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MyFitnessPal is a free, comprehensive nutrition and fitness system that makes it easy for you to attain your fitness goals and live healthier. Take advantage of MyFitnessPal’s precise, personalized & powerful tools, like our vast meal database of over 3 million foods, and incredibly simple food & exercise trackers. Connect with your friends and become part of our active, global community of more than 50 million people, each on their own journey to health. Read more
CrossFit is a rapidly growing worldwide grassroots fitness movement. Combining gymnastics (calisthenics) with multijoint weightlifting, interval training, and aerobic training, it approaches fitness as a contest against oneself. Workouts are measured by objective criteria like wattage, time, weight lifted, repetitions, or force, instead of repetitive "bodypart splits." Highly addictive, CrossFit focuses on perfection of form, a high frequency of variance in movement, a high intensity level over a short time period, and fun. CROSSFIT INLINE will be at the cusp of Bangkok’s fast growing fitness movement with high-level functional training. Our philosophy is to teach people to move better through practice; to use novelty and intensity to create a fun environment of constant progress; to maintain education as our primary goal for both coaches and clients. Read more
PushPress provides robust, simple, and elegant recurring billing and membership management solutions. Services the niche industry of fitness and health providers. Our focus is on simplicity and ease of use - something lacking in the competition.  Read more
India's largest online fitness platform that provides an integrated eco-system to help users start & sustain their fitness journey. Read more
it is a Pakistani healthcare startup. Read more
Healthians is an online platform that provides health test home service. Read more
GoTRIBE is a health and fitness company focusing on fitness classes, health coaching and a proprietary fitness data tracking app.  Read more
Empowering patients by making healthcare accessible, transparent & affordable Read more
Extraordinary care, at the touch of a button. Read more
Modern Fertility is a women's health company closing the fertility information gap by letting women test key fertility hormones at home.  Read more
WIKI4FIT is an application for gyms and personal trainers, with web access and mobile. Read more
Fitprime is the online Marketplace for sport centers. The flexible way to live Fitness in hundreds of gyms by choosing from different plans. Read more
Glofox is a management software company that helps fitness entrepreneurs improve the health of people. Read more
Bump Boxes is a monthly Pregnancy subscription box. Healthy products tailored to your due date & conveniently delivered to your door. Read more
Hydrant is a wellness brand company providing a balanced mix of electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins. Read more
Yogabars is a food company that sells and manufactures protein and fiber-rich bars. Read more
MedznMore makes quality healthcare effortless, reliable and affordable. Read more
They bring the American fantasy sports standard, draft to the English Premier League. Read more
SaaS for personal trainers that digitalizes the customers administration optimizing the processes of the services management Read more
Dermatology crafted to you and delivered to your door. Read more
Workout anywhere, anytime across 1000+ Gyms and Fitness Studios in Delhi NCR. Rs.999 only. Read more
Rupa Health is a telehealth solution that makes it easier to practice root cause medicine. Read more
Ergatta is a fitness startup that provides competitive games to deliver full-body workouts through home fitness services. Read more
Sworkit builds randomized circuit training workouts that you can do anywhere. You just choose which part of your body you want to work on and how long you have to work out, and Sworkit takes care of the rest. By providing an actual workout and taking you through the motions, you don't have to do any other planning or have any extra equipment. For Read more
Fittr is a subscription service that takes the planning out of your workout while still being tailored to your preferences and abilities. Fittr creates new workouts specifically designed for you and records your progress to use it in building your next routine. There are also customizable social or intrinsic reward systems built into the deceptively simple UI. * Easy to use * Challenging and progressively harder routines * Social or intrinsic motivational systems (i.e. gamification) * Analytics for tracking your progression * "Exercise Swap" if you don't like a particular move * 6-Factor customization means no one has the same experience * NEW: "Ease into it" for users uncomfortable/unfamiliar with the gym Platforms supported: HTML5, iOS (by January 1st), in progress: Android, Windows Mobile, Firefox Mobile Product integration: Withings scale, MapMyRun, in progress: Fitbit, MyFitnessPal Read more
8fit helps you get fit with customized and highly efficient exercise and nutrition plans. 8fit’s focus on personalization draws a loyal, devoted audience that maintains high engagement compared to static tracking apps. We provide high quality research-backed education to users and provide deep value beyond app functionality. The business model is freemium, monetizing through subscription-only content and supplements related to exercise and nutrition. In-app scheduling of workout routines and customized notification schedules keep users on track with their fitness plans. 8fit’s quality content is supported by a strong partner network. This generates multiple revenue streams as 8fit provides the marketing many content generators lack. We save you time by taking the work out of workout, automating as much as possible so reaching your fitness goal becomes easy - and fun! Get educated. Get optimized. Get 8fit. Read more
BiiB is a community platform that creates gamified virtual events for runners and transforms running into a team sport. Read more
bsport solution is the nextgen software for managing a boutique fitness : from Marketing to Online streaming and VOD Read more
DayTwo is a developer of a microbiome-health management platform designed to offer personalized and actionable nutrition insights. Read more
Moxie is the online fitness marketplace. All-in-one platform for hosting live fitness classes, scheduling, payments, streaming music. Read more
Explore Fitness Centres with Best Deals Explore Gyms, Yoga, Zumba, Dance, Pilates, Aerobics, Martial Arts, Personal Trainers. Read more
Find Your Trainer is an online marketplace for finding a vetted and certified personal trainer. Read more
5700+ tennis lessons have been purchased nationwide through since our launch in March 2012. As the online marketplace for tennis instruction, customers can compare pre-screened coaches, schedule online, and pay for tennis lessons in their local area. Headquartered in Austin, TX, our 7 person team is dedicated to improving the process of finding a lesson or class in your area.  Read more
CareStack™ is a powerful practice management SaaS platform for large dental groups to improve productivity and patient care. Read more
Fit3D is the only 3D Imaging tool that can automatically extract over 450 measurements on the human body in under 1 minute and the only web platform that enables users to evaluate their health and health changes from 3D body shape and measurements over time. Each Fit3D 3D Body Scanner interacts with the Fit3D Cloud to securely authenticate users and push data to our databases. This information and 3D Images are processed and tied to health risks before being presented to the user through our secure web platform. On the web platform, users can see their 3D Images, body girth and volume measurements, body girth risk markers, and pages that compare side by scans to show users their progress. We are continually enhancing the services offered to the user to help them reach their goals in the most effective manner. We know how hard it is to stick to a healthy and active regime, so we build the tools that help you "Visualize a healthier you."  Read more
The largest fitness membership in Russia Read more
MaryRuth is a mission-oriented company and we’re passionate about making powerful supplements to support health. We believe that making the best supplements for your health means creating products with non-GMO, plant-based, vegan ingredients, with the fewest number of allergen Read more
MDacne is a mobile platform that uses AI and computer vision to help people with acne. Read more
boditrax technologies, is an innovative British company creating digital solutions for the health, fitness and wellness sectors. boditrax is precision body composition and cellular monitoring that fuses clinically validated hardware with simple, intuitive software. Read more
Nourished is the world's first truly personalised vitamin gummy, utilising patented 3D printing technology and a unique vegan formula. Read more
Future offers one-on-one digital training with fitness coaches at home, the gym, or on-the-go. Read more
NutriSense personalizes nutrition by leveraging state of the art continuous glucose monitoring and machine learning technology. Read more
Strydal is a place for independent yoga & fitness instructors. Read more
A Diabetes Care & Management App. Read more
Let's simplify and optimize access to health care. Read more
PerfectGym is a club management software. With 1MLN clients in more than 1000 clubs in 50 countries we are the leading company in our field. Read more
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