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Does an interesting photo pique our attention more than a usual photo? Does an attention catching video actually induce a significant brainwave signal? Can the brainwave signal analysis allow us to predict what goes viral on social media? Our product, Neuroclick, aims to explore the relationship between brainwave signals and “interest” that users develop to various external stimuli. In pursuit of this goal, we develop a platform consisting of various tools to interface with the Neurosky device, perform semi automated experiments with users and archive data anonymously. We also perform data analysis on the gathered data to find relations which can help answer today’s tough questions like “Will this picture of my cat go viral?” :) Apart from judging cute cat photos, this technology could also find applications in design, advertising, marketing, A/B testing and various other fields, which might benefit from the knowledge of user attention/interest.  Read more
Fresha is a SaaS-enabled marketplace platform for beauty and wellness industry. Read more
This is the only professional community of medical workers in Russia, combined with the information and reference system of medicines for radar, which is used in their practice by more than 90% of doctors Read more
Curology is a cosmetic company that provides actual prescription skincare customized for their skin and delivered to their door. Read more
Founded in 2014, Thrive Market is a mission driven online marketplace delivering high-quality, healthy products at member-only prices. Read more
Thrive Causemetics offers cosmetics that are cruelty-free, vegan, and formulated with safe ingredients. Read more
Yamibuy is the leading Asian-centric Internet retailer in the U.S. Read more
Scentbird enables its users to choose and get supply of sample designer fragrances on a monthly basis before buying them. Read more
Quartzy is a rapidly growing free lab management platform used by thousands of labs in pharma and biotech companies as well as in hospitals and in academia. Quartzy makes it easy for labs to manage their inventories, submit order requests, and track lab equipment and protocols. The software has been received by the community to glowing reviews: Traditionally in the life-sciences market (US $20B), manufacturers and distributors use sales reps to reach their customers. Quartzy's free lab management platform aggregates the buyers ("labs") and enables vendors to reach their customers efficiently. Quartzy generates revenue by charging suppliers for this access. Quartzy thus adds value to both sides of the market - To labs by offering a free and easy-to-use product and to manufacturers by helping them to reach their customers effectively.  Read more
MyGlamm is a marketplace for stylists / beauticians / nail and spa aestheticians. Read more
quip designs and delivers oral care products, advice, and services. Read more
Scientific publishing as it stands is an inefficient way to do science on a global scale. A lot of time and money is being wasted by groups around the world duplicating research that has already been carried out. We are a data sharing platform where you can add figures that might otherwise go unpublished– complete with the raw data tables. In doing this, other researchers will not duplicate the work, but instead may publish with your previously wasted figure. Read more
Candid helps people get the smile they've always wanted at a price they can afford. Read more
Skin Innovation Overnight is a line of medical-grade silicone patches for the face, neck, and decollete. Read more
Your scientific marketplace. From scientific equipment and custom research mazes to manuscript writing, data analysis, and technology transfer services, we support you through your research journey at every step. Read more
Typology is a skincare and cosmetics products company. Read more
Kosas operates as a color cosmetics company. Read more
Sallve is a beauty D2C brand that is revolutionizing the cosmetics space in Brazil. Read more
ScentBox is an affordable and fun way for members to seek out and sample wonderful new designer fragrances each and every month. Read more
Ogee is an organic skin care platform that provides organic beauty products. Read more
Housejoy is a web-based platform that allows individuals to browse and book service providers for their homes. Read more
FashionLady is the latest trending and leading fashion and beauty blog for women in India and abroad. Read more
BULK HOMME is a subscription-based skincare company that provides products for men. Read more
Slick is an end to end booking management for salons, reducing the number of no-shows and giving salons a modern connected experience. Read more
Vetcove is the largest B2B veterinary marketplace, enabling veterinary hospitals to compare and buy supplies from all of their vendors. Read more
BionIT Labs is a Medtech Italian company working in the field of Human-Machine Integration and it applies IT to Bionics with the aim of 'Turning Disabilities into New Possibilities'. Read more
Hawthorne creates personal care products using premium quality ingredients, data-driven algorithms, and smart subscriptions. Read more
Rael makes natural and organic period products that don't sacrifice comfort or performance. Read more
Versed is a cosmetic company that offers a clean skincare brand in retail and direct-to-consumer channels. Read more
Bioz is an advanced AI search engine for life science experimentation, empowering scientists to accelerate their research Read more
Juicy Chemistry operates as an eponymous consumer brand. Read more
Olivela is an online luxury retail platform with a philanthropic business model. Read more
Wander Beauty is the first travel-inspired, luxury color cosmetics experience. Read more
Même Cosmetics manufactures kin products for patients under cancer treatment. Read more
Qualio is a Quality Management System (QMS) that helps Quality Managers at life sciences companies get products to market faster, and achieve 100% FDA/ISO/GxP compliance in audits. Qualio automates the painful paperwork and processes required by regulators for 2x faster accreditation & approval. Work 5x faster than paper/traditional solutions to manage Document Control, Training, NCRs, CAPAs, Audits, Suppliers, Complaints and more. Read more
Vitruvi is a Vancouver-based company that primarily engages in developing essential oil products. Read more
Honee is a discovery, booking and engagement platform for wellness, beauty and fitness services in Melbourne. Read more is an online community where people can ask questions, share reviews and meet with doctors providing cosmetic treatments. Read more
Starface operates as a skincare brand. Read more
MedChart is a release of information platform that makes transfer of medical records easy and secure on the cloud. Read more
Tikli is a Leading Fashion and Beauty Community Read more
Book beauty appoinments, first beauty-services marketplace in LatAm Read more
GetLook is a beauty service provider at home Read more
Otherland is a digitally-native candle brand that transforms your home into an expressive world. Read more
OOYOO leads the Development and Implemention in Gas and Air Separation Technologies Read more
What our product does: muscle relief Point of contact: Hin Lai Our main market is: Athletes Read more
Keyto is a health and wellness company. Read more
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