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Halodoc is a health-tech platform that connects patients with doctors, insurance, labs, and pharmacies in one simple mobile application. Read more
Cognition Technologies's semantic engine understands free English text and turns big data into accurate, actionable knowledge. It knows that "Are jaguars beautiful?" is about the animal and "Are Jaguars beautiful?" is about the car. From context it knows that "Do jaguar engines run faster" is about the car, even if spelled like the animal. It knows that "strike a match and burn" is about igniting, while "strike oil in Texas" is about discovering. Read more
WebTeb publishes exclusive and high-quality evidence-based medical information and continuously update it. The company is managed by a professional team that includes doctors. Read more
athenahealth is a leading provider of cloud-based business and clinical services for physician practices. The Company's service offerings are based on proprietary web-native practice management, electronic health record (EHR) software, a continuously updated payer knowledge-base and integrated back-office service operations. Read more
Medtrics is the only Residency Management Platform built from the ground up for ACGME's Next Accreditation System. Read more
A smarter, simple way to create an estate plan online. Read more
Practo is an mhealth platform that connects patients with healthcare providers through booking appointments, check-ups, and consultations. Read more
Doktor na rabote is the operator of an online network for Russian physicians. Read more
Sharecare is a digital health company, it helps people to manage all their health query at one place. Read more
Medical Note is an online platform that offers medical information and physician-booking features. Read more
TrendMD Inc. is an academic content discovery platform, that instantly delivers personalized, high-impact articles. With over 2,000 new publications added across 33,000 journals daily, it has become impossible for readers to discover relevant academic content. Similarly, for researchers, it has become equally as difficult to get their content discovered. TrendMD solves this by monitoring Twitter for top-trending medical articles and filtering it it by specialty. Think of TrendMD as the Reddit for medical articles. We are a simple, efficient, and fun way for researchers to amplify their great content and for busy physicians to discover trending medical research in their field. Read more
Improving healthcare by making medical knowledge universally accessible. Read more
Glow is an ambitious enterprise that uniquely applies the power of data science to health. Our personal health tracking products illuminate health through data, and empower people with new information about their bodies. We regularly consult medical advisors to ensure that our information is accurate and relevant. Read more
Qare is a unique on-demand, online-to-offline, virtual medical practice, offering all the benefits of the French medical system abroad Read more
Founded in Melbourne, in July, 2012, HotDoc is a Health Care Information Technology company that provides an online platform for patients to book medical appointments in realtime. In 3 simple steps, patient users can make a health booking at home or on the run, 24 hours a day.  Read more
Solv is a digital platform which allows patients to book same-day doctor’s appointments and urgent care visits. Read more
A medication guidance company personalizing medication experiences for employers, employees and their families Read more
MediBuddy - India’s Largest & most Trusted Digital Healthcare Platform offers Online Doctor Consultation, Health checks, Online Medicine with a network of 90,000 doctors, 7,000 hospitals, 3000 diagnostic centers covering over 95% of all pin codes in India. Read more
Nurx is a hassle-free way to access important health needs, including birth control, PrEP, genital herpes treatment, oral herpes treatment and home tests for HPV and STIs - conveniently, confidentially, and affordably. Read more
Headspace is a digital health platform that provides guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. Read more
ZOE is a nutritional science company on a mission to help everybody eat with confidence. Read more
Twic is a modern-day benefits platform that gives employees the freedom to choose health and wellness options that are right for them. Read more
AutoCruitment has developed an automated platform to target, recruit, screen and refer patients for clinical trials.  Read more
Yaomaitong provides medical and medical equipment information. Read more
To bring health issues to people in their language. Read more
Flo is an AI-powered women’s health app that supports women at every stage of their reproductive cycle. Read more
Health2Sync develops systems that transform smartphones into legacy medical devices and smart health monitoring machines. Read more
Choosing Therapy is an online publication focused on creating accurate, actionable mental and behavioral health content. Read more
SERMO is the social network for doctors. Read more
DocASAP provides patient access and engagement platform for health systems, payors, and physician groups. Read more
TheraNest is practice management software for social, human, and mental services. It's EMR for mental health and social services. Customers are therapists, psychologists, social workers and others in human and mental services. Read more
As a doctor, being aware of patient's evolution is a very time consuming task, even when we know there are tools out there, the actual methods make it so damn hard to do it. Let us explain why: Current tools and methods are obsolete, inefficient and worst of that, they're not taking advantage of the technology progress. That's why we created a tool that uses cutting-edge technology to enhance the doctor's productivity, make its life more easier and the best of that, offering them the ability to better treat their patients.  Read more
RISE is a developer of a sleep management platform used to provide tailored sleep planning. Read more
HealthSherpa is a technology company that focuses on connecting individuals with health coverage. Read more
MedScout is a revenue accleration platform focused on enabling the sales teams at life science companies. Read more
Leading health platform in Turkey Read more
Cardiogram organizes your mobile health data by making it meaningful, useful, and actionable. Read more
Keeps is the easiest way to keep your hair. Read more
Healthily is the world’s first medically approved self-care app designed around you. Read more
TUSHY is a bidet attachment company that helps ease environmental strife and fight the global sanitation crisis. Read more
Gento is transforming the way in-home care is delivered by directly connecting providers, clinicians, and patients. Read more
The safest and friendliest e-prescribing tool, for doctors. The most convenient and affordable way for treatment adherence, for patients. Read more
Xandar Kardian is a global leader and pioneer in radar signal processing solutions for smart building and remote healthcare applications. Read more
Prealize Health uses machine learning to transform healthcare from reactive to proactive. Read more
Private social network in healthcare: Personalized Q&A Product link: Read more
Edamam provides nutrition solutions to businesses in the food, health, and wellness sectors by leveraging its cloud-based structures. Read more
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