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Civan Advanced Technologies specializes in the areas of high-brightness, high-power diodes, fiber lasers, and optical amplifiers. Its product lines include single-mode lasers with continuous-wave power ranging from less than 10 watts to more than 10 kilowatts. Read more
Raken is a mobile, cloud-based app that allows users to complete daily construction work flows directly from their device in the field. Read more
CompanyCam is a documentation and communication app that provides a complete photo solution for contractors to monitor projects. Read more
Fieldwire is the field management platform construction pros count on to easily manage the jobsite. Read more
Domatic is Intelligent Power. We streamline wiring for smarter, more efficient buildings. Read more
Cubo AI is a smart baby monitor using AI to send proactive alerts that safeguard your babies and toddlers Read more
Saas, marketplace, construction, real estate Read more
DIY marketplace that helps to customer find the closest shop with best prices and order delivery. Read more
GOGOPRINT PTE. LTD, an online printing company, provides high-end printing services. It prints business cards, flyers, leaflets, brochures, envelopes, letterheads, postcards, wedding cards, posters, and presentation folders. The company enables its customers to order online. GOGOPRINT PTE. LTD was founded in 2015 and is based in Singapore. E-commerce, Online printing, online, namecard, business card, flyers, gogoprint,, posters, letterheads, tags, bookmarks, wedding cards, leaflets, postcards, invitation cards, presentation folders, gift vouchers, loyalty cards Read more
UpTrades helps people save time by selling and recycling their unwanted electronics for maximum value. Customers ship their devices in for free and UpTrade will pay out upon receipt. No more dealing with scammers, low trade in offers, or spending time listing it on marketplaces. Read more
Dot strives to be a pioneer in accessible and affordable innovations for the vision-impaired and the deafblind, to lead independent lives. Read more
Block Renovation is a renovation platform that combines architect-grade design, construction labor, fixtures, and materials into packages. Read more
Our vision is to create the invention platform that will empower the “Internet of Things” generation. We offer the Omega2, a tiny and affordable computer module that runs Linux and has embedded Wifi. This connects to a family of Onion expansion circuit boards and "docks" that let developers quickly create internet-connected projects and products. Onion also offers a commercial grade, surface-mount version for those entrepreneurs who want to go into volume production. And most recently, in an effort to inspire new IoT developers, Onion has created an internet-connected smart clock called Oboo, which was successfully launched on Kickstarter and is now available for pre-order ( Onion has offices in Boston, Toronto, and Shenzhen. Read more
Ecommerce marketplace and data for aftermarket construction equipment parts Read more
Codebots is the world's 1st collaborative technology platform where humans and bots work together to #GSD (Get Sh!t Done). We are a team of innovative web engineers, tools engineers and UX designers. We are redefining the software development game alongside our code-writing bots. While the bots take care of the monotonous heavy lifting, we get to focus on exploring, experimenting, and realising truly unique and creative software solutions. Read more
ZeoLearn is a platform offering hands on training and immersive project based learning from the best professionals in the field in an interactive virtual classroom. The platform provides help even after courses are done so that a portfolio can be built instead of just getting a certificate. The really creative part of the courses is how interactive they are, following learning-by-doing method. Instead of learning from video tutorials (like many other online learning platforms), students get live interaction with their teachers, who have years of industry experience and expertise. Read more
Protofy is a Barcelona based company, helping companies and research departments develop fast and high quality technological solutions. Read more
Cupix provides a cloud based software to automatically map 360 photos and create 3D models only with consumer grade 360 cameras. Read more
We developed a Program and Equipment for renting cars, scooters and bicycles through the Mobile Application. We change the system of vehicle ownership, increase the safety and effectiveness of the rental. Read more
High quality, low cost recycled printer ink cartridges and laser toner for Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Dell, Xerox and other printer models. Saving businesses, schools, and consumers thousands on printing costs. Visit us online at Read more
Exclusive online marketplace for sourcing construction material and allied services in city of Delhi NCR Read more
DEVELOPMENT AND MANUFACTURE OF ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT Russian manufacturer of certified instrumentation since 1987 Read more
ARKAN develops vehicle security systems and security systems for private and commercial property. Read more
Abodu builds no-compromise backyard homes that expand a property's livable space. Read more
Spot on Networks has implemented a subscriber-based service business of wireless broadband access, utilizing high quality and cost-effective technology platforms to provide wireless broadband Internet access to residential users in Multifamily Dwelling Units, hotel guests and enterprise users in commercial multi-tenant buildings nationwide. The company is positioned to capitalize on a $35mm investment already made in proprietary technology, network infrastructure, and business relationships. Read more
Atmos handles the entire homebuilding process, all online. Read more
Szukasz porządnie zaopatrzonego sklepu elektrycznego? Zajrzyj do nas! Hurtownia Elektryknet posiada ogromną propozycję akcesoriów, znajdziesz u nas między innymi: oświetleniowe jak również różnego typu kable i przewody. Oferujemy setki akcesoriów znanych firm a także profesjonalną obsługę i atrakcyjne ceny. Serdecznie zapraszamy do zaznajomienia się z naszym sklepem internetowym. Read more
Averos provides advanced and innovative location-based and RTLS (Real-Time Location System) technological solutions Read more
Cover’s mission is to make living in a thoughtfully designed and well-built home a reality for everyone. Read more
Basis is an online bid board that helps automate construction workflows. Read more
ElectroNeek serves as a robotic process automation platform for creating digital workforce and personal assistants. Read more
Dusty Robotics automates construction's BIM->field workflow via autonomous layout robots. Read more
Gatebox is the world's first virtual home robot that allows you to live with your favorite character. Read more
Fetch Robotics provides the market’s only cloud-driven Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solution for warehousing intralogistics environments. Read more
TEKON specializes in dispatching systems. It is the largest Russian supplier of equipment in this field. Read more
Sewio RTLS builds precise indoor tracking, that let you transform your business into a highly efficient, powerful and streamlined operation. Read more
ISS - Intelligent Security Systems is the leading international vendor of solutions for implementation of integrated security systems and automation of technological and logistic processes. Read more
JARVISH company of intelligent helmet systems, brings top industry technologists for safer and enjoyable riding experience. Read more
The Reform Party of the United States is a grassroots organization founded in 1995 as a centrist alternative to the Democratic and Republican Parties. The party was founded on principles for governing that included holding elected official accountable, maintaining a balanced budget, stopping the passage of free trade agreements, and improving government transparency. Read more
Connected sensor networks driving a smarter physical environment. Read more
CNICK simplifies sharing personal data. We develop rings, replacing physical wallet and storing customer's emergency medical information. Read more
HaulHub develops a platform for heavy construction companies that powers transportation and digital ticketing for producers and contractors. Read more
"Periodica" was created for mobile photography enthusiasts, because now the phone is always at hand, your photos are also stored there. This is convenient, but how many times has your hand reached out to review these pictures or show them to friends and relatives? We want to continue the tradition of our grandparents and print photos, so we made a convenient application and website so that in a few minutes you could select the most memorable frames and put them into a photobook. We chose a pleasant to the touch design paper, thought through all the details of the packaging, so that each order would give joy to its recipient, so that you would like to review the photos of important moments for you and show them to your friends. Read more
Blokable is a real estate company that reduces the cost and time required to create and operate new multi-family housing. Read more
Zenbuild is the Marketplace to Buy Brick and related materials online Read more
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