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Yummly’s vision is ambitious: -Unlock the power of food, data and technology – essentially mapping the food genome -Build the digital kitchen platform and innovate on the activities that surround the kitchen -Enable understanding, personalization, seamless interconnectivity, utility -Empower the home cook We’re on the path to building something great, but there’s a long way to go.  Read more
iceFood is an innovative technology for creating and daily delivering of healthy meals both for your family and office team. The main difference is that these are natural, healthy and delicious products. Read more Adds a button to your browser that lets you copy any recipe from any website. Copy Me that detects the full recipe, removes all the extra text and ads, and copies it to your personal account. Here you can tag it, edit it, search through the text, add it to your shopping list, and share it. Never lose a recipe again. Copy Me That is already up and running with more than 300 active users. It is far better than any similar product at detecting recipes and is easier to use. Works on smartphones, too. See what people said on Reddit: Future features include printing your own recipe book, meal planning, ability to multiply recipes and perform unit conversions, downloading of recipes as PDF files. Some of these could be packaged in a premium version. Will include a module of images with links to the original recipes (recently copied recipes, most popular, etc.). Read more
A late night burrito delivery service on the Middlebury college campus Read more
Caviar is the easiest way for consumers and businesses to order food from favorite local eateries with live GPS tracking. Browse a picture menu, place the order, and we'll deliver within 1 hour or scheduled up to 6 days in advance. No minimums and no maximums. Caviar offers restaurants a delivery solution in just a few minutes without any infrastructure, logistical, or operational costs. Read more
7shifts allows managers to create schedules, communicate with staff, and control labor costs in one easy to use application. Employees can then check their schedule, request shift trades, and submit time-off, all via the 7shifts mobile app. Owners and managers in the food service industry are frustrated with having to rely on several software systems that don't integrate with one another in order to manage their day to day operations. We are streamlining employee training, scheduling and time clocking in order to begin simplifying their world. With 7shifts, managers rely on one application to manage their employees.  Read more
Tiller Systems provides an iPad-based cutting edge point-of-sale solution designed for bars and restaurants that takes full advantage of the latest innovations in terms of technology and user experience. With synchronized devices, online back-office with real time reports and inventory tracking, wireless printing, kitchen display, online ordering and mobile payment facilities, Tiller is more than just an app. It is a smart, intuitive, complete and turnkey solution to fulfil point of sale needs for small, medium and large restaurants worldwide. Tiller Systems helps restaurant and bar owners improve their internal communications process and to offer a better experience to their own clients, leading to increased revenues, lower costs, higher speed and more effectiveness for their business. With both freemium and premium access, Tiller provides a value-driven tool for the next generation of bar and restaurant managers.  Read more
Dame Jidlo is web and mobile app helping hungry people find any type of food delivery, at any place, any time, with just 3 clicks.  Read more
OpenMenu™ has created the first standard to regulate the way restaurants store and share their menus over the Internet by standardizing the menus' structure and format. Combined with OpenMenu Registrars, OpenMenu is providing a regulated system for sharing accurate menu information. Complete specification can be found at: OpenMenu: Sample Restaurant on the OpenMenu Platform: Read more
Finally, a smarter way to hire for the food and drink industry. Poached is a deep dive into a passionate and unique industry offering valuable tools to help busy restauranteurs better staff their businesses. And not without cause: 600+k restaurants struggled with an 60% turnover rate in 2012, translating to 8 million open positions to fill. Poached streamlines the hiring process, connects high quality job seekers with the best jobs available, and creates an easy hiring experience for a busy industry. Here is what makes us unique: 1. Industry-focused hiring resource with easy tools that clean up the hiring process for restaurants 2 Proprietary BackOffice tools that are designed around industry hiring practices, allowing time to make better, long lasting hires (vs. slogging thru an email inbox) 3. Helps Job seekers stand out from the Craigslist masses 4. Job seekers apply in just one touch from their smart phones 5. Competitive pricing @ $25.00 per post  Read more
Our goal is to shorten the path of the product to your table as much as possible in order to preserve its benefits and freshness. We work directly with manufacturers and direct importers of food. Each delivery is carefully monitored. All products are certified. Read more
Find Me Gluten Free connects consumers with gluten free friendly restaurants and businesses.  Read more
APP4FOOD is a web app solution for restaurants and food outlets looking to interact directly with its customers through a mobile app. The APP is supported by a full management system giving the restaurant complete control over the content, look and feel off their very own app. The app includes food menus, live table bookings, takeaway ordering, secure payment processing and much more. Read more is a new disruptive collaborative consumption food startup with a simple idea and radical mission. Connect the people who make the food with the people who eat it and reshape the UK food industry. If you drew the food supply chain on a blank piece of paper, it would not look anything like it does today. For years the supermarket cartel have screwed suppliers to the limit of their existence and constructed a supply chain that is literally killing society. Our mission is to reverse this trend. We connect farmers, growers, bakers, brewers and cheese makers direct with customers via community buying groups. The concept works and now we want to scale this across the UK and then beyond.  Read more
Cozymeal is a community marketplace connecting foodies with pre-vetted chefs and home cooks who offer high-quality, authentic and home-made meals and cooking classes with a unique experience. Every chef has listings of meals and cooking classes he is offering on Cozymeal and guests can book these and visit the chef at his home where the meal is served or the cooking class takes place. All Cozymeal chefs and home cooks have been pre-vetted by a Cozymeal team member to ensure a quality experience and safety for our guests.  Read more
Yumbles enables everyone to discover and buy great, innovative food products sold directly online by the talented people who make them. Read more
For just 19.90€/month you can have two expertly chosen bottles of wine delivered to your door. Their helpful and easy to nagivate website includes tasting notes and in-depth videos on each of the wines of the month. And if you like them, you're able to order them at reduced prices. Read more
Drinking wine means a friendly occasion whereas buying some is usually limited to a poor experience where nobody knows what to buy. We want to change the experience of buying wine directly to winemakers by building a community of wine lovers. Our Promise: we want to make buying wine as enjoyable as drinking wine We are setting a communautary and social marketplace dedicated to wine which : 1) aims to make easier the purchase of wine directly to the winemakers 2) aims to talk about wine easily 3) aims to highlight the winemaker 4) is based on a community of winelovers  Read more
We grew up drinking milk tea and to this day are still obsessed about it. We started Boba Guys as a way to share the milk tea we remember from our childhood (only this time with fresh ingredients; none of the powdered stuff). We use only the finest ingredients: Straus Family Creamery organic milk accompanied with homebrewed heirloom organic tea from Five Mountains. Our syrup is homemade (never out of a can) and we use Grade A balls. Our first store is located at 3491 19th St, San Francisco CA 94110. Read more
Pepperplate is a seamless digital cooking platform, which now syncs across almost any type of computer, smartphone and tablet. Pepperplate has attracted a wide range of followers including restaurants, cooking schools, personal chefs, caterers and serious home cooks. Pepperplate was founded in 2010 in New York and has completed apps for iPad, iPhone, Android phones, tablets, Kindle Fire and NOOK devices. Read more - social network for cooks with a full range of services and tools that are necessary for a person who is interested in cooking. These are some of main functions: personal recipe box with the function of adding and saving recipes from different cooking web sites, sorting recipes by category, rating and reviewing. Users also can chat and create communities. There are several services in development now, such as ordering products online, menu creation, shopping list. Also we plan to develop news feeding about all cooking events. Our business model is paid subscription for the best recipes of the site.  Read more
MunchPak is a unique company with a subscription based business model that sells snacks from all over the world to hungry consumers who want to expand their snacking horizons or just enjoy an old favorite. We aren’t an online convenience store or anything like that. MunchPak is what most people like to call a ‘subscription box’. Currently, we offer MunchPak in 3 different sizes; the MunchPak Mini, Original MunchPak, and the FamilyPak. We partner with various companies in the snacking industry and pack up each box with a variety of delicious and popular snacks from the US and rest of the world.  Read more
Wineries love us because we quickly sell their inventory while protecting their brand since we never use discounts. Customers love us because we upgrade them to premium bottles. Our CloudCellar distribution technology enables buyers to store their wine collection in our temperature controlled Napa Valley Facility and ship for free!  Read more
We're building a network of connected machines that purify, flavor, and bottle water at the point of use. Users can customize and share drink recipes, and track their hydration level and plastic savings. The machines distribute reusable bottles, and also allow people to fill up any bottle or cup. Quick facts: - Revenue from pilots >$400/month per machine - Machine needs to be serviced 80% less than alternatives - 10+ offices and gyms are on our waiting list for machines Read more - wine service for their own. We are for good wine and against snobbery. Join us, we are on Facebook all succinctly and with humor. We post useful or entertaining materials, we organize surveys about the vital. Read more
NatureBox is building a healthy food brand that caters to the consumer’s taste and dietary preferences. NatureBox is initially focusing on the $64B snack food category. By creating its own line of products, NatureBox intends to build a multi-channel and mult-category brand in the food industry. NatureBox continues to grow its customer base 50-100% per month off an already large base. NatureBox serves customers in all 50 states and in the company’s first year of operations, the company donated 50,000 meals to feed the hungry in America. NatureBox has over 400,000 fans on FB and receives over 500,000 site visits per month. Read more
NotCo is a Food Tech company that uses artificial intelligence to create delicious, sustainable and accessible foods, all from plants. It is combining AI with food-science to craft cutting-edge plant-based foods that deliver unprecedented experience. Read more
Cookening is a global marketplace to connect people from different origins during a homecooked meal. When traveling, it is very complicated to meet local people and experience authentic food. As a passionate cook, it is impossible to easily invite new and relevant people to share a homecooked meal. This is the two sides problem we're solving. Cookening platform is the third party between hosts and guests, so requests, payments, reviews, are managed through it.  Read more
RUNIN Out is a customized search engine for Food, Shopping & Attractions in the DMV area. With our site or web app, you can conduct a deep, broad search based on your preferences for taste, ambience, mood or anything you choose. Besides pictures, you are shown categories to narrow your search. You can save the dish or item to your profile or share it with your friends. Over time, RUNIN Out becomes more familiar with your preferences so that we can make better recommendations.  Read more
POSbistro is an innovative mobile sales software for catering. Application is dedicated to every tablet with Android operating system. Read more
Bourbonr allows you to add whiskies you have tasted to a whiskey library as well as add reviews to these whiskies based on score (0-100) and rate based on 16 of the most common flavors in whiskey. When I first started drinking whiskey there were two main problems I faced: 1. I could never remember which whiskies I had tried and if I liked them. 2. I was purchasing blind at the beginning. There is nothing worse than spending $50 on a whiskey to get home and it taste like mouthwash. For several months I used a Google doc for all the whiskies I had tried. Bourbonr allows people to easily track their whiskey library as well as see what others have rated it. Decision making becomes a lot easier. Soon, Bourbonr will understand a persons taste (based on the 16 flavors) and be able to recommend whiskies based on this information Read more
Kitchensurfing is a global marketplace for people that love food. We’re changing the way people eat and we’re building the largest common table in the world—distributed and at web-scale. Come join us at our home table. Read more
We are building a universal, fair, and efficient marketplace for online food ordering. We are stealthy. Read more
Buy, as for myself! Express delivery of goods to a house from Moscow stores Read more
Rise Gardens is a smart indoor hydroponic gardening system. Read more brings the best food possible to your office by working with hundreds of the top local food trucks, restaurants, farmer's market purveyors and boutique caterers. Feed your team now! Read more
Indulgery allows you to discover, follow & share local specials and events at the businesses that matter to you. With Indulgery, you can customize your results with our search filters. Whether you're looking for a place in Lincoln Park with beer specials & bar trivia or an upscale restaurant that offers crab legs and a wine special, Indulgery has you covered. Further, you can choose to follow your favorite restaurants and bars, allowing you to receive a customized news feed of the local happenings at the businesses that matter to you.  Read more
Voolsy creates a great dining out experience by letting you skip the line. Order and pay inside restaurant through your phone without looking for the waiter. Launched in 2016, Voolsy is the first mobile app in the restaurant sector to use iBeacon technology in India. Our goal is to fundamentally change the way you dine out and make your experience enriched, hassle free and smooth. Read more
MOVELIFE is nutritional software to food service and food manufacturing. Read more
BeatBox Beverages was founded based on the idea that Bag-in-Box packaging is really awesome (who doesn’t like to slap the bag?) yet the products offered in this format are really limited. We grew tired of traditional boxed wines and felt there was an opportunity to create a better tasting mixed drink in a box. Additionally, we are all huge music lovers and so we wanted that to be a big part of our brand identity. We all love shared experiences, and since BeatBox comes in a 5 liter box (that’s enough for 34 servings!), you’ll be able to share the BeatBox experience with several of your friends, and probably meet some awesome new people along the way.  Read more
In 1993 we separated our café from the box lunch and catering department. We set up our box lunch/catering kitchen just outside of downtown Seattle in the old Tropicana Hotel at Denny and Aurora. Ingallina’s Box Lunch, Inc had officially begun. We began doing what we do. That is, taking care of our customers, providing each one with fresh and delicious lunches and great customer service. Soon we had to move to yet a larger facility Read more
4P Foods is a local food with a PURPOSE. Read more
Award-winning B2B SaaS company in foodtech on a mission to improve health by connecting people with the food they need. Read more
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