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Unsplash is a platform dedicated to sharing copyright-free photography under the Unsplash license. Read more
Platform that manages guest WiFi with authorization. Provides marketing opportunities and SMS-identification. Read more
Building next gen games & toys with robotics & AI Read more
tado° is the first smartphone based heating control that adjusts automatically to the user’s daily routine and also takes current weather data and building characteristics into account. In doing so, tado° cuts the heating energy use by an average of 27%. The combination of intuitive hard- and software works like a personal heating assistant that makes sure that it is always comfortably warm at home when needed. Read more
Petasense helps industrial customers monitor and predict machine health using Industrial IoT and machine learning analytics. Read more
Jiobit personal safety products secure your most precious assets with trusted and long lasting location technology. Jiobit is a fully vertical tech stack that includes a device coupled with software products and recurring subscriptions; what we call Hardware Enabled SaaS. Read more
Voice is a platform that redefines media by cultivating creation, sharing, discovery and promotion of content by real users. Read more
SIGFOX operates a cellular network dedicated to low-throughput communication for connected objects. Read more
Engaged in building the next generation wireless broadband services for home and enterprise customers in India. Read more
Rightech IoT Cloud (RIC) is a real-time Internet of Things cloud platform. Read more
IoT cloud platform serving as a link in the development of IoT solutions Read more
iHaus AG is a European software solutions provider that has grown from its origins in building control and management systems to become the application specialist for all the challenges posed by the Internet of Things and the connectivity of life spheres. Our iHaus app, the digital interface, adds more value to devices and additional benefits that make life easier. We have a clear vision: A simple and intuitive control solution that allows you to combine home automation and lifestyle devices from multiple vendors into one easy-to-use system. Using our patented software solution, any number of devices from cooperating providers, such as Sonos, can communicate with each other and add entirely new functionalities and thus added value through the exchange and analysis of operational data. Read more
Plataform web and app that manage the punching system for controlling employees schedule, entrance and off the job hours. The employee himself can register by computer, tablet or smarthphone. Pontomais works in a proactive way, with messages and notifications. The system can be used for any size of company. Read more
VACAN is a vacant seat information platform such as restaurants and cafes and parking lots. Read more
Veniam allows auto OEMs worldwide to expand coverage, improve quality of service, reduce data costs, and provide customers with new in-vehicle experiences through their intelligent networking platform. Read more
Clearview is a research tool used by law enforcement agencies to identify perpetrators and victims of crimes. Read more
Mobile Media Content is a company specialized in providing 3D seating chart solutions for enhancing ticket purchasing processes. They can be used for any type of venue, in the performing arts and leisure, museums, sports stadiums and theatres.... Read more
The Construct, a cloud based tool for building modern, future-proof robot simulations. ProgramaciГіn de los robots usando simulaciones.... Read more
We simplify the deployment and maintenance of telecommunications networks. Read more
Nordic Automation Systems (NAS) is an industrial automation development company. Read more
Aqara develops and designs hardware and software solutions for the home. Read more
Lovebox provide emotions through a smart combination of the digital and physical worlds. Read more
RevGlue tools make affiliate marketing simple for affiliates. Read more
Taoglas provides antenna products and RF service solutions for the IOT brands. Read more
We can sign for you. Just kidding. But you can fast track your contracts using our tool for digital signatures. Tech managment for your business. No more papers lying in the drawers Forever.  Read more is a Swiss based startup providing software and services in the field of Low Power Networks and Internet of Things. Its software and services enable scalable, distributed operation of LoRaWAN networks and applications. Our cloud based services offer a fast and easy on-boarding to the LoRa ecosystem and technology. is both a network operator (Network as a Service, NaaS) and software provider (SaaS / Software Licensing). Unlike other companies providing only LoRaWAN software, we have a unique positioning in the market - we are serving the role of market makers connecting hardware producers, network operators and application developers. We are enabling real-world IoT applications through partnerships in the LoRa ecosystem and through a marketplace of sensor devices, network gateways and applications. Our unique business model coined under the term of Viral Network is allowing us to spawn community based network in multiple countries, spanning all continents. Read more
IoT network carrier, IoT MVNO, IoT Connectivity Provider, Platform-as-a-Service Read more
Hologram’s mission to connect any device to any network, instantaneously, anywhere. With Hologram, SIM cards automatically switch networks access to the best coverage across more than 550 carriers in more than 200 countries. Read more
Push Real-Time, Delta-Data, streaming technology optimizes data delivery for Web, Mobile & IoT Apps. Read more
Brij is a platform that powers one-touch product registration and reorders by connecting physical products to digital experiences. Read more
Pluggy is the leading Open Banking API platform in Latin America, connecting user accounts, external data sources, and triggering actions. Read more
Our journey began with a vision and a determination to make parking around the world more efficient by implementing the most thoughtful and adaptable enterprise mobility platforms based on familiar, user-friendly technologies.... Read more
temi is the world's first, truly intelligent, mobile, personal home robot, that places you at the center of technology. Read more
Unearth provides a collaboration software powered by IoT and remote sensing to help built-world industries make maps and manage data. Read more
Rigado’s Enterprise IoT solution powers Bluetooth applications such as asset tracking, smart lighting, and sensing and monitoring. Read more
Onomondo is a global cellular operator for IoT Read more
Oasys is part of the Zemsania Global Group. Multinational Technological Group specialized in ICT, Digital, Industry 4.0 and Engineering. Read more
BehrTech offers a wireless connectivity platform that is purpose-built for massive-scale Industrial IoT (IIoT) networks. Read more
WaveDirect specializes in providing Rural High Speed Internet for customers who do not have access to DSL or Cable. In most cases our technology provides the same or better levels of service than other providers with higher bit-caps and download speeds. Read more
SECO is a center of excellence in the field of innovation and technological integration. Read more
Breeze Technologies provides air quality sensors and data and analytics services. Read more
AISTECH SPACE is an analytics firm that focuses on capturing, transforming and managing information from space. The business idea involves capturing data of different types from the entire planet to transform it into high-value information for the customers. Read more
Arbolus is a professional networking platform designed to help businesses and professionals work together. Read more
Mysa is a smart thermostat for baseboard heaters for home. Read more
Designing, building, and managig a fiber network in Flanders on which users stream and surf super fast Read more
ReVibe Energy was founded in 2014 and has since the beginning moved forward in a quick pace, developing a promising technology in accordance with the demands and needs from the marketplace. The company is still young but is full of eagerness and enthusiasm for the road that lies ahead, to maintain the development curve and within a few short years be positioned as the world’s leading experts within vibration energy harvesting. Read more
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