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Socar is South Korea's number 1 car-sharing platform, with a mission to change the world through innovation in mobility Read more
eMushrif brings IoT to logistics offering innovative solutions to real world problems from commuting management to safe and smart transportation. Read more
The Avalanche Computing is a computing technique company, provides the performance optimized workflow for AI development and deployment. Read more
Worldsensing is currently a market leader in providing Smart City technologies and solutions that enhance parking, traffic and security management based on real-time information. Read more
Luxiot is a start-up focusing on delivering smart lighting solutions oriented towards urban environment to offer municipalities the opportunity to generate new services for their citizens. These solutions integrate a cloud-platform, energy management and a wide range of sensors for information collection and data analytics. At Luxiot we believe that street lighting, despite it is need for efficient lighting and energy saving, it also by means of its density is the key for the leverage of the smart cities and the IOT, we provide a solution for grid lighting based in an optimized cost communicator with 2G/2G, LORA, PLC , WIFI and 802.15.4 radio, with built in sensors such accelerometer, temperature, humidity, doppler radar and noise. We also provide a high density net for sensing and locating beacons within the city area. Another issue we face is the problem of copper wire robbery, in order to address this need the PLC solution can detect and inform in real time of cupper robbery. Read more
Asura Technologies develops LPR- and video analytics-based vehicle recognition technology used for parking- and traffic management applications as well as AI-powered object detection software for general security and surveillance. Read more
PIXEVIA develops AI-based computer vision system for unmanned systems, surveillance, and smart city applications. Read more
iPark is a parking slot monitoring and reservation system Read more
E-NUNDATION, Geosapiens’ flagship product, offers an accurate assessment of the risks and consequences of floods on the population, buildings and infrastructures before, during and after a flood. Read more
OPA's software allows cities and governments to optimize the planning, coordination and communication of traffic and mobility constraints. Read more
The IoT management platform that allows the co-creation of pleasant, durable and safe cities for all citizens. Read more
MTR is a leading manufacturer in the Smart Grid metering industry. Our patented solutions and services are developed to meet the needs of the Water, Gas and Electricity real time AMR. Read more
Biocom designs, develops, manufactures, and markets biometric systems for access and attendance control. The company also implements projects in the areas of communication and low-voltage infrastructures, fire and intrusion detection, CCTV, and more. Read more
Explore fit-for-purpose IoT based asset monitoring solutions and save millions of dollars on repair spend. Read more
Breakthrough crystal oscillator technology Read more
By deploying security cameras with purpose-built video analytics software, Parkva’s primary product solution, Lot Sentinel™, captures nearly every parking violation, while increasing revenue and profitability for private party impound (PPI) towers and municipalities. Read more
Abacus is building smart sensors for the elevator to help property managers monitor and manage elevator density Read more ( is a mobile application for apartment building residents which combines all home technologies, such as video, intercom, smart home, keyless entry and others into a single-source service. We are a company that develops software for construction companies. Read more
Lockists P2P Scooter Sharing Platform let every scooter and motorcycle owners, who wanna earn extra revenue in a safe, convenient and automatic rental way by our IoT tech and total solution. Lockists Balancer is the name of the operation team of Lockists scooter sharing platform. Read more
Inseetu is a real-time prototyping tool for user experience. Read more
Arameye operates BEYOUM - City as a platform Read more
Gaia Smart Cities is an early leader in the rapidly-emerging Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace. Read more
Ubicquia is a smart city platform that provides critical services, including light control, video artificial intelligence, and public WiFi. Read more
Gimball offers topography services 4.0 that are performed through aerial mapping (aerophotogrammetry) through an Drone. It uses modern and advanced data collection and processing techniques that result in highly accurate information. Read more
Next-generation, military-grade metering solutions designed to protect against cyber threats and ready for future business needs Read more
We invite you to discover AI based solutions and services that provide value added information regarding road safety conditions. Read more
Sadeem Technology is the global leader in urban flood & traffic monitoring with a multi-patented technology that combines a sensor network, mobile applications and a visualization platform Read more
IPgallery specializes in the development of mission-critical and time-critical Real-time IoT AI/ML Data-driven Smart City and Urban Mobility solutions Read more
We aim to improve the quality of life on Earth by harnessing IoT tech to advance the access to clean air and water. We developed data sensing industrial-grade devices for measuring air quality in urban areas, tracking water loss and consumption, and monitoring water resources Read more
Doppl uses smart sensor technology to help cities and organizations reduce costs and improve system efficiencies Read more
51World is a tech company that focuses on digital twins, 5G, VR, and AI. They create core products in the field of smart city, smart car, transportation, tourism, education, and more. 51World has served over 750 corporate customers including Huawei, Alibaba, China Mobile, and more. Read more
Service for management companies and residents of apartment buildings Read more
Developments in the field of construction of three-dimensional photorealistic models of cities and urban objects Read more
The main activities of the company: integrated business automation, development of information and analytical systems and mobile applications. We carry out all stages of the project from analytics and consulting to application development, their configuration Read more
Introduces innovative system smart city, smart factory, smart house on teh basis of led luminaires. Read more
DC "GeoStar Navigation" offers a wide range of navigation products and services: From the development of GNSS chipsets to the development and production of GNSS modules and smart platforms. Read more
Company dedicated to technological solutions for the development of a smart city Read more
Smart traffic signage systems. Thermal cameras are equipped with special sensor systems, what allows according to giver radius and fixed temperature detect living organisms near the camera. Technically it is possible add to cameras detection function interface, which is followed by the signal recognition. For this recognition is suitable LED light bars. SafeLight'i team designs and develops an LED light solution what takes into account the specific characteristics and needs on every crosswalk. Car drivers have information about the pedestrians on time. SafeLight system brings out potential threat in traffic despite the weather conditions. Rain, fog, snowfall or other heavy weather conditions, where there is hard to notice pedestrians. On dark or dim time, even pedestrian with the reflector can stay unnoticed. Persons with disabilities needs often more time to cross the road but system LED lights will be active until person have crossed the road. Read more
Ledmotive is a high-tech startup company with international projection in the growing market of intelligent LED lighting. Ledmotive's patented technology is able to create, record, process, playback and share any light with no boundaries at all. Our lights are connected to the Internet of Things and can perfectly reproduce any light spectrum. Ledmotive is spectrally-tunable digital light. Read more
HelgiLab - the Russian innovative company provides a solution for creation of three-dimensional photorealistic models of the cities and city objects. Our team consists of experts with a wide experience of creation of GIS-systems and the Internet of projects. Read more
KnowNow Information understand data. We can help you to understand your data. Help you to deploy sensor systems to acquire new data. Help you to analyse your data and to make sense of it by using appropriate visualisations. KnowNow specialise in Smart City data and consultancy. Whether you represent a city, manage a city's public or private services, or even consume services within a city then we can help you to improve your use of data and make your citizen services more efficient. Read more
framework for development carpooling communities, sharing economy, smart-mobility - for convenience commute. Read more
Innovative Traffic Safety Products, Electronic Traffic Calming Solutions, Digital Road Signs, Radar-activated devices, Work Zone Safety Solutions. Read more
integrating solutions from different areas in the zone of open communication and open financial system. Read more
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