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AgriShare Uganda is a tech start-up hiring and renting agricultural resources to farmers in a shared economy model. Farmers can rent or hire: irrigation equipment, land, labor, truck, processing equipment, and tractor. Read more
Providing tools for a herbicide-free world. Advanded power electrophysics for clean weed control. Read more
Well-being, health and design, all in the same initiative for sustainable development. Using hydroponic gardens to make indoor agriculture a must in civil buildings and dwellings. Read more
With robots at the core of their operations, farmers can focus on what they do best: growing fresh, delicious, sustainable produce for everyone. Tortuga AgTech provides robots that perform critical farm services while empowering growers with revolutionary information. Read more
Smart automation & monitoring solutions. Read more
Many smallholder farmers struggle to access the timely agricultural information they require to increase yields. Farmerline believes improved information sharing between farmers, government extension agents and other stakeholders will encourage the uptake of modern agriculture practices. Farmerline’s mobile-based service opens these communication pathways. Resulting increases in crop quality and yield will raise farmer income, increase farmer autonomy, and address threats to food security. Read more
ART21 is a boutique innovation house delivering AgriFood Tech solutions that shape the future of agriculture, food and associated sectors. Read more
Our vision – boost the agronomy industry in Lithuania with the help of the newest and most advanced technology. Read more
AgriFood Lithuania is a Digital Innovation Hub that brings together major research, business and public stakeholders in Lithuania for the common pursuit of digital transformations in the agriculture, food and associated sectors. Read more
AgriTalk provides customizable AI that tells the soil microbiome distribution and nutrients left inside the soil. Read more
Sensoterra's wireless, IoT, low cost soil moisture probes help farmers effectively irrigate crops, save water, cut costs & increase yields Read more
‌HerbiaEra offers innovative planters to grow fresh, healthy, clean produce at home and reduce food waste to a minimum. No time? No green thumb? No problem! The technology makes it easy! Read more
To offer fine herbs and various live plants with bare roots or freshly cut (from a hydroponic culture in the heart of Quebec City) and this, without pesticides. Many varieties available, some of which are not well known. Read more
We help businesses contribute to the well-being of the planet by proposing innovative, sustainably sourced insect-based products. Read more
Devoray helps its clients to create exceptional food products. Its technology helps manufacture products of all shapes and compositions, for a unique experience and great efficiency. Read more
Installation of automated irrigation and greenhouse climate management systems. The system allows farmers to optimize their production while also saving time, water and energy. Read more
Enabling farmers to manage and maintain quality produce using digital technology. Read more
HarvesTrack is a software and hardware solution to control the harvest process and prevent grain theft during the harvest process. Read more
EdenShield is an Israel-based Agritech company established in 2012. EdenShield’s plant protection products are based on extracts from semi-desert plants. We leverage semi-desert plants’ naturally beneficial characteristics. Our products contain important botanical extracts and nutrients vital for plant health and development as well as proprietary aromatic ingredients that mask plant odor and lower insect attraction. Read more
e-Farm is an e-marketplace for sustainable, agro-ecological, and organic products where farmers sell directly to consumers. Read more
The online platform for local farmers founded in the time of coronavirus. Read more
Soil Carbon is developing tech that allows for crops to be inoculated with symbiotic micro-organisms. Read more
Our mission is to improve the nutritional profile of everyday foods by harnessing the  power of microalgae Read more
Green Impulse develops new biocontrol solutions for agriculture. Read more
Rainbow is a cannabis tech startup. Read more
Mayani is a social impact-driven agritech startup that connects local farmers and buyers on a unified platform. Read more
Urban Greens brings sustainable farming and produce to urban citizens using innovative vertical farming systems. Read more
Veg E-Fish is manufacturing and selling an aquaponics kit which is easy-to-assemble and affordable. Read more
Sunlit Seedlings has developed through research, innovative analysis methods for the diagnosis of biological communities and ecosystems. Read more
Farmvocacy uplifts lives, one Filipino smallholder rice farmer at a time. Read more
Terrapoint develops software for agricultural enterprises. Read more
AgroStream is the software, which is focused on increasing the efficiency of process management in agriculture enterprises. Read more
TanaLink ia a disruptive agro technology helping planters increase crop yields and reduce wastage. Read more
We develop software and hardware that enable information capture in the field so that real-time analysis can be performed by operational supervisors and company managers. Read more
We are a farming-as-a-service company that performs field operations using low-cost autonomous equipment. Read more
EarthSense is creating robotics and AI to drive the transition to regenerative agriculture and carbon sequestration in global soils. Read more
Advance crop diagnostics to improve the profitability and sustainability of every farm operation. We provide accurate in-season crop monitoring of disease, insects, and other stresses without changing the farming principles that work for generations. Read more
GREENLABS helps every farming process from production to sales through agri-tech platform as a service. Read more
Local Leaf Farms is committed to growing better food locally and sustainably to support healthier communities. Read more
Octamer is a biotechnology services platform, dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the needs of agribusiness. Read more
Via Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and the Internet of Things, ZoomAgri provides quality assessment of agricultural commodities to all participants of the agri supply chain. Read more
Big Data tool for irrigation management. Read more
Our specialty is solving problems for industrial SMEs. Thanks to the current technology it is possible to automate almost any process at very affordable costs with fast depreciation. Read more
Dedicated to the development and commercialization of measurement and control systems for agricultural and cooperative services. Read more
Remote monitoring of grain storage Read more
Industrial and innovative company dedicated to the research, development, production, marketing and commissioning of auto parts failure detection equipment through non-destructive testing, intended mainly for industrial automation for the automotive and agro-industrial sector. Read more
Traceability of crop in harvest. Read more
Control and monitoring systems for precision livestock. Read more
Afrikamart is a web and mobile based supply chain it allows farmers to sell their products to B2B buyer networks. Read more
Taimba is a B2B mobile-based platform connecting farmers to urban traders with aim of reducing food wastage and to stabilize market prices. Read more
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