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InfoGraph is the leading in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing. The exclusive official distributor for Esri in Jordan. Read more
MicroDam Telecom is a telecommunications and mechatronics equipment design & manufacturing company with a focus on Telecommunication equipment and Smart Industry Automation Processes. Read more
Eleclean's advanced "Electro-Oxidation" technology turns water into ROS - disinfectant that effectively destroy activity of virus and bacteria Read more
FORMART is world's first desktop Smart Vacuum Former Read more
8devices is a company engaged in development, manufacturing and sales of unique design and functionality electronic equipment. Read more
Mayht transducer technology increases a speaker’s bass performance up to 16x. Without compromises in quality, size, price point or form factor. The interest in developing and designing speakers and transducers is born out of a passion for sound and conquering challenges. Read more
Deuteron Technologies provides a family of animal-borne neural data loggers for recording 8,16, 32 or 64 channels of neural data. All of Deuteron’s loggers amplify and digitize the neural signals and store the data in memory media on the animal. They are especially suitable for extra-cellular recordings, with a typical bandwidth of 7kHz and a conversion rate of 32000 samples per second on each channel Read more
Matchbox Streaming is the developer of MatchboxAir, a simple-to-use virtual private network router. MatchboxAir uses advanced algorithms to allow direct, high-speed connections to media providers. Read more
Icebow has developed the technology for creating custom-designed ice cubes, enabling venues, brands, and event owners to produce and serve custom-branded colored ice cubes using standard ice machines equipped with special imprinting modules. The modules apply optical technologies to the ice using water only, with no additives. Read more
Kramer Electronics designs, manufactures, and distributes signal management products for analog and digital video signals, audio signals, computer graphics video signals, and control signals. The company's products are used in professional AV, broadcast, and production markets around the globe. Read more
Celem Power Capacitors is a family-owned business that was established with the goal of designing, producing, and marketing high-frequency power capacitors for induction heating applications. The company's proprietary mica-based technology and patented conduction-cooled technology enable high currents to be generated in a much smaller unit than traditional oil-filled capacitors. Read more
Airscort has developed a docking station to enable fully autonomous missions for commercial drones. Airscort's docking station allows for complete mission autonomy by facilitating drone takeoff, flight, landing, recharging, mission upload, and storage, thereby enhancing utility and reducing operational costs. Read more
Real time high speed camera company Read more
A company specializing in the development of electric propulsion systems, plasma thrusters and space systems. The company's solutions allow to increase the service life of space vehicles in orbit. Read more
The developer of space transport: ultralight rockets, tugs for low-earth orbits and interplanetary missions, satellite platforms of small spacecraft of three modifications and constellations of satellites for data transmission. Read more
The company produces equipment for research in the field of microelectronics. A device for microwave plasma-chemical etching has been developed, which allows etching dielectrics (silicon oxide) and various polymers (resists, polyimides, epoxy resins). Read more
The company manufactures parts using additive methods on its own equipment. Fulfills orders for the space industry, rocketry, manufactures medical prostheses and preoperative models. Read more
PC4U is a small trusted PC that has a unique cooling system and has its own software weaving of the system board with an embedded trusted download system of data security. Read more
Terra Space aims to mass-produce 6U general-purpose satellites that can be provided at low prices and with short delivery times. Read more
AccuBeat Ltd is a leading manufacturer of frequency and timing solutions for aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and research applications. Read more
We create opportunities for development and prosperity for humanity, through technology, innovation and the principles of shared value. Our products create value and solve problems in people's lives, facilitating the path to competitiveness. Read more
Creating innovative units combining modern day technology with custom build software to enhance the cell culture process. Read more
A manufacturer of thermoelectric cooling micromodules for telecom, industrial, medical and aerospace applications. Read more
Boris ByRobbot is an Eco-friendly autonomic robot with ability carefully to clean various types of beach surface. Read more
Microamp Solutions is a deep tech startup working on innovative RF Solutions for 5G network systems. The company is solving the industry's most complex engineering 5G deployments with high-performance technology in 5G mmWave infrastructure, Remote Radio Heads, and Open RAN. Read more
Digitize the water and making the water parameters more clear Read more
ACUSCAN1500 Fully Automated Raman Spectra Identification and Quantification System, ACUSCAN100 Handheld Raman Spectra-id Indicator, and ACUSCAN1350 Gemstone Raman Spectra-id Indicator Read more
IPG Photonics is the world leader in high-power fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, hybrid fiber/solid-state lasers and diode lasers for use in a wide range of markets including materials processing, advanced technologies, telecommunications & medical applications. Read more
Agromeans combines technological know-how with our unparalleled expertise in agriculture to create the ultimate grow light equipment. By utilizing our proprietary LEDs, we can save up to 50% of energy compared to traditional lighting solutions. Read more
JPX is an IC design house for intelligent power management, exploiting a high-voltage process to encompass both digital control and real-time protection functions that reduce customer system cost, improve power factor, and increase efficiency. Read more
Koup is a performance wear brand that creates high performance apparel while minimising the environmental impact. Koup also reduces waste by designing packaging using scrap fabric from its own production and eliminate as much single use plastic in its design. Read more
PlayNitride Inc. was formally established in 2014. Through the breakthrough innovations and diverse business models, PlayNitride has become a leading company of MicroLED technology. Read more
The vMic can ensure that only your voice can be heard in a noise environment. The design of the wearable device also makes it more convenient to use. Read more
Waytech Media is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier for of a broad range of digital duplication hardware and media, such as optical discs, hard drives, flash, as well as specialized accessories for Apple mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads. Read more
Designed a unique indoor tracking system that's completely BATTERY-LESS and suited for all types of industrial environments to track items at centimeter precision. Read more
WEROCK is a manufacturer of innovative industrial electronics, computer & communication systems. Robust handhelds, notebooks & tablets are part of WEROCKs core product range. Target markets include the manufacturing industry, rescue services, and the transport & logistics sector. Read more
ROUTE06 is a software company that provides DX consulting, digital product development and enterprise software services. Read more
Eagle Lake Laboratories is a Florida based engineering corporation. Read more
Aavenir is a software-as-a-service-based source-to-pay solutions provider. Read more
Elate is an operations platform designed to reach business outcomes by unifying internal technologies and disparate data. Read more
An AI-driven Cardiac Imaging Analyses based Cardiovascular Decision Support System to streamline clinical workflows Read more
Reshift security helps modern software development teams to write more secure software. Read more
Airtonomy is a startup that’s partnering with the University of North Dakota Aerospace Foundation. Read more
taxProper is a property tax management platform that provides homeowners with tools to save money on their property taxes. Read more
Remote Repositioning for Light Electric Vehicles & Robots Read more
EXOsecure is a cybersecurity service that helps in leveraging the crowd, cloud, and community. Read more
BatteryXchange provides a mobile charger in a slim and sleek battery pack. Read more
Metacode is “Better code search,” currently for Swift, TypeScript, Javascript, and Java. Read more
Replica is a next-generation urban planning tool that can help cities answer key transportation questions Read more
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