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Genomelink is a platform where people discover more with their DNA data and help businesses build, market and do research with it. Read more
Nutrafol is a nutraceutical manufacturer that formulates all-natural, drug-free products to improve hair growth. Read more
Benchling is a platform for life science data management. It allows scientists to edit, analyze, and share DNA sequence data. Scientists build with DNA, just like programmers do with code. Major biotech companies account for 2% of the US GDP. Despite this value, there is no version control in life science. These companies have no cloud-based tools for facilitating collaboration and sharing between their scientists. Read more
Sun Genomics provides personalized probiotic solutions based on whole-genome sequencing diagnostics. Read more
Nebula Genomics leverages blockchain technology to eliminate middlemen and empower people to own their personal genomic data. Read more
Pet genetics & health monitoring. Read more
Innovative nighttime therapeutic compression garments. Read more
Sema4 is a patient-centered predictive health company and a leader in diagnostic testing. Read more
Atlas Biomedical Holding is developing a network of private medical centers and biomedical developments in the field of molecular genetics and bioinformatics. The mission of the Atlas Biomedical Holding is the creation and introduction of personalized medicine tools into clinical practice. Read more is the leading digital media covering the European Biotech industry Read more
PNOE is a breath analysis device that makes the most vital health screening. Read more lets you share and get credit for your knowledge, discover corrections and optimizations of the protocols you use Read more
PierianDx is catalyzing global adoption of genomic sequencing in healthcare Read more
GenoPalate uses your genes to create a customized nutritional plan for your unique genetic make-up. Eat the food that can help you be your healthiest. Read more
The purpose of Idorsia is to discover, develop and commercialize innovative medicines to help more patients. Read more
Proov is strive to empower women to know more about their reproductive health. Read more
OpenBiome is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding safe access to fecal microbiota transplants (FMT), and to catalyzing research. Read more
MedGenome is a biotechnology company that provides an integrated tracking, analysis and data reporting environment. Read more
Sana Biotechnology is a developer of engineered cells intended to be used as medicine for patients. Read more
TRC provides medication learning through concise, cutting-edge drug and medication therapy updates, unbiased recommendations, a robust database of natural medicines resources and tools, and relevant educational services that positively impact the quality of patient care. Read more
Mother Dirt is a company developing biome-friendly products for the skin. Read more
Freenome is a platform that helps design healthy conditions for individuals. Read more
AbCellera is a world-leading innovator in antibody discovery for therapeutics, and immune profiling for vaccine research Read more
Daye creates category-defining products and services that set a new standard for medical research and scientific innovation. Read more
Our DNA tests are administered on a one-time basis, helping to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, bone density problems, cardiovascular problems, and some types of cancer. Read more
Co-diagnostics provides robust and innovative molecular tools for medical and agricultural applications Read more
Neoprospecta has two main products: 1) Enzyme discovery and development: Enzymes discovered from the vast Brazilian biodiversity coupled with specialized molecule development through protein engineering and directed evolution 2) Enviromental diagnostics and biomonitoring: Proprietary technology for large scale metagenomics analysis of enviromental samples ranging from water to complex samples. Read more
Cybin Corp is a life sciences company advancing psychedelic and medicinal mushroom research. Read more
imSMART, brought to you by CompareNetworks (a long time profitable company), is the mobile sales and marketing tool built for tablets and controlled via the web. Sales and marketing teams can work together to ensure all their materials, presentations, updates and messaging are ready at the fingertip of the sales person and their customer. imSMART is used by fortune 100 companies and is continuing to rapidly grow as the CMS controlled app platform among 1,000s of people. Read more
Pear Therapeutics’ patented eFormulation approach combines mobile health apps with supplements, medical foods, and pharmaceuticals, to create more efficacious treatment solutions. eFormulations are simple to use. A software access code on the product packaging provides access to Pear’s health apps. The patient takes the supplement or prescribed medication and simultaneously uses Pear’s games and apps, increasing efficacy, improving side effects, and enhancing compliance. Pear’s eFormulations are the only way to target both brain chemistry and cognitive experience simultaneously, providing an entirely new way to treat brain-related diseases.  Read more
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals is developing innovative products for patients living with debilitating diseases. Read more
Lucira Health is a biotechnology company that offers disposable test kits to detect RNA and DNA of infectious diseases. Read more
Inflammatix is a molecular diagnostics company developing rapid tests that read the immune system to resolve major clinical and public health challenges Read more
IsoPlexis is a life sciences company developing a single-cell protein response analysis platform. Read more
SHINE uses a patented, proprietary manufacturing process to produce medical isotopes such as molybdenum-99 (moly-99), the essential component in medical imaging procedures used to diagnose heart disease and other conditions and to stage cancer. Read more
Mylab Discovery Solutions is provides a portfolio of diagnostic kits for pathogen detection and viral load monitoring. Read more
Science Exchange is a community marketplace for scientists to list, discover, access and pay for scientific services from institutions around the world. Our mission is to improve the efficiency of scientific research by making it easy for researchers to access the global network of scientific resources and expertise. We do this by connecting researchers looking to get experiments conducted with scientific service providers who have the capacity to conduct those experiments. Read more
InControl Medical focuses on pelvic floor health and wellness for men and women. The company offers American-made InTone, Apex, ApexM and InToneMV. Read more
NLC is the European healthtech venture builder, bringing science-based healthtech inventions to life. Read more
Biofourmis ia a fast-growing digital health company filled with committed, passionate people who care about augmenting personalized care and empowering people with complex chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives.  Read more
Sanguine is a technology-enabled company innovating at the intersection of personalized medicine, biobanking, and biomedical research. It has a simple and attractive, proven business model. Sanguine collects blood samples and associated medical data from patients diagnosed with specific conditions. It processes those samples to extract biospecimen such as cells, serum, plasma and DNA, and stores them along with the medical data. It then sells the biospecimen and data to academic and pharmaceutical entities for research purposes. Problem & Solution: Traditionally, research companies need to wait for physicians to set up appointments with patients and to find some willing to sign up. Patients go to Sanguine because Sanguine offers increased transparency in the research process, showing them where samples are used and how they advance biomedical research in areas they care about.  Read more
LUMICKS provide single-molecule analysis technologies for cancer research and cancer immunotherapy Read more
Obtaining a homogenous population of cells from a complex mixture is essential for improved downstream applications like QPCR, genomics, and imaging. Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorters (FACS) analyze and sort thousands of cells per minute and are essential systems for most biomedical research labs ($1B instrument market). NanoCellect was spunout from UCSD to commercialize a disruptive technology for analyzing and sorting cells at 1/5th the cost of current systems. The initial product, WOLF Cell Sorter is a small, affordable, and easy-to-use bench-top cell sorter with features and performance comparable to high-end complex flow cytometers that are primarily found in shared core facilities. The platform is accompanied by disposable microfluidic chips that makes setup and sorting easier while reducing contamination and improving cell viability during sorting. Since inception, NanoCellect has won 7 grants and contracts from the NIH for over $3.3M in non-dilutional funding.  Read more
We help accelerate human discovery and fight disease by enabling everyone to see and understand the microscopic details of life Read more
Nautilus Biotechnology offers a high-throughput, low-cost platform for analyzing and quantifying the human proteome. Read more
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