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Anagin is developing first-in-class therapies for treating neuropsychiatric diseases. Read more
LifeLabs is a Canadian-owned company that has been serving the healthcare needs of Canadians for more than 50 years. Read more
Clinical-stage biotechnology company, specialized in the discovery and development of small molecule medicines Read more
DrugBank is a provider of drug information and insight generation tools that accelerate drug research and improve healthcare delivery. Read more
Edesa develops treatments for dermatological and anorectal diseases. Edesa merged with Stellar Biotechnologies in 2019. Read more
Absorption Pharmaceuticals operates as a manufacturer of Promescent. Read more
Inspire is a vital community that helps patients and caregivers connect to members for the purpose of clinical research. Read more
BioDigital offers BioDigital Human Platform, a tool that simplifies complex health concepts through visualization.                     Read more
Genomelink is a platform where people discover more with their DNA data and help businesses build, market and do research with it. Read more
Eurofins provides testing and support services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental, and consumer products industries. Read more
Phil is a software therapy deployment platform, offering pharmaceutical manufacturers a modern alternative to patient access solutions Read more
The purpose of Idorsia is to discover, develop and commercialize innovative medicines to help more patients. Read more
We are an innovative global healthcare company. Our teams across the world strive to transform the practice of medicine, turning the impossible into the possible for patients. We provide potentially life-changing treatments and the protection of life-saving vaccines and affordable access to our medicines in some of the world’s poorest countries. Read more
Regain Biosurgery team designed a novel hemostatic product based on "nanomedical" materials, namely, polyurethane nanoparticles (PU NPs). PU NP has been proved to exhibit anti-inflammatory effect in vitro, and product prototype has been demonstrated to induce almost no foreign body reactions and probably exhibit neuroprotective effects in vivo. Read more
Nutrafol is a nutraceutical manufacturer that formulates all-natural, drug-free products to improve hair growth. Read more
Atlas Biomedical Holding is developing a network of private medical centers and biomedical developments in the field of molecular genetics and bioinformatics. The mission of the Atlas Biomedical Holding is the creation and introduction of personalized medicine tools into clinical practice. Read more
Clora is an intelligent platform that matches life science companies with flexible, on-demand expertise. Read more
Veritas Genetics is a provider of a genetic testing platform intended to empower people to live healthier and longer. Read more
OxThera develops products for the treatment of metabolic disorders resulting from excess levels of oxalate. Read more
One lab management platform that brings people, equipment and data together - no matter where they are. Read more
Prenetics is a genetic and diagnostic health testing company that helps identify health risks with the use of a DNA sequencing technology. Read more
ProTom International is a leading device manufacturer of proton therapy technology. Read more
Genetics.The mission of Veritas Int. is to fulfill the promise of the human genome, empowering people to maximize quality and length of life Read more
The Atlas DNA and gut microbiome tests evaluate your health status and provide personalised recommendations to improve wellbeing. Read more
Nebula Genomics leverages blockchain technology to eliminate middlemen and empower people to own their personal genomic data. Read more
Segterra provides science-based personalized health analytics such as blood. Read more
GenoPalate analyzes genetic data, demographics and lifestyle information to deliver personalized insights for optimal healthy eating. Read more
GenoPalate uses your genes to create a customized nutritional plan for your unique genetic make-up. Eat the food that can help you be your healthiest. Read more lets you share and get credit for your knowledge, discover corrections and optimizations of the protocols you use Read more
LUMICKS provide single-molecule analysis technologies for cancer research and cancer immunotherapy Read more is the leading digital media covering the European Biotech industry Read more
Entera Bio is a product-focused biotechnology company specializing in the oral delivery of large molecules and biologics. Read more
Schrödinger develops a chemical simulation software for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research. Read more
National Spine & Pain Centers provides administrative services to interventional pain management clinics. Read more
Founded by a group of young people from Taiwan, Greenvines Biotech has brought a new atmosphere to Taiwan's agriculture with innovative live sprouts that can continue to grow in the refrigerator. In 2013, it launched the world's first personal cleaning product extracted from organic sprouts. Care products. Read more
Preceptis Medical develops surgical tools that allow ear tube procedures to be performed with less pain. Read more
Privo Technologies is a development-stage biotechnology company located just outside Boston, MA. Read more
Synthego is a genome engineering company that enables access to CRISPR to accelerate life science research and development. Read more
BOOST Thyroid is the first digital and the only science solution helping people with thyroid disease prevent long-term health complications. Read more
Sema4 is a patient-centered predictive health company and a leader in diagnostic testing. Read more
Mileutis is a clinical-stage company focused on developing and commercializing natural and novel peptides for animal and human health. Read more
Sanguine is a technology-enabled company innovating at the intersection of personalized medicine, biobanking, and biomedical research. It has a simple and attractive, proven business model. Sanguine collects blood samples and associated medical data from patients diagnosed with specific conditions. It processes those samples to extract biospecimen such as cells, serum, plasma and DNA, and stores them along with the medical data. It then sells the biospecimen and data to academic and pharmaceutical entities for research purposes. Problem & Solution: Traditionally, research companies need to wait for physicians to set up appointments with patients and to find some willing to sign up. Patients go to Sanguine because Sanguine offers increased transparency in the research process, showing them where samples are used and how they advance biomedical research in areas they care about.  Read more
Binx Health creates new categories of healthcare solutions that deliver on-demand testing to people where they need it most. Read more
Focused primarily on cancer related research Ardigen has grown through collaboration with Poland based research institutions to emerge as the city's largest employers in collaborates in the biotech space. Read more
At Cirina we are pioneering products that detect cancer at its earliest stages and empower you to take action. Read more
Sano Genetics is a personalised medicine research platform with data privacy and transparency at its core. Read more
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