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Most affordable modern standing desk converter. Upgrade your office setup today, with free shipping. Read more
MetricAid, a Northern Ontario technology company, is transforming Emergency Department Physician scheduling.  Read more
Levven is an Alberta manufacturer with a vision of making intelligent buildings available to everyone. Focused on delivering technology and products to advantage the business of new construction, our promise is mobile device access and control of the building infrastructure that lowers building costs, speeding construction and conserving building materials. Read more
Tombot makes robotic animals that transform the daily life of individuals, families and communities facing health adversities. Read more
Laura offers artificial intelligence solutions to democratize healath through technology and generate positive social impact on a scale, following the patient's journey. The main product, Robo Laura, is implanted in health institutions for the early identification of the risks of clinical deterioration.  Read more
Electronic Caregiver creates hardware that improves caregiving through technology Read more
The Rosebud Open Fit Ready-to-Wear Digital Hearing Aids will help you to; understand speech more clearly, Enjoy watching TV at a comfortable volume and filter out that annoying background noise, while simultaneously amplifying human voices. Rosebud Open Fits are digital hearing aids and are best suited for individuals with mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss.  Read more
universal sound design is a Conversation support equipment supported by Educational and medical sites Communication support system comuoon. Read more
Space of equal opportunities that unites professionals with disabilities and helps beginners with disabilities to integrate into the open labor market. Read more
Wellstyle is a Platform management for 3rd generation families. Read more
Leading the way in behavioral understanding from face & voice technology. Founded in April 2019 as a spin-out company from the University of Nottingham, BlueSkeye AI was born out of the desire of its founders for their research to do real good and have an impact on our world. Read more
Katervil company is engaged in the development and production of the best in Russia and in the World high-tech means of rehabilitation of disabled people, including children, under the program Accessible Environment Read more
BindiMaps is an indoor navigation tool which has been optimised for people who are blind or vision impaired. Using a highly sophisticated technology stack, BindiMaps is able to guide people within indoor spaces with an accuracy of less than 1.5 metres. Read more
Disrupting the $2 Trillion senior care industry. Read more
ElderSense is an inventory management and marketplace for senior living, residential care homes, assisted living and independent living. Read more
VoiceFriend is developing a vital communications network for connecting communities, care teams, families and seniors. It will provide a platform for management and communication of community calendars, care plans, safety and security alerts, and chronic disease management.  Read more
Arcatron is reinventing assisted living through building the next generation of devices. Read more
Cleanhearing Sono is a breakthrough medical device designed to improve quality of life for people living with tinnitus. It does not mask or hide symptoms. Instead, it targets underlying tinnitus contributors with gentle stimulation to encourage long-term relief. All in the comfort of your home. Read more
Citizen movement that will make drinking water a resource available to all Read more
FluenTech develops and commercializes rehabilitative and assistive technologies for people with speech impediment. The company’s products include an online course with feedback software and specialized hardware. Read more
RealSAM specialise in developing AI technology solutions for people who are blind, have low vision or a print disability. Read more
Conpago is an Age Tech Company that uses technology to create engaged communities. We provide solutions to the age services industry to help providers engage, manage and connect to their community. By combining three portals, the Conpago Suite connects seniors, family and care providers and forms a social platform to build positive and thriving communities around aged care services. Read more
Maslow was created by a team of therapists, designers and people with lived experience to serve the unique needs of those living with ongoing care and rehab needs.Maslow was created to bridge the gap between managing care and rehab. Read more
ProsFit team is building the capability to accommodate the increasing number of amputees, at the same time dramatically improving their experience. We aim to play our part in enabling mobility and integration in society Read more
Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Manufacturer for Healthcare, Assisted Living, Hospitality, Retail and other service sectors Read more
Bonocle develops assistive technology device that allows the visually impaired to interpret the contents of any electronic device through the medium of braille. Read more
Our mission is to combine knowledge and technology to help children with disabilities and people with disabilities become independent. Read more
OTTAA Project is an Alternative Augmentative Communication System for people with speech disabilities. It is a mobile, fast and effective tool that significantly improves the quality of life and facilitates social and occupational integration. Read more
Gait trainer EIK is a body balance maintenance system with gait training system, that is intended to support in physical rehabilitation therapy and physical training of the disabled. Read more
Anjia Social Enterprise Inc. aims to develop a good living environment, with the help of technology, for caring elder people. The main goal of Anjia is to provide diverse at-home care service and information system. Read more
RenewSenses converts the visual world into alternative assets. Read more
CuroCarers is an employee wellness platform that enables caregivers to control their own well-being and flourish at work. Read more
Chronic disease prevention platforms for assisted living and home health care & home health care agencies Read more
TAK-Circulator is a business with the goal of contributing to society by commercializing the University of Tokyo research seeds Read more
Poppy & Jacks raising the standard for exceptional quality childcare. Read more
Luvozo improves fall prevention outcomes for older adults in long-term care and in the home. Read more
Desino, a Cologne, Germany-based provider of a wheelchair with dynamic seating system, These dynamic seating systems are already Read more
Japan Legal Network is an application that records the attendance status from the user's location. Read more
KeyBraille is unique software that enables a visually impaired person to learn and write Braille directly on a computer. Read more
BLESEN is a smart technology company that specialises in the delivery of information and data services for innovation in residential and aged care. Read more
Device for the blind and visually impaired people to gain the ability to sense surroundings and navigate. Read more
Visualfy creates technological solutions that improve the lives of people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Read more
CogAid aims to provide AI-based cognitive assistive technologies to knowledge workers experiencing temporary or permanent cognitive challenges at work. Focusing on return to work (and staying employed) for professionals after rehabilitation, for example, from mTBI. Read more
Pic-A-Talk is a picture exchange communication system in a mobile application. It consists of images of words that are easily identifiable by any user. It helps children with communication disabilities express themselves and connect with the people around them. Read more
Insuline Medical is a Israeli medical device company, which has developed, and is manufacturing and marketing a device which enables patients on intensive insulin therapy to take control of their disease and reach treatment targets in a more effective way. Read more
Assistive Technologies / Rehabilitation Technologies Read more
Development of Inclusive Technology Read more
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