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Assess and develop your family's cognitive skills and neuroplasticity. CogniFit offers you a brain training platform to assess and train your family's cognitive skills, like attention, concentration, and memory. Read more
Keyless is building a biometric multi-factor authentication platform that will allow organizations to go passwordless. Read more
ImpactGuru is a crowdfunding platform that helps individuals raise money for medical, social or personal purposes. They help critically ill patients at hospitals crowdfund their healthcare costs. They also have a business app for campaigners Read more
Viome is a provider of comprehensive health insights designed to help people track their gut microbiome health. Read more
Connecting patients, doctors, and developers to accelerate healthcare innovation - NexHealth fully integrates with EHR systems to provide convenience and simplicity at each step of a patient's booking journey, and NexHealth practices see an average of 18 new patients per month. Read more
Cocunat is a natural and 100% toxic free cosmetics brand. Read more
Bookimed is a platform that matches patients with first-rate healthcare centers and trip arrangements globally. They have developed a medical marketplace where customers can book visits to clinics, compare costs, and read reviews. Read more
DabaDoc is an online platform that allows patients to find and book an appointment with an available doctor nearby. Read more
Powering the future of omnichannel biometric identity Read more
Medoucine brings together practitioners of alternative medicine validated for you and who can consult with confidence! Read more
Veterinary Telemedicine & Triage Read more
Soothe is an on-demand wellness platform that brings wellness and self-care services directly to you--at home or at work. Read more
PET-Technology is a federal network of Nuclear Medicine centers. the company is a federal network of medical centers for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and the production of radiopharmaceuticals in different cities. Due to the wide geography of its presence, PET-Technology has made specialized medical care available not only in the capital, but also in the regions of Russia. PET-Technology centers are safe and comfortable, including for people with limited mobility, modern medical facilities. Each of our centers has an equipped parking, ergonomic waiting rooms, spacious elevators and other necessary elements of comfort. Read more
Blood Sugar Control Made Easy- The Algorithm Diet personalized to you. Read more
Online ecommerce and community for cross border beauty. Read more
The platform allows people to find the doctors they need. Read more
Abiby is the italian leading platform that offers subscription services to discover and try new beauty brand and products. Read more
Trusted Health is a platform that matches nurses with a range of flexible jobs that meet their preferences and career goals Read more
Doctis allow everyone to monitor health without leaving home Read more
Apollo Neuroscience is a wellness product not intended to treat psychiatric disorders. Read more
Cuddlist is a wellness platform connecting physical touch practitioners with people in need of physical touch. Read more
Ripple Science accelerates clinical research with its HIPAA-compliant suite of tools. Read more
Medexa offers medical clinic and patient record management software. Read more
Aura is a digital wellness ecosystem that provides personalized content & community from therapists & coaches around the world Read more
Kindbody is a health and technology company providing fertility, gynecology, and family-building care. Read more
Legacy is a private bank that helps men test, improve, and freeze their sperm. Read more
Mutumutu is an online life insurance with a clear and broadest coverage in case of illness or accident. Read more
TiqueTaque is a complete and modern solution for workforce time tracking and schedule management. Read more
Dadi offers sperm storage, male fertility report, and at-home collection kit. Read more
Eterneva is a developer of diamond technology intended to convert cremated ashes of loved ones into memorial diamonds. Read more
Worksmile is an all-in-one employee wellbeing platform which combines gaming and social networking with a benefit marketplace. Read more
Modern Acupuncture provides convenient, accessible wellness, and pain relief by rebalancing the body through acupuncture. Read more
Hello Cake offers tailor-made products for the bedroom, inspired by real couples, and designed for specific types of play. Read more
Dentinaltubules is dentistry's online educational website with a large repertoire of articles and a video library. One of the biggest growing video libraries in the UK in this sector , the first website to do live streaming in this sector and provide an online social network together. The customer is the dental professional who pays a monthly fee to access the premium content including videos, Live streaming and CPD. As the demand for education and enhancing knowledge and skills increases in the industry, and dental professionals are pressured by time, they need a convenient way to gain knowledge as well as train their teams. provides the perfect convenient way of delivering lectures live and on-demand for all professionals in the industry  Read more
Carrot Fertility helps employers offer their workers fertility benefits that are flexible, transparent, and cost-conscious. Read more
BetterPT is a platform technology company committed to transforming patient access and experience with healthcare services. Read more
Scandinavian Biolabs provides all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and made in Denmark haircare products with a focus on hair growth and hair thickening. Our ingredients are developed extensively with the top scientists and pharmacists in Denmark to ensure maximum efficiency. Read more
Empowers people as champions of well-being through proprietary mind-body and social-emotional learning curriculum delivered via in-person training's and a proprietary interactive digital learning platform Read more
Yes Health is an all-mobile diabetes prevention program designed to empower people everywhere to start living healthier, happier lives. Read more
Manufacturer and supplier of technical aids for rehabilitation, orthopedic and medical products and goods for people with disabilities. Read more
Power Gummies are a team of passionate givers who are dedicated to catering nutritional supplements Read more
emocha empowers every patient to take every dose with video technology and scalable human engagement. Read more
Log My Care is a free electronic care planning and care management system for home care providers. Read more
WELL is the modern communication platform for healthcare – one interface for all the interactions between staff and patients. Read more
Climedo Health brings the best treatment to every patient by empowering healthcare professionals with smart clinical research solutions. Read more
Anispi Holdings is a group home for people with disabilities living with protected dogs and cats. Read more
Aavia is a customer-loved hormone health brand creating a world where people use the power of their individual hormone cycle to optimize their potential. Read more
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