low connectivity settings. Read more
Jio empowers providers to deliver personalized care in contexts that are familiar to their patients.  Read more
Clarius is developing a novel medical imaging ecosystem. Read more
A clinical-stage medical device company leveraging breakthrough science to transform heart valve therapy Read more
Winner of the Most Innovative Company Award in long term care! Caremerge is a healthcare coordination and transition platform. Our mobile/web apps allow senior living communities simplify their care coordination efforts with various onsite and offsite stakeholders (facility staff, physicians, hospitals, families, etc.), all providing care for residents. Caremerge is at the center of five influential trends of our time: Boomers, Healthcare IT, Cloud/Mobile, Social/Collaboration, Big Data.  Read more
Full stack company for queer and gender fluid folks Read more
SYMPTOMA is a search engine for diseases. As a physician, you can enter symptoms and you will receive a list of matching differential diagnoses, weighted by their probability for your case according to the database. Read more
Tiimo has been designed on scientifically recognized methods and strategies that support communication, social interaction and participation in everyday life. That is possible, because Tiimo combines structure, visual aids, time management and motivating reminders in one smart solution. Read more
JRB Enterprise Group is a technology company representing world changing ASE Technologies that augment, supplement, and enhance our biology with technology. The trademarked and patented A2B Anti Aging Bed is world changing utilizing multilayered stimulus response textiles that neutralize free radicals and increase oxygen level in the body up to 24% all within a anti microbial shield of silver ions. The A2B Anti Aging Bed has two mattress series, the Anti Oxidant Bed which is our entry level line featuring the new benchmark in the mattress industry, followed up with the Anti Aging Bed, the most prolific invention in sleep since the invention of sleep itself. The Anti Aging Bed developed a life changing product that will change the world rapidly just by simply lying down to go to sleep. The A2B is but the first in line of many products that JRB Enterprise Group has plans to bring us closer to the future, an innovative technology company that will establish itself as the benchmark.  Read more
Mindletic App guides your employees through different techniques designed to cope with burnout, anxiety or stress. Read more
We offer an app that helps diabetic patients to control their glucose ingest.  Read more
Astanza Laser is a fast-growing, profitable, and customer-focused laser manufacturer with one of the best brands in the exploding market for tattoo removal lasers. No other company offers such an attractive pure play for investors interested in taking advantage of the trend to remove unwanted tattoos. Tattoo removal is the key indication for our laser systems, and with 36% of 18-25 years old and 40% of 26-40 years olds now possessing at least one tattoo, the market for the tattoo removal procedure already exists. Greater efficacy, superior reliability, and training and marketing support make our lasers the choice of physicians and business owners. Astanza Laser has a significant share of the market for tattoo removal lasers already, and with prestigious customers that serve as signals to the market of the strength and quality of the company. A growing set of products that serve a range of price points and a growing sales team are key opportunities for growth.  Read more
Their mission is to build the world's most convenient, international platform connecting medical personnel with patients on any device. Read more
Eko provides physicians with certainty when they are diagnosing heart conditions. We’ve built one of the world’s first stethoscopes that can automatically detect heart murmurs. Doctors currently have the almost impossible task of trying to hear minute differences between heart sounds, which results in frequent misdiagnosis and undetected heart abnormalities. Through a physician’s smartphone, the Eko software compares a patient’s heartbeat to a database of thousands of others and provides almost instantaneous feedback to the physician. Eko gives every physician the power of a cardiologist in their pocket. FEATURES | Digitize heart sounds from almost any analog stethoscope | Visualize the heart sounds; record and play them back | Get an instant analysis of a heart sound by comparing it to thousands of others | Attach heart sounds to patient's medical records | Securely share heart sounds with other physicians Read more
DxMate is an innovative decision support tool based on our medical expert system. The purpose of the tool is to help family doctors and primary care physicians to expand their differential diagnosis by suggesting alternative conditions. Unlike existing products, DxMate computes results instantly, so that the tool can be used in real-time situations. DxMate not only computes the probabilities of possible conditions, but also suggests diagnostic questions and laboratory tests with intelligent algorithms. Finally, DxMate learns as you go. By using the application, doctors improve the accuracy of the differential diagnoses it generates. See how it works: --- is a website dedicated to self-diagnosis and preventive medicine. Via the website, Internet users can obtain preliminary information regarding potential conditions, and then make an appointment with a suitable physician. See how it works: Read more
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