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Unsplash is a platform dedicated to sharing copyright-free photography under the Unsplash license. Read more
Enter new dimensions: Sketchfab is the largest platform to publish and find 3D models online. Read more
All the functionality you need, no clunky PBX, set up in minutes, and all-inclusive pricing. Read more is the world’s leading 3D printing magazine with more than 2 million users per month. All3DP operates Craftcloud. Read more
Arevo develops technology to enable direct digital additive manufacturing of parts for end use applications in high volume. Read more
Samsara is looking to increase the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of the operations that power the economy. Their complete Internet of Things (IoT) solutions combine hardware, software, and cloud to bring real-time visibility, analytics, and AI to operations and industries such as trucking, food production, manufacturing, energy, local governments, and more. Read more
MyMiniFactory is an online open platform for desktop 3D printable files shared by professional 3D designers. Read more
Wyze Labs was born out of the idea that high quality, easy-to-use smart home products shouldn’t break the bank. We make quality smart home technology accessible to everyone Read more
NextVPU develops innovative computing visual processor and AI application products. Their solutions have been used in robots, UAV, autonomous cars, security systems and more. In addition, they have researched and developed the AngelEye Smart Glass, which is an auxillary equipment for the visually impaired to perceive the world. Read more
Dable, Inc. is B2B Omni-channel Personalization Platform. Read more
Producing 3D printers.We have become the no. 1 fastest growing tech company in Central Europe (Deloitte Fast 50 2018) Growth rate 17,118 % over the past four years. Read more
Waves is the world’s leading developer of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets. Read more
iRobot designs and builds robots that make a difference and was founded in 1990 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology roboticists with the vision of making practical robots a reality. Read more
Insta360 creates and develops innovative cameras that help people capture and share their lives. Some of their products include the Insta360 Pro, the Insta360 Titan, Insta360 One, and many more. Read more
Bitmain is a design and manufacture of high performance computing chips and software. Read more
Shapeways makes world-class 3D printing more accessible to everyone through automation, innovation and digitization. Read more
bob is a people management platform that helps fast-growing companies bring out the best in their employees. Read more
Check us out on Kickstarter now: Currently on Fundable: Scan it. Control it. Share it. Physical devices / sensors ...and script it with Javascript. Our first products include a simple but powerful universal sensor module and light controller which you can setup to do automatic things via your smartphone. For instance: When "motion" then "text" "someone in backyard"... or another: When "temperature < 30" and "no light" then "turn lights blue". The possibilities are endless: you can combine multiple sensors and we can control stuff across ZigBee, Z-Wave, RS-232, and WiFi / IP. Our first product can control Belkin WeMo outlets and Phillips Hue light bulbs amongst other things. Read more
EufyLife develops smart consumer devices which includes robotic vacuums. Their vacuum robots are named Robovac and provides automatic cleaning of the homes. The robot comes with ultrasonic navigation technology and has a built in drop sensor which helps avoid falls. Read more
Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Read more
Gladly is reinventing customer service with a customer service platform that centers around customers, not cases, across any channel. Read more
KlearNow is the first on-demand transparent customs clearance platform connecting Importers, Brokers and Transporters. Read more
Modsy combines advanced 3D graphics, computer vision, and creative curation to provide its customers with home design guidance and plans. Read more
Emotibot connects people, devices, content, and services. Read more
Haier Group Corporation is a Chinese collective multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong province, China. It designs, develops, manufactures and sells products including air conditioners, mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, and televisions. According to data released by Euromonitor, in 2014 the Haier brand had the world's largest market share in white goods, with 10.2 per cent retail volume market share. This was the sixth consecutive year in which Haier had been the market share leader for major appliances. Read more
Civan Advanced Technologies specializes in the areas of high-brightness, high-power diodes, fiber lasers, and optical amplifiers. Its product lines include single-mode lasers with continuous-wave power ranging from less than 10 watts to more than 10 kilowatts. Read more
PlayVS is an esports league that gives high school students the chance to compete for a state championship. Read more
Kortext is the UK's leading digital textbook platform – any time, anywhere, any device. Read more
tado° is the first smartphone based heating control that adjusts automatically to the user’s daily routine and also takes current weather data and building characteristics into account. In doing so, tado° cuts the heating energy use by an average of 27%. The combination of intuitive hard- and software works like a personal heating assistant that makes sure that it is always comfortably warm at home when needed. Read more
Meet the Nanoleaf Aurora, modular smart lighting panels. It’s the perfect lighting product for those who love design, for those who want to improve their quality of life, and for those who just want to add some fun and excitement to their living space. Read more
360VUZ is an immersive virtual video mobile app that enables users to teleport from their smartphone in 360° Read more
Manufacturing execution system rebuilt around a modern technology stack. Read more
Workast is a productivity tool that helps organizations manage projects and tasks efficiently. Read more
Strydhe is a running tool to help run injury-free, train effectively, and race. Read more
Eight Sleep is a sleep fitness company that leverages personal biometrics to restore individuals to their peak energy levels each morning. Read more
Framer is a tool to design interactive high-fidelity prototypes for iOS, Android, desktop, or the web. Read more
Faster prototyping & cheaper manufacturing have allowed hardware experts to gain a hold in a market traditionally dominated by multi-national corporations. Last fall, we raised $500k in convertible notes to build a marketplace for these independent hardware companies. Tindie now has over 4,000 customers, 1,200 products, and 300 businesses. Products include Arduino & Raspberry Pi shields, sensors, robots, 3D printers, drones and more. Our customers include Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, universities and hobbyists. Read more
At lark, we're changing the game in mobile health and wellness technology. We design wearable sensors and real-time, empathetic coaching that make people healthier and happier. Our mission is to improve lives by combining cutting-edge technology, behavior change science, and human-centered design. We're a fun, close-knit bunch of Stanford and MIT nerds. We like great design, tough engineering challenges, and moving quickly. We strongly believe in work-life balance, and we thrive in a supportive, creative culture where the best ideas win. We're always looking for passionate, exceptional people to join our team in Palo Alto, California.If you're excited to help us tackle the biggest, baddest challenges in healthtech, please drop us a line at Read more
Revolutionizing human-computer interaction through ultra-precise tracking solutions. Read more
GO+ is a smart hardware company. Read more
Evocon helps manufacturers discover and visualize inefficiencies real-time. Evocon is a tool for measuring, tracking and visualizing manufacturing processes real-time. Acquired metrics are a foundation for improvements that help achieve better asset utilization Read more
BoomTV is an Esports entertainment platform that provides tools to automate score tracking, streaming, and generating event hubs. Read more
YI is the leading provider of advanced video, imaging and computer vision technologies. Read more
Veo is a solution for recording and watching sports without a cameraman. Read more
Hevo Data is an automated Unified Data Platform that helps companies understand their Users and Customers Better. Read more
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