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PHARMASEAL want to give customers increased control of their clinical trials and product development. Having developed Engility® a B2B SaaS unified clinical trial management platform combining a CTMS and eTMF the company is expanding sales and partnerships. Read more
MediBuddy - India’s Largest & most Trusted Digital Healthcare Platform offers Online Doctor Consultation, Health checks, Online Medicine with a network of 90,000 doctors, 7,000 hospitals, 3000 diagnostic centers covering over 95% of all pin codes in India. Read more
Intelehealth is a technology non-profit that's improving access to primary health care in underserved regions of the world through its innovative telemedicine platform. Read more
Mentegram increases your productivity while assessing patients. It enables the assessment of a range of conditions such as anxiety, depression and substance abuse, among others. Read more
We create technological solutions that increase the independence of people with neurodevelopmental disorders. Read more
Through the application of artificial intelligence, we transform data into dynamic knowledge to improve operational efficiency for our partners in the development and routing of Rx drugs. Read more
Lucine offers digital therapy to measure, analyze and relieve chronic pain. Read more is an innovative tech start-up project for worldwide dentistry, aiming to bring a digital revolution in the way we, as consumers, and dental clinics, interact with the digital world, from communication to unlimited access to dental services. Read more
DentIntel is a software developed, tested and used by dentists. Read more
Centro Psicología Bilbao is a private center for educational, psychological, and training intervention in Bilbao. In response to the current situation, all our psychologists and pedagogues offer their services online and in-person, using all the security measures at our disposal. Read more
CovalentCreative is an independently owned, eyecare professional-only, digital marketing agency that provides content, creative, and technology services for forward-thinking healthcare organizations. We’re the team behind the industry-leading publication, Eyes On Eyecare. Read more
ARVIN is collaborating with leading clinical research hospitals in Taiwan and developing innovative devices, including a wearable AED with a continuous monitoring system for 5 physiological signals. Striving to improve healthcare with digital technology. Read more
Sinopulsar Technology develops smart diapers, smart clothes and blood pressure machine in aged/healthcare. Read more
Point Robotics MedTech develops orthopedic and spine robot to optimize clinical outcome for patients and physicians Read more
MyGuardian is a healthcare personal medical alert fall detection device for seniors. A wearable device for seniors to carry around wherever they go. MyGuardian helps many nurses and personal assistants to take care of seniors and people with limited mobility. Read more
Your health tecnology Co,Ltd (Yutech) solutions include: TriAnswer - a biomedical development platform for wearable device; YuGuard - a prolonged heart monitor that guards your heart with single lead; and YuSound - a brand new stethoscope show ECG and heart sound simultaneously. Read more
WellGen Medical Co., Ltd. is a medical device company that focus on terminating tuberculosis (TB) worldwide by smart microscope and cloud computing. Read more
Focus is development and marketing of infusion pumps worldwide while ensuring enhanced patient safety. During product development we closely cooperate with clinical professionals. Read more
Rithmi is the pioneering company of Computational Predictive Care. Read more
Transforming patient care through the combination of medical imaging and clinical genomics Read more
HoldYou is an online psychological aid service. Our project is for people who want to get help from psychologist whenever and wherever, no matter where they are at the moment. Read more
iMER stands for International Medical Evaluation and Referral. We are an independent, global health service provider. We, at iMER provide a professional framework of comprehensive medical services, for patients around the globe. What does iMER mean to you? If your doctors cannot correctly diagnose your condition. If you are looking for a Second Medical opinion. If your condition requires a specific treatment that is not available in your country. If you want to access the most advanced medicine available in the World. If any of the above applies to you or anyone dear to you, we at iMER will provide a solution that fits your needs. Read more
The World Health Organization (WHO) had proposed the cardiovascular polypill more than a decade ago as a ‘best buy’ intervention for secondary prevention, and a simple, cost-effective strategy to reduce the evidence implementation gap and as an instrument to improve the prescription, accessibility, adherence and cost of secondary CVD prevention.The concept of a polypill, composed of a combination of medications that are known to effectively treat CVD, has been proposed as a simple, cost effective and innovative public health strategy to combat the CVD epidemic on a global scale. Several studies have shown the polypill to be well tolerated and superior in terms of adherence to standard of care.Polypills include guideline-recommended treatments for secondary prevention, such as BP-lowering, cholesterol-lowering and antiplatelet drugs. Polypill strategies have been shown to be effective. Read more
Innovo Mimetics Ltd (IML) participates in the validation of new therapeutic strategies in the ovo model for the Ovarian Cancer Therapy Innovative Models Prolong Survival consortium, an FP7 research project funded by the European Commission. Within the project, IML applies the most efficient drug screening system with the avian egg model and validates the new therapeutic strategies with cell lines or ascites cells. IML has developed an ovarian cancer model in the egg, whereby chemotherapy or targeted drugs can be rapidly assessed for anticancer activity, on both cell lines and patient primary cancer cells. Read more
Libra@Home has developed a fully immersive virtual reality tool for physical and occupational therapists to improve the delivery and quality of treatment to patients with neurological disorders, both in the clinic and at home. This neurorehabilitation platform uses virtual reality to deliver therapeutic stimuli and sensors and wearables to monitor patient outcomes and track performance. Read more
Alomone Labs is a leading supplier of Ion Channel, GPCR and Neural Signaling tools. We specialize in the design and production of high quality primary antibodies, small molecules, peptide toxins, and proteins. Established in 1989, Alomone Labs has become the most comprehensive source of ion channel research tools used by scientists worldwide. Read more
BrainsWay is ushering in a new era of brain disorder treatment. Through ongoing investment in R&D and in research initiatives ranging from large-scale multicenter trials to personalized medicine studies, BrainsWay represents the next-generation of treatments for depression, OCD, and other brain disorders, achieving outcomes not thought possible with traditional medical solutions. Read more
Stash is a startup that connects different healthcare systems into one platform.  Read more
Elysium Centar is active in the field of development for new technologies as well as service activities with existing technologies for care, maintenance and empowerment of the quality for the life of disabled and handicapped persons. Read more
Our Mission is to provide a home health service dedicated to taking clinical samples for patients of all ages and conditions in Puerto Rico. Read more
BrainHi brings secretary-patient conversations to online private messaging through digital channels for those in the health and service industry. Read more
Qare is a unique on-demand, online-to-offline, virtual medical practice, offering all the benefits of the French medical system abroad Read more
Company in Jersey that specialises in digital end-to-end care management solutions for Care Homes and the Homecare sector. We have a strong focus on consumer engagement and an innovative approach to integrated 'IoT based Healthcare'. Read more
Curally is a teleconsulting and referral platform where patients can book an appointment in a hassle free way. Read more
We are a company, providing practical skills training in the field of emergency medicine. Crisis Research Center offers the most popular courses that are recognized around the world. Read more
Mundia, UAB was established in 2006. The company focuses on medical equipment, materials and supplies areas. Works in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Read more
Developer of a platform for round-the-clock remote monitoring of the physiological state of the elderly and sedentary people. Sensors detect physiological parameters, falls, dangerous behavior, etc. Read more
Remote assistance service for cancer patients. Every day, the chatbot sends recommendations to patients in the field of proper nutrition, psychology and yoga. Read more
The company has developed VR complex for patient rehabilitation that is used for restoring motor functions, movement coordination and human functional capacity evaluation. Read more
Blockchain platform for working with electronic health record data. It focuses on rapid exchange of electronic health records data, providing opportunities for working with medical data in real time, security, data immutability and communications automation. Read more
The company has developed a cloud service for data analysis and interpretation of pharmacogenetic tests. Read more
AI system for analyzing and interpreting the results of radiological studies. It is a computer vision system for analyzing and describing medical images. It optimizes the work of radiologists, including the early diagnosis of malignant neoplasms, tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc. Read more
We developed an open blockchain infrastructure for deployment, training and application of artificial intelligence in the field of medicine. The project is capable of detecting lung diseases, skin cancer and abnormalities in the development in the bones of upper extremities. Read more
The company has developed a service for diagnosing dental problems based on neural networks. Read more
YOUA offers psychological tools for employers and employees Read more
Babyl believes it is possible to put an accessible and affordable health care service in the hands of every person on earth Read more
MedPrime aims to provide innovative customer-centric and affordable healthcare solutions. Cilika, a first-of-its-kind microscope integrated with a smartphone. Cilika facilitates digital sample viewing and image and video capture. Read more
Brainfulness has developed a new device and software to treat major depression/anxiety, enhance the ability of concentration, and awesome results in studies or sports activities. Read more
Apostrophe therapy is currently provided in the leading hospitals in Israel and around the world and in apostrophe therapy centers throughout the country and the world. Read more
Valera Health LLC delivers the technology and expertise that healthcare organizations and health plans need to provide impactful behavioral and care management at scale. Read more
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