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At MILL5, we provide software development and consulting services that drive business innovation. We specialize in cloud native technologies, remote worker solutions, AI and Machine Learning, IoT, and security services. Read more
Atelier Mock-up revolutionizes architectural practices by integrating digital tools into the manufacturing process. This “one-stop-shop” provides services from design to manufacturing. Read more
We'll help you accelerate the growth of your production, your product development, and the interpretation of your clients’ technical needs by facilitating the integration of experts, technology, and an adequate testing environment through a systems engineering approach. Read more
We help electronics businesses increase their production quality and reduce the maintenance needs thanks to SpinHub, our cloud-based testing solution that automates the remote management of production lines. Read more
Linkap (Linkap) offers a new generation of IoT-based intelligent services (IoT). Organizations, businesses, and individuals can select the services they want from the Linkup website and receive them seamlessly based on the Linko IoT core technology. Read more
Fixt using their APIs and live repair tracking, offers on-demand and on-location device protection, spanning from setups to repairs. Read more
Ecocapsule is a self-sustainable smart house powered solely by solar and wind energy. It allows you to live off-the-grid, with the luxury of a hotel room. Ecocapsule is your design way to independent housing. It can serve as a cottage, pop-up hotel or even as a charging station for electric cars. Read more
InfoGraph is the leading in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing. The exclusive official distributor for Esri in Jordan. Read more
MicroDam Telecom is a telecommunications and mechatronics equipment design & manufacturing company with a focus on Telecommunication equipment and Smart Industry Automation Processes. Read more
Aggranda creates time in companies and in people's lives. We are doing this by training software robots using Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI, Machine Learning. Read more
LynX Inspection develops inspection solutions for the industrial sector and non-destructive testing based primarily on a proprietary three-dimensional radiography method combining X-ray imaging with digital visualization and 3D modelling. Read more
Biostar is a brand dedicated to the production of gaming motherboards, graphic cards, crypto-mining motherboards, smart home solutions, and healthcare solutions. Read more
Established in 2015, Singular Wings Medical is a professional cardiovascular wellness solution manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of wearable service. Read more
Eleclean's advanced "Electro-Oxidation" technology turns water into ROS - disinfectant that effectively destroy activity of virus and bacteria Read more
Enhance Your Life With Sport Technology. U-GYM Technology Corp. was founded in May 2015 aiming to enhance people’s life utilizing sport technology. Read more
Gatebox is the world's first virtual home robot that allows you to live with your favorite character. Read more
Innovative Mid-Distance Wireless Power solution provider for smart devices in the AIoT world. Our technology reduces battery usage for better care of the environment and changes the paradigm of how power is delivered in commercial, industrial, or consumer applications. Read more
A1A offers a cloud-based manufacturing and procurement system for manufacturers. Read more
Aero Development Japan develops drone engine for the transportation industry. Read more
New Up Innovation focus the development and application of MOCVD key hardware and epitaxial manufacturing software enhanced by AI for Mini/Micro LED Read more
Jasper Display Corp. (JDC) is a fabless semiconductor company based in Santa Clara, California with an office in Taiwan and offers leading Spatial Light Modulators (SLM), LCoS and μLED microdisplays, and digital modulation controller ICs. Read more
Meet the Nanoleaf Aurora, modular smart lighting panels. It’s the perfect lighting product for those who love design, for those who want to improve their quality of life, and for those who just want to add some fun and excitement to their living space. Read more
Building a tablet-controlled high end home espresso machine Read more
Industrial Application Solution for Nano-scale Liquid Sample Inspection Read more
EtherNose is a portable E-Nose platform which can be applied in the specific application. Read more
AP Plasma is the world's no.1 AI footwear making system - using air to make shoes Read more
FORMART is world's first desktop Smart Vacuum Former Read more
HJUAV is a professional UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) system solution company. The company manufactures and provides the top industrial drone and UAV service around the world. HJUVA always offers customers” THE BEST TAIWAN Quality” products for your service. Read more
Seda G-Tech transform artifacts commonly seen in everyday lives into Internet of Things (IoT) products. Read more
LUFT Cube - Portable, Filterless Air Purifier Read more
A web platform for calculating operational costs and the monitoring of electric motor devices. Read more
Smart infrastructure monitoring for maintenance optimization and performance diagnosis. Read more
OPA's software allows cities and governments to optimize the planning, coordination and communication of traffic and mobility constraints. Read more
E-NUNDATION, Geosapiens’ flagship product, offers an accurate assessment of the risks and consequences of floods on the population, buildings and infrastructures before, during and after a flood. Read more
The IoT management platform that allows the co-creation of pleasant, durable and safe cities for all citizens. Read more
Revolution of Kitten is a software development company in Cebu City, Philippines specializing in applications for Robots and Artificial Intelligence. Read more
Curri delivers construction supplies and materials. Read more
In Laser Valencia we manufacture industrial products, from the laser cutting of plates in 2D to completely finished products. This is achieved by adding multiple services to our internal and external production processes, supported by the group's power and strength. Read more
8devices is a company engaged in development, manufacturing and sales of unique design and functionality electronic equipment. Read more
ULikeKorea combines A.I. technology and biometric data of livestock to provide valuable services to both farmers and consumers worldwide. Read more
Quaternium is the leader company for hybrid multirotor RPAS. Read more
Hardware/ firmware full stack R&D. Telematics, smart sensors, smart meters, CAN bus tools. IoT, Edge/Fog computing, MQTT, metrology. Read more
Developer of new mechanical speed reducer for industrial robots Read more
Mayht transducer technology increases a speaker’s bass performance up to 16x. Without compromises in quality, size, price point or form factor. The interest in developing and designing speakers and transducers is born out of a passion for sound and conquering challenges. Read more
SameKey is a cloud access control system, which can be installed on any doors in any facility. SameKey product line includes a controller-reader with a fingerprint module, the one without a fingerprint module, and a contactless exit button. Read more
Service robotics for healthcare industry  Read more
"MyMDband is a stylish and durable bracelet with a personalized quick response (QR) code that provides medical personnel with instant and secure access to the wearer emergency medical information. MyMDband uses the online medical repository MyMDFile to organize and store medical information with the latest security measures and HIPAA compliance. Using MyMDband secure, simple, and intuitive interface, users can easily keep medical information up to date or have their doctor do so on their behalf. MyMDFile patent-pending technology allows medical information to be displayed in an area local language." Read more
Deuteron Technologies provides a family of animal-borne neural data loggers for recording 8,16, 32 or 64 channels of neural data. All of Deuteron’s loggers amplify and digitize the neural signals and store the data in memory media on the animal. They are especially suitable for extra-cellular recordings, with a typical bandwidth of 7kHz and a conversion rate of 32000 samples per second on each channel Read more
Logic Point designs, manufactures, and markets cell phone charging stations for businesses. Logic Point’s stations vary in size and style, and include both plug-in and wireless charging technology. Read more
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