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PHARMASEAL want to give customers increased control of their clinical trials and product development. Having developed Engility® a B2B SaaS unified clinical trial management platform combining a CTMS and eTMF the company is expanding sales and partnerships. Read more
SSD is a platform that presents online healthcare solutions, promoting greater proximity between doctors and patients. We believe that when it comes to health we should promote greater attention and simplified communication, as this will prevent future complications Read more
A digital platform that allows screening, tele-advising and video-consultation with health professionals for guidance, care and management of COVID-19 infection data in real time. Read more
Platform designed for health and sport professionals and providers to connect and interact with their patients, users and clients. Read more
Henlez develops first-in-class therapeutics to transform treatment of serious skin diseases based on advanced enzyme technology. Read more
miniaturized EEG with realtime pathology detection algorithm Read more
MediBuddy - India’s Largest & most Trusted Digital Healthcare Platform offers Online Doctor Consultation, Health checks, Online Medicine with a network of 90,000 doctors, 7,000 hospitals, 3000 diagnostic centers covering over 95% of all pin codes in India. Read more
Founded by radiation oncologists, PFS Genomics was created to address a major clinical need: identity which women with early-stage invasive breast cancer truly need radiation therapy. Read more
At Consult Physio Ltd, we offer high-quality physiotherapy treatment for patients in Peterborough and across Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire. Read more
RealSAM specialise in developing AI technology solutions for people who are blind, have low vision or a print disability. Read more
PhysIQ is healthcare’s first personalized physiology data analytics platform. PhysIQ is designed to track and integrate multiple vital signs to detect clinically meaningful changes against an individual baseline, rather than a population-based “norm.” Read more
Intelehealth is a technology non-profit that's improving access to primary health care in underserved regions of the world through its innovative telemedicine platform. Read more
Biosyyd is carrying out research & development activities, provides consultancy services in the specialized field of bioactive compound extraction, processing and formulation, of Industrial Hemp derived products and ingredients. Read more
Mentegram increases your productivity while assessing patients. It enables the assessment of a range of conditions such as anxiety, depression and substance abuse, among others. Read more
Zilia has developed a unique, non-invasive technology platform that uses imaging, spectrometry and artificial intelligence to measure, in real time, various bio-markers in the human eye. Read more
Terlys develops and produces effective and safe lipophilic active ingredients from the class of triterpenes for the field of dermocosmetics and health and care products, while considering its ecological footprint. Read more
Préhos offers technological solutions in the field of pre-hospital emergency care, community paramedicine and patient transport planning and optimization. Read more
Omy Laboratoires offers tailor-made cosmetics for every woman, thanks in part to our artificial intelligence tool, SkinIA, which allows customers to choose their active ingredients 100% online. Read more
We create technological solutions that increase the independence of people with neurodevelopmental disorders. Read more
Through the application of artificial intelligence, we transform data into dynamic knowledge to improve operational efficiency for our partners in the development and routing of Rx drugs. Read more
Medscint is revolutionizing the field of quality control in radiotherapy with a patented photonic technology that allows the measurement of radiation doses in real time and at multiple positions simultaneously. Read more
Lucine offers digital therapy to measure, analyze and relieve chronic pain. Read more
Production and application of natural antimicrobials for the food processing industry to replace chemical preservatives, while ensuring food safety. Read more
BioTwin combines diverse health data with artificial intelligence to create comprehensive, personalized profiles that can improve wellness and support health monitoring decisions. Read more
Animora is a Quebec-based company whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of animals. Using our scientific expertise, we develop and market innovative animal health products. Taking care of your pet's oral health has never been easier! Read more
togetherAI uses artificial intelligence to empower families to have the right conversations at the right time about mental health. Read more
Arli is committed to creating the largest ecosystem of support for people fighting addiction. It’s the complete addiction care journey, through the privacy of an app. Read more
SpeeDx specializes in molecular diagnostic solutions that go beyond simple detection to offer comprehensive information for improved patient management. Read more
CareCar is a supplemental benefit administrator and value-based care services platform. We connect payers, caregivers, and members to close gaps, remove barriers to care, and ultimately, improve health. Read more
Device with technology that is designed to destroy any kind of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and more). VO3 Innovation - Disinfection Technology is our Future Read more is an innovative tech start-up project for worldwide dentistry, aiming to bring a digital revolution in the way we, as consumers, and dental clinics, interact with the digital world, from communication to unlimited access to dental services. Read more
Hyperhuman is building an AI-powered platform that redefines how fitness content is produced, personalised and monetised. Read more
Novelogics Biotechnology is a pre-clinical stage biotech company developing innovative antibody immunotherapies for cancer using a novel “Interceptor” approach. Read more
DentIntel is a software developed, tested and used by dentists. Read more
Chinook Therapeutics is developing precision medicines for kidney diseases. Read more
Device for the blind and visually impaired people to gain the ability to sense surroundings and navigate. Read more
The SwissFit company fitness concept aims to prevent diseases, promote activity and health, and improve the well-being of employees in small, medium-sized and large companies. Read more
With Tells Shoes, diabetics go through everyday life with a sense of well-being. Pedorthists and other medical institutions recommend our products. Read more
The UniteLabs research management platform brings clarity to studies run across organisations. You can now collect all study-related information in one place for secure transfer, easy access and comprehensive archive. Read more
Hauora Health is a B-t-B and B-t-C business. It sells the ingredient Enzogenol to other Health companies, but also formulates and sells its own formulations with Enzogenol in Switzerland. Read more
Eatearnity HLTH GmbH is a digital health start-up which builds a world without non-communicable diseases. To get there, Eatearnity focuses on the biggest addressable driver of non-communicable diseases: cardiovascular diseases due to poor nutrition. Read more
Clinerion accelerates clinical research and medical access to treatments for patients. We use proprietary technologies for analysis of patient data from our global network of partner hospitals. Read more
At Nutrición Bilbao we help people with eating problems to re-educate their habits towards a healthier lifestyle. Read more
Centro Psicología Bilbao is a private center for educational, psychological, and training intervention in Bilbao. In response to the current situation, all our psychologists and pedagogues offer their services online and in-person, using all the security measures at our disposal. Read more
CovalentCreative is an independently owned, eyecare professional-only, digital marketing agency that provides content, creative, and technology services for forward-thinking healthcare organizations. We’re the team behind the industry-leading publication, Eyes On Eyecare. Read more
ARVIN is collaborating with leading clinical research hospitals in Taiwan and developing innovative devices, including a wearable AED with a continuous monitoring system for 5 physiological signals. Striving to improve healthcare with digital technology. Read more
The iCARE App and cloud service can provide health journal, waveform recording, medication reminder, one click for SOS + positioning, food suggestions, and advanced analysis. Read more
ADVANCED BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGY develops Scaffolds 3D Printed Implants for Research Biodegradable materials Ready for preclinical & clinical research as well as Medical Implant 3D Printing Service Read more
We Are Specializing in Food Safety Testing in the World. Read more
RedEye Hemoglobin Sensor is a photoelectric product developed and designed to detect whether the excreta solution in the toilet contains hemoglobin Read more
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