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WebTeb publishes exclusive and high-quality evidence-based medical information and continuously update it. The company is managed by a professional team that includes doctors. Read more
Halodoc is a health-tech platform that connects patients with doctors, insurance, labs, and pharmacies in one simple mobile application. Read more
athenahealth is a leading provider of cloud-based business and clinical services for physician practices. The Company's service offerings are based on proprietary web-native practice management, electronic health record (EHR) software, a continuously updated payer knowledge-base and integrated back-office service operations. Read more
Sharecare is a digital health company, it helps people to manage all their health query at one place. Read more
To bring health issues to people in their language. Read more
MediBuddy - India’s Largest & most Trusted Digital Healthcare Platform offers Online Doctor Consultation, Health checks, Online Medicine with a network of 90,000 doctors, 7,000 hospitals, 3000 diagnostic centers covering over 95% of all pin codes in India. Read more
DocDoc provides an online consultation service that makes the appointment process to the doctor as transparent, convenient and fast as possible Read more
Preventing brain injury during anesthesia. Developing an intra-operative brain monitoring device based on EEG signals for use in the OR by anesthesiologists, to measure the effects of anesthesia and sedation. Read more
Founded in Melbourne, in July, 2012, HotDoc is a Health Care Information Technology company that provides an online platform for patients to book medical appointments in realtime. In 3 simple steps, patient users can make a health booking at home or on the run, 24 hours a day.  Read more is the search engine that collects doctors. Read more
KRY is transforming the world of healthcare by making care more accessible and convenient. Read more
Paginemediche is a digital health platform that connects doctors and patients and offers a personalized health experience. Read more
Cognition Technologies's semantic engine understands free English text and turns big data into accurate, actionable knowledge. It knows that "Are jaguars beautiful?" is about the animal and "Are Jaguars beautiful?" is about the car. From context it knows that "Do jaguar engines run faster" is about the car, even if spelled like the animal. It knows that "strike a match and burn" is about igniting, while "strike oil in Texas" is about discovering. Read more
Zenklub is the leading mental and emotional wellbeing platform in Brazil Read more
As a doctor, being aware of patient's evolution is a very time consuming task, even when we know there are tools out there, the actual methods make it so damn hard to do it. Let us explain why: Current tools and methods are obsolete, inefficient and worst of that, they're not taking advantage of the technology progress. That's why we created a tool that uses cutting-edge technology to enhance the doctor's productivity, make its life more easier and the best of that, offering them the ability to better treat their patients.  Read more
Nurx is a hassle-free way to access important health needs, including birth control, PrEP, genital herpes treatment, oral herpes treatment and home tests for HPV and STIs - conveniently, confidentially, and affordably. Read more
Ava Women is a women's health company based in Zurich and San Francisco. The company's initial product consists of a sophisticated sensor bracelet, an app and a powerful backend with self-learning algorithms for interpretation of hormonal changes, accurate ovulation tracking and screening of women's health issues. Read more
We are a company, providing practical skills training in the field of emergency medicine. Crisis Research Center offers the most popular courses that are recognized around the world. Read more
Keeps is the easiest way to keep your hair. Read more
Qare is a unique on-demand, online-to-offline, virtual medical practice, offering all the benefits of the French medical system abroad Read more
Fabulyzer is a wearable health device that provides data on the user. Read more
Dietbox offers an app for nutritionists which can help their patients to manage their diets and receive appropriate advice. Read more
PlushCare provides doctor’s visits from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you’re located Read more
TheraNest is practice management software for social, human, and mental services. It's EMR for mental health and social services. Customers are therapists, psychologists, social workers and others in human and mental services. Read more
Klara is an end-to-end virtual care platform that helps practices stay connected with their patients. Read more
DoctorC is a healthcare and hospital company that offers diagnostic center for CT scan, X-ray test, and MRI test. Read more
Our mission is to facilitate patients' access to doctors from all over Poland via the Internet. A system has been prepared also for doctors to manage the doctor's office, which will improve their daily work. Read more is a Healthcare Company. Read more
Concilio is a digital health platform. Read more
Product --- Market Research reports what it does ---- it helps in identifying key markets and their analysis Customer ---- who is intrested in buying market research reports Read more
Werlabs is a Stockholm based medical technology company Read more
Orthopedia allows patients of impending Orthopedic procedures to understand their options avaliable when choosing implants, procedures, costs, and surgeons. Orthopedia will be the one stop to keep patients educated and help them make the best decisions while potentially lowering (already inflated) implant costs by creating competition between providers. Don't worry about navigating complex databases or charts while having to understand complex medical terminology and brands. Instead, a first-class highly ergonomic user interface will guide the patient to the information they are looking for. It's as easy as clicking your mouse. Read more
Apohem is a health care product designing company. Read more
Curēus (pronounced “curious”) is a unique digital health company creating the new generation medical journal designed to serve doctors and patients alike. Leveraging the power of an online, crowd-sourced community platform, Curēus promotes medical research by offering tools that better serve and highlight the people who create it, resulting in better research, faster publication and easier access to cutting edge medical knowledge for everyone. Read more
Lung Institute provides stem cells' therapies. Read more
Parsley Health is redesigning primary care by integrating the latest in medical testing, technology and nutrition research.  Read more is the largest consumer ratings and reviews site for senior living communities and home care providers nationwide. The innovative website provides easy access to the information families need when making a senior care decision, and features trusted reviews and advice from local residents and their loved ones. The website provides an open platform for residents and their families to share their first-hand experience of their senior care services to help others in search for senior care. For more information, please visit Read more is a modern and personal care company working with digital healthcare. Read more
DocsApp is an online doctor consultation platform that provides consultation for patients of all age groups in several key disciplines. Read more
Medwing is a healthcare start-up that provides opportunities to work in the healthcare sector. Read more
These products are mainly embodied in the following types - Supplements - the Beverages - the personal care - the skin care each one of these products act in a particular mechanism to maintain naturalization of human body and re compensate essential element that the organic system need to maintain proper bio functions As Ganozi we intended to extensively market our successful products for the magnitude of helping people in destitute and desperate situations and that is mainly embodied in success to get people treated and restored body sound condition using our products that are comprehensively confined to natural types of nutrient and concurrently therapeutic type of mushroom that called Ganoderma, as most of the nations in continent of Africa are desperately in need of affordability to meet treatment cost when they get sick as soaring prices of medicines is dramatically affecting most of the poor countries of Africa because of importation cost of medicines( go to video Read more
Carbon Health is a modern, tech-enabled healthcare provider designed from the ground up to put patient-care first. Read more
Cuidum is a information provider of the best caregiver for your family member's home care. Read more
Practice Better is a complete nutrition practice management software for health and wellness professionals. Read more
OpenCare is changing the face of healthcare. With a suite of online booking and CRM tools, we enable health providers to deliver the best patient experience, as well as improve patient acquisition and retention. OpenCare enables health providers to publish available appointments online and connect with patients in need across the web. Getting started is free and in one click OpenCare integrates with clinic software. With 1,500,000 appointments online and 150,000 added every month, OpenCare is the fastest growing healthcare booking platform. Our team has 8+ years of experience building healthcare companies, with two exits to date. For any questions contact Read more
Iodine mines clinical data to help consumers make better decisions about drugs. We crunch open government datasets (FDA, CMS, VA) to create targeted, actionable tools that drive better decisions, better adherence, and better outcomes. Iodine addresses a massive need among Internet users: 23% are searching for drug information, and half of these are unsatisfied by what they find. With expertise in analytics, behavioral science, and design, Iodine is solving this problem. Read more
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