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Henlez develops first-in-class therapeutics to transform treatment of serious skin diseases based on advanced enzyme technology. Read more
Founded by radiation oncologists, PFS Genomics was created to address a major clinical need: identity which women with early-stage invasive breast cancer truly need radiation therapy. Read more
SpeeDx specializes in molecular diagnostic solutions that go beyond simple detection to offer comprehensive information for improved patient management. Read more
Novelogics Biotechnology is a pre-clinical stage biotech company developing innovative antibody immunotherapies for cancer using a novel “Interceptor” approach. Read more
Chinook Therapeutics is developing precision medicines for kidney diseases. Read more
The iCARE App and cloud service can provide health journal, waveform recording, medication reminder, one click for SOS + positioning, food suggestions, and advanced analysis. Read more
ADVANCED BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGY develops Scaffolds 3D Printed Implants for Research Biodegradable materials Ready for preclinical & clinical research as well as Medical Implant 3D Printing Service Read more
RedEye Hemoglobin Sensor is a photoelectric product developed and designed to detect whether the excreta solution in the toilet contains hemoglobin Read more
JelloX REIMAGING PATHOLOGY - "Next generation imaging can bring in a new life" Read more
Cell Reveal is a rare cell capture and analysis system. Read more
Aidmics Biotechnology is driven to make breakthroughs in the biotechnology field Read more
Self-assembly techniques, large-scaled production of self-assembly based structures Read more
RiCHE's proprietary technology is photonic PCR through photothermal conversion of nanoparticles to accelerate DNA extraction and amplification. Our product delivers convenience for onsite screening by allowing testing executed directly from unpurified samples with high accuracy. Read more
Achilles Therapeutics is a developer of immunotherapies intended to offer next-generation, patient-specific therapies to treat cancer. Read more
Omics Global Solutions was born as a company whose objective is to be the platform for the development and commercialization of products related to OMICS sciences. Associated with innovative projects that positively impact the lives of patients and medical professionals. Read more
Cell Penetrating Alphabodies - Capitalizing on the vast universe of intracellular targets to generate multiple transformative cancer treatments Read more
The company provides services and products in the field of bioinformatics and data analysis for pharmaceutical companies and institutions. Core competencies - Nanopore, NGS, phylogenetics, metagenomics, DNA chips, diffusion. Read more
We are a passionate team, fighting against bacterial infections by focusing on research and development of small molecules that work by novel modes of action and against novel targets Read more
The purpose of Idorsia is to discover, develop and commercialize innovative medicines to help more patients. Read more
ActualEyes is a biotechnology company focusing on eye health that has developed therapeutics and products for treating Fuchs' dystrophy. Read more
Rongchang Pharmaceuticals,Ltd. operates as a pharmaceutical company. The Company manufactures and distributes anti-hemorrhoids, psychotropic drugs, brain and kidney tonifying pills, ediatric anti asthma oral liquids, women comfort liquids, and more. Read more
Toregem Bio Pharma is a startup venture from Kyoto University that was founded for the purpose of research and development and launch of tooth regeneration antibody drug based on the research results of Dr. Katsu Takahashi, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Kyoto University. Read more
Noster is dedicated in the research and development of gut microbiome-based treatments.with aiming to advance scientific research and development on the gut microbiome to find treatments for patients suffering from diseases. Read more
Immunovative Therapies, Ltd. is a clinical stage Israeli biopharmaceutical company specializing in the translation of proven immune mechanisms into immunotherapy products and protocols for treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. Read more
Bioimmunate Ltd. (BI) is focused on the quality of life of autoimmune disease patients. Read more
Stem Cell Medicine is a biotechnology company that develops second generation cell therapy products as stand-alone treatments or in combination with pharmaceuticals. Read more
Omnix Medical is dedicated to the development and commercialization of highly effective antibiotic agents against resistant pathogenic bacteria. Read more
Fore is a precision oncology company pioneering the development of cancer therapies. Read more
KAHR Medical is developing a novel drug platform which can simultaneously block and/or activate two reinforcing biological signals resulting in a synergistic outcome. Read more
Gamida Cell is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to developing novel cell therapies with the potential to cure difficult-to-treat cancers and rare, serious hematologic diseases. Read more
Entera Bio is a product-focused biotechnology company specializing in the oral delivery of large molecules and biologics. Read more
Cell Cure Neurosciences, a fully owned subsidiary of BioTime, Inc., is a biotechnology company focused on developing cell therapies for retinal and neural degenerative diseases. Read more
BrainQ is developing a breakthrough platform for precision neurology therapies to treat the impaired brain using Brain Computer Interface technology. Read more
Medical device design and development. Developed by a surgeon, the BondTrue device standardizes surgical closure for better wound healing. BondTrue knows precisely realigns the wound back together, reducing wound complications while saving time and costs. Read more
Company dedicated to the research, creation and development of inclusive technologies, such as prosthetics, rehabilitation exoskeletons, splints, orthotics, tools that help people with disabilities, we also provide psychological support. Read more
Plant-trait company with field-tested proven technologies to help farmers, industry and biofuel users meet the challenges of feeding and fueling the world of Read more
Rapid Nexus, Inc. is an early stage biotech company that has developed disruptive technology able to grow up to four layers of tissue in the patient’s own body, a completely impossible task for modern medicine. Read more
We are producing organic materials to speed up the manufacturing of organic electronic device by a factor of 10. Read more
Dawatek is a biotech company whose mission is to create affordable diagnostic medical devices that make the physician's job simpler. Our flagship product is the Raman Testing Kit (RTK), a 5-min diagnostic platform able to to identify the molecular signatures of diseases. Read more
SYNG Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology startup developing iinovative medical solutions for women health. Read more
A developer of gene-activated bone substitute. Read more
A designer and manufacturer of high-tech upper-limb prostheses. The company takes advantage of industrial 3D printing with plastic, metal, and composite materials. Read more
We offer a 3D printing process using biocompatible materials in order to recreate complex 3D biological environments. It can be used for regenerative medicine, drugs screening and other biotech research. Read more
Medical device company that has developed technologies to rapidly and accurately assess the severity of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Read more
Measure your brain’s performance while playing! Read more
GenoConcierge Kyoto provides advanced patient care through innovative bioinformatics Read more
Seedbank leads initiatived on Research and development, culture manufacturing and sales of algae, mainly diatoms. Read more
HOLO BIO, from the latest science and technology and knowledge in the field of molecular biology, we will create innovative technologies that support society. Read more
Formosa HMT Biotech has developed a low-cost, affordable, patented process for the manufacture of high capacity Zinc hypoMTTM Metallothionein that supplement and boost the body’s ability to defend against and reverse damage caused by oxidative stress. Read more
Ovizio Imaging Systems further developed the DHM technology and matured it into commercial products, namely cell counting and imaging solutions, based on quantitative microscopy for life sciences applications. Read more
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